Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Value of Beauty

If there is one thing I’ve always wanted to give my daughters it’s the knowledge that they are loved—and in turn the ability to love themselves; not conceit, nor narcissism nor self-complacency. No. We aren’t here to glorify ourselves.

But I do hope to instill in my daughters the sense that they are well and truly loved by their parents and that that love (strong as I hope it is!) is still but a weak reflection of the Love of Our Heavenly Father. I’ve never had any trouble convincing them that they are loved by their parents. They know that without a shadow of a doubt; they know their parents would do anything for them. But somehow I’ve never been able to convince one of my daughters that she also needs to love herself. As I have also struggled with this same question myself (at times) I find it wonderful and marvelous that God has brought me where He has for my new job.

It’s always been the booklady’s dream to work in a book store. When homeschooling ended last year, I was sure the time had come for the bookstore job opportunity to present itself. I waited and waited but nothing happened. The bookstore near my home never came. Plenty of other stores opened, but alas, no bookstore! Not Sure
Finally I received an offer to work in a salon. A salon? A booklady in a salon? Bookladies belong in libraries or book stores . . . but salons? Surely not!

Why not?

Bookladies are everywhere—including salons, I have discovered! I have met them. And I continue to meet them every day I am at work. And best of all, I have discovered that a salon is a place which can give my daughter something that no book can offer her—a sense of her own feminine beauty.

Alas, as a mother I have loved my dear daughters but let them grow up as tomboys. I never placed much emphasis on personal appearance because I wanted my girls to be more concerned with their minds, their hearts and their souls. In short, I wanted them to be intelligent, kind and good. I believe in inner beauty—which is all well and good. Indeed it is the most important thing; I haven’t changed my mind about that. I’ve just come to recognize the value of attending to the outward as well.

Not catering to it or pandering to it, but simply attending to it. And since I have declared a truce in this area, I can better help my girls grow into young ladies who feel good about their own feminity and grateful for the gift of their God-given beauty. Not to mention, I love seeing my dear Meg looking so elegant—and this was just for the hair stylist to ‘practice’ for an upcoming big event. Doesn’t she indeed look lovely? Circle Of Hearts

Monday, April 7, 2008

Visits and Paintings

My husband's niece, Sarah and her husband, Jeff visited recently from Indiana and we took a day to see Oklahoma City.

First stop was the Capitol building itself which was gloriously decorated by the red buds in bloom all around.

As you can probably tell, my daughters were proud to have themselves photographed in front of their school's namesake.

And I was thrilled to admire this painting of a REAL Okie-Booklady!

Later, we went on to the Bombing Memorial and the Oklahoma City Art Museum, but I think our first stop was the best!