Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Tales From Shaolin Land Namsayin!

Ayo whattup yalls this Ghost Deini aka the Black Chuck Norris namsayin. First of all ya boy jus wanna thank yall for takin time out ya hectic schedules n shit to come by n peep a niggas scrolls nahmean. Dont think that Tone dont appreciate yall for that namsayin. Niggas been askin "ayo god when you gon hit us off wit more jewelz son? Niggas is hungry for that wisdom n shit". Word is bond I got yall. Even you niggas that be hatin n shit n leavin wack messages....I got love for yalls too. At the end of the day Tone gon still do what he do namsayin. Yalls little hatin ass niggas aint built like the champ tho nahmean. Ya boy got skin thicker than a alligator g. You soft niggas keep ya moisturizers n creams in ya little clutch purses namsayin. Warrior niggas dont exfoliate n shit. Real niggas be havin clogged pores n tough skin n hair on they chest n all that. Yall niggas be waxin ya shit off so you can feel extra buttery n shit. Gladiator type niggas aint concerned wit all that smooth shit. Thats that salon nigga shit. You come at Tone on that lotion shit n Imma slap you 40 years into the future g. Word is bond you gon wake up livin in 2051 lookin at flyin cars thinkin oh shit what P-Tone done to me son?? Word. Yalls niggas is lego. Imma smash yall niggas if you approach me wrong.

See when Tone was growin up niggas aint had nothin namsayin. So we always been rough round the edges n things of that nature namsayin. The god use to eat the bark off the trees n hunt the squirrels at the park n shit jus to survive nahmean. Niggas had dreams tho son. Ya boy wasnt dreamin bout no Lear jets n coupes tho. Niggas was dreamin bout comic books n sandwiches namsayin. That humble shit. That nigga Meth had crazy comics n shit. The god use to go to that niggas crib n shit jus to flip thru those for hours n shit. But the nigga Rae namsayin....son was on some other shit. Rae was livin that lavish life nahmean. The nigga had a satellite dish n shit at his crib. Son had a Betamax n shit. We used to got to the niggas crib so we could watch the shogun assassin joints that wasnt on VHS n shit yet namsayin. Niggas was lookin at the betas like yo...this shit only got one window son. Shit was bugged out. Son had exotic fruits on his table n shit. Niggas aint never seen no pineapples in real life nahmean. We thought those shits was jus in cartoons n on Gilligans Island namsayin. We was lookin at the shit like yoooooo....thats some fly shit right there. We aint kno if the shit was alive or what nahmean. My nigga Rae was like the black Ricky Stratton namsayin. Son had a go-kart he use to get this other chubby nigga to push him round the block in. He had that little nigga pushin him wherever he go n shit namsayin. Word is bond I think that nigga died a few years later. Son choked on a knish or some shit like that. The nigga Rae was on some Black Caesar shit tho. He was the first nigga in Staten that was rockin the Dapper Dan joints. Son had mad Coca-Cola rugbies too nahmean. Rae had the little italian bicycle caps wit the flipped up visor n all that. He use to have this guinea dude wit em named Carmine that carried his jacket for him. We use to fuck wit that nigga Carmine tho cos the nigga rocked ortho shoes n shit. Son had one leg that was like 10 inches shorter than the other one so his one shoe weighed like 40 pounds n shit namsayin. Looked like he had a stack of big ass dominoes under his foot n shit. But we was hangin round the nigga Rae tryin to get put on nahmean. Ya boy got that Zeus pedigree n shit but Tone was strugglin out there tryin to survive on his own n shit. Son was eatin fly shit like lobster n risotto out on his porch n shit. He had the checkered table cloth n the napkin round his neck n all that mafioso shit. Thats how he established that gambino lifestyle from the gate. Son always had that orange Tang in his glass n shit too namsayin. Niggas was puttin sugar cubes in they water to try n live that niggas life n shit. Son had the bermuda shorts wit the matchin short sleeve button ups. Rae was palm tree'd the fuck out namsayin. One time the nigga came thru the hood in a mint green cotton suit wit the yellow t-shirt underneath on some Sonny Crockett shit. Niggas was buggin yo. That nigga Meth was like yoooooo...n the nigga Rae took him under his wings n shit nahmean. Rae was holdin niggas down n shit. He even gave that nigga Meth a job n shit doin his homework n whatever cos Meth was always a smart nigga n shit. Thats when we knew the nigga Rae was official nahmean. We was buggin on how that nigga Rae was presentin hisself wit the pastel suits n shit. Miami Vice was poppin at that time. We was callin that nigga Rico nahmean. We welcomed that nigga into our cypher n shit namsayin....cos he from Park Hill n shit. Son wasnt no joke tho namsayin. He had the little hamster Joey n all that. We was buggin off the niggas exotic animals n shit. Nigga had one them hairless cats namsayin. Word. He called the cat Cassandra n shit. Son use to keep it on a leash n somtimes he would have the cat on his shoulder like a parrot nahmean. He use to come up to niggas that owed him money or candy n shit...n he had the cat on his shoulder...ayo word is bond son...niggas was scared of that cat g. Niggas aint kno what to think bout that nigga wit his bald cat on his shoulder n shit. One time the nigga Meth he went to pet the muthafucka n the cat clawed his neck right...the nigga had blood splashin all over the road n shit. We was tellin the nigga to stop drop n roll n shit cos we aint kno what the proper first aid procedures was at the time. So the nigga was rollin in the street right wit the blood sprayin outta his neck n shit. Niggas was throwin water on him n shit. Ayo that was some fucked up shit to see tho. Paramedics came n they took the nigga to get his shit sewed up n whatever. Turned out the nigga had his jugular torn or some shit like that right. Word is bond tho the nigga was aight in bout a month n shit so we wasnt trippin off of that too much. But that nigga Rae man he mussa felt like he was responsible for the shit n how it had gone down or whatever so he went n saw Meth while he was recoverin n gave the nigga a couple Transformers n shit. Niggas in Stapleton mighta had the little Bumble Bee n Cliffjumper joints but niggas wasnt able to cop that exclusive shit. Son slid my dude the Soundwave joint kno...the little cassette player joint wit the tapes n shit. Ayo niggas was wildin over that shit g. The nigga had Ravage n Buzzsaw n Laserbeak....word bond. Ayo niggas was losin they minds when Meth brought those shits out. That was my shit god. I miss those kinda days son. Niggas had the radios playin wit those fresh joints. We had the 'Latoya' n 'Def Fresh Crew' type shits knockin or whatever... 'My Melody' n 'Its a Demo'...Word. Ayo for yall niggas that been complainin bout a nigga needin to break his shit into paragraphs n shit. I got you. Ya welcome son.
Aight peace.

White House nominates George Beck for U.S. Attorney

     It took a couple of years, but Montgomery attorney George Beck has been nominated as U.S. Attorney for the Middle District in Alabama.

     To get a sense of the man, watch this online video of Mr. Beck when he was a guest of mine on a June 2007 For The Record  to discuss former Governor Siegelman's case. Journalists Bob Martin and Dave White are on the panel.

Which Alabama University Ranks in the Top 100 for Social Media? drew up the list, and it includes only one.....

The University of Alabama is ranked #17.


     The missing cobra at the Bronx Zoo is missing no more....he was found just in time to make a trip this weekend's Rattlesnake Rodeo in Opp!

     That link is to the TIME magazine story, which includes a sidebar about the ten best zoo escapes.

[Thanks to Chief snake and foreign-Correspondent Jay for alerting me to the arrest!]

Bunny bibs, vintage art and paperdolls

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. Are you prepared?

Here is a little joke to play on co-workers. This idea is from my mom-in-law, who can have the greatest sense of humor!

Faux Chocolate Candy:

Take clean cotton balls.
Dip in melted chocolate chips with a 2-tine fork, or with a skewer.
(you can easily melt chips in microwave, stirring well, but don't over heat!) 
Place on wire rack over wax paper to set.
Place on plate and chill well.
Offer to friends and co-workers. Keep a straight face.
caution: make sure the person receiving has a good sense of humor!
original one of a kind bottlecap by inkspired
you can find more of my art at:

Indoors or out, no one relaxes in March,
that month of wind and taxes,
the wind will presently disappear,
the taxes last us all the year.
~Ogden Nash

Here is a little Joan Walsh Anglund paper doll to get your mind off taxes!

She is all ready for those darling Easter Baskets!
Print this out on both sturdy cardstock (for the doll) and glossy paper (for the outfits). Spend some time with your daughter. Help her cut out the dresses. Show her how to make outfits for the new paperdoll using tracing paper and plain typing paper, magazine clippings and colored pencils.  Decorate a big envelope with her to store the doll and all her outfits and accessories.  Make a simple little cardstock stand so she can stand.

Why not make a little Easter scene with the doll, accessories, some colored eggs in stands placed all amongst paper grass?

Here is another Joan Walsh Anglund paper doll for you to have fun with:
Wouldn't these hats look cute with little silk flowers glued to them?
You can print this out and include it in a Spring card!
Simply mail in a larger envelope, so nothing gets bent.
Or, roll up gently and place in a mailing cylinder.

“Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds are the morning yawn.”

- Lewis Grizzard


c. early 1900's


“Spring has returned. 
The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” 
~Rainer Maria Rilke

This is a photo of a vintage, handsewn bunny bib.
Let's make our own!

Simple bunny bib:
~ Blow up this photo as large as you want, or just free-hand draw a bib shape on butcher paper.
~ With a pencil and butcher paper, practice drawing on the bunny face and ear details.
~ You can also use tracing paper over the image to get it as close as you wish to the original. I encourage you to personalize it however with your own drawings!
~ Still unsure of your talents? There are tons of iron-on designs out there. I find books regularly on sale at Michael's or other craft stores. Look at your favorite fabric store and you should find iron-on books there too!
~ Transfer design onto bib fabric. A transfer pencil (found at craft/hobby stores)  works great for this.

...choose fabric that is soft, washable and absorbs well. Flannel is a great backing choice.

tip: Why not use a dollar store white towel? Or a colored towel?!?

Okay, now you decide if you want to machine embroider on the details, hand embroider the details, or use fabric paint to do the face.

For Single Layer Bib:
if embroidering:
...don't cut out bib yet. Play with the stitches on your sewing machine for satin stitch binding and other decorative stitches available on your machine. This is a great time to play with some designs that you have never used! When ready to finish, stitch a tight satin stitch all around the outside. Then cut out, being careful to not cut into satin stitches.
..........alternate: use seam binding to finish edges.

if hand stitching:
...don't cut bib out yet. Leave enough fabric around bunny bib to fit inside an embroidery hoop. When finished embroidering the face details, you can remove from hoop. Cut out bib and use a simple binding stitch (sometimes called a buttonhole stitch) to finish all raw edges.

if hand painting face:
...using a hoop or desired painting surface, follow lines with paint. Remember this is a bib, so don't use too much dimensional paint. Baby's face will need wiping, and this is not so pleasant with paint sticking up or a stiff fabric!
...finish with any of the suggestions used above.

tip: Did you know you can purchase a paint add-in that will allow any acrylic paint to be turned into a washable paint? Check out your paint or fabric painting section. It's great stuff! Comes in bottles that look just like a paint bottle.

For double layer bib:
Simply add a layer to all the types of finishing mentioned above. Face details go only onto the front fabric of the bib. When stitching the edges for a final time, be sure your second layer is being caught up in the stitch. If you pin the layers together this will stop them from shifting too much. After stitching all around the edges, check to make sure your layers are sewn together smoothly.

...advanced: right sides together, sew along edge, leaving small openings for ties at neck. Turn inside out. Hand stitch in ties, closing all raw edges. Press.

How to fasten:
1.  I like the seam binding or sturdy ribbon method used for the ties. You can add these while you are finishing up the edges. Make sure they are washable.
I understand there is some concern that these ties could be a hazard to baby.

Hellloooo!!! ...Common sense - don't leave a bib tied around baby's neck if you are not actively feeding him/her!  Baby doesn't need to sleep in a bib. Baby doesn't need to play in a playpen with a bib. Baby doesn't need a bib in the car seat either!

2.  You can use sewn on velcro dots. Be sure however that these are not going to touch and irritate a baby's sensitive skin by rubbing on it.

3.  Make a button hole and sewn on button. Caution: could be a choking hazard if baby likes to remove things and chew things off (button).

I hope you enjoy your bunny bib. These would be great in a baby's first Easter Basket. You can fold one up and pop into a padded envelope to easily mail it. And of course - perfect baby shower gift anytime!

additional fun:
Wouldn't these look cute embroidered onto washcloths? Make a set of 2,3 or 4 and give with the bib, or just by themselves!

“The day the Lord created hope
was probably the same day he created Spring.” 
 ~Bern Williams

Have a bunny-rrific, paperdoll playing, smiley kind of day!

for sale by ellie58, etsy


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ducky Days with Daffodil Highlights

I wish for you today a Ducky Day, with daffodil highlights, followed by a bunny slipper chaser!

A silly duck paper doll for you!
Thanks OrigamiBears for sharing your fantastic collection!
“It was one of those March days
When the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:
When it is summer in the light,
And winter in the shade.”

-            Charles Dickens

Recycled Bottlecap, with repurposed junk mail, by inkspired

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”

mywallstickers, etsy

Don't you just love that yellow chair! The combination of daffodil yellow and bright blue is just terrific. What project can you make with these colors?

How about a recycled, washed bottle with 3 daffodils,
and tied with a bright blue ribbon?

Here's a little vintage for you:

"The year's at the spring
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hillside's dew-pearled;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn;
God's in His heaven -
All's right with the world!"
~Robert Browning

Check out my treasury on etsy called
"Ducky Daze"

I had so much fun browsing other shops
to find handmade, vintage and more ducks on etsy.
Here is one of them:

This lil' ducky is for sale ($6) from KathyCeramicRose, etsy.

Peddler's Pack rubber stamp card sample,
colored with pencils

“Yesterday the twig was brown and bare;
To-day the glint of green is there;
Tomorrow will be leaflets spare;
I know no thing so wondrous fair,
No miracle so strangely rare.
I wonder what will next be there!”

~L.H. Bailey

I had a super fun time with my sis-in-law, Pam, over the weekend. We experimented with Mod Podge (it comes now in glitter Mod Podge!) and glass plates, some glass bowls and clay pots, and napkins.
Yep, fancy printed paper napkins, like you have at a birthday party!
I tried to take pictures through all the phases, so I will posting that shortly as my first tutorial!
Excited, I am.

Do have a giggle today - it's so good for you!
Now to finish off with a pair of bunny slippers:
for sale by MakingsByMary, etsy



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alabama Hospital IV Deaths

     BREAKING NEWS: Nine patients in Birmingham hospitals die from toxic IV nutritional suplements....other patienst infected. Story coming up on CBS 8 News at 5:00 and later updates in Montgomery.

     No mention of the incident on the website of the comapny that allegedly distributed the product, but they do prominently display a customer guarantee:

The most important asset we have is our reputation. Our patients and those we serve are important to us.

Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Customer Service is our number one priority. We strive to help you outsource your products and once you do we strive to exceed your expectations of service.

[UPDATE: Where are the owners of the company? Hospitals are suing, but unable to find anyone to serve the papers on....]

Where NOT to work.

     Certain industries are headed for the job creation morgue, claims a story in the Wall Street Journal today.

     They quote IBIS, a research group as determining the top (or bottom) ten:

Wired Telecommunications Carriers

Newspaper Publishing

Apparel Manufacturing

DVD, Game & Video Rental

Manufactured Home Dealers

Video Postproduction Services

Record Stores


Formal Wear & Costume Rental



     NO shock about newspaper publishing, textile mills and record stores (Daddy, what are records?) fact all of them are fairly predictable in a world of cell phones and digital everything.

     The Mills and apparel companies that provided generations of  Alabamians with careers are long gone. And developing film? Bye Bye.


     But one industry that employes a lot of Alabamians is also on the list, and it may be a surprise: "Manufactured Homes"..i.e. Mobile Homes. According to the Alabama Manufactured Home Association, 24% of new home sales in Alabama are actually mobile homes.

         There are thirteen manufactured home building companies in the state churning out almost 7,500 homes last year. Another dozen or so import homes into Alabama. You might think they would coordinate all of this and keep the homegrown homes here. But The Alabama Manufactured Homes Association says about three-quarters of the homes made in Alabama are exported out of the state...perhaps answering Andy Rooney's long-ago question: if they're mobile, why don't they GO somewhere?"

     There actually is a regulatory agency for mobile homes in the state. The Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission here in Montgomery. Note from their website picture that their headquarters building is not a mobile home.

Bunnies Hop Hop Hop

Here's a Bunny-rrific kind of day!
Peter Rabbit Barbie celebrating Peter's 100th birthday.

illustration by Beatrix Potter

"Winston Churchill is always expecting rabbits to come out of an empty hat."
- Evelyn Waugh, writer

Here is a wonderful little paper doll bunny I found at OrigamiBears:

see more at OrigamiBears. See side bar.

Bunny slippers remind me of who I am.
You can’t get a swelled head if you wear bunny slippers.
You can’t lose your sense of perspective and start acting like a star or a rich lady
if you keep on wearing bunny slippers.
Besides, bunny slippers give me confidence because they’re so jaunty.
They make a statement; they say
‘Nothing the world does to me can ever get me so far down that I can’t be silly and frivolous.’
If I died and found myself in Hell, I could endure the place
If I had bunny slippers.”

Dean Koontz, horror writer

for sale by cul8rg8er on etsy

Here is another fabulous design from Sandra Lounsbury Foose. It is designed to be made from felt, with a little embroidery on the front.

This joke is so old, I have no idea who originated it!

What do you call ten rabbits marching backwards?

vintage Nestle Quik mug for sale by Vintage4U, etsy

A receding hareline!
(har har har!)


Here is a sweet Spring coloring page for you, thanks to Dover:

Dover Publications

Here are 2 goofy bunnies, made from recycled bottlecaps and rubber stamps:
(I'm sorry, but I have misplaced the rubberstamp company that designed these).

Well, time to wrap up.
I think we should all go out and purchase some bunny slippers now,
especially for our loved ones!

Liberal Party Militants

I think it's clear that the folks in the Liberal Party of Canada are Left-Wing Extremists...

Even his own people scare the heck out of him!

Not even little folks can stand the guy

Putting the O in "LOL"

Cuddly and comforting, ain't he?

Scary people led by a scary guy...

Just say NO!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Recycled Fabric Wreath, Daffodils, Spring Quotes and fav movies

What a beautiful morning!

We're having light rain that might turn into snow a bit later. No mention from the weather folk of accumulation. Yesterday I had 3 daffodils checking to see if it was time to bud out or not. In the past few years I think I have had daffodils poking out above a layer of snow every spring!

"Come and let us seek together
Springtime lore of daffodils,
Giving to the golden weather
Greeting on the sun-warm hills."

-   Lucy Maud Montgomery, Spring Song
Dover publications has a pretty coloring book of the letters of the alphabet.
Here is one that's perfect for today!

 "Listen, can you hear it? 
Spring's sweet cantata. 
The strains of grass pushing through the snow. 
The song of buds swelling on the vine. 
 The tender timpani of a baby robin's heart. 

-   Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure

This adorable little sprite is for sale from http://www.stitchandpurl.etsy/

Here is a torn fabric strip wreath from HollandFabricHouse, etsy:

I have seen many of this type of wreath, so I don't think I'm stealing any one's original idea.

things you will need:  >wire hanger
  >pliers to bend ends of hanger
 > a pile of leftover scrap fabric, chosen for theme and/or color
  >1 length of ribbon for center bow
  >optional - loop of ribbon for hanger

How to's:
Tear your fabric into 1" x 6" strips. Don't worry if some are 5" long - that is good.
I like the way the torn fabric looks, but you can certainly cut them with scissors or rotary cutter. You can also cut them with pinking shears for another look. All work great!
For a more elegant than shabby chic look, you can cut each strip into a ribbon point on the end, or make sure it has a clean straight across cut at the end.
Now go tear some more. This project needs plenty of fabric to make it look "fluffy"!

Take your wire hanger, and unbend the 'hook' top. Use your pliers, no need to kill your hands.
Now, open up the hanger to as straight as possible. Form a large loop or circle with it. Twist ends together to form a large wire circle. Too big? Use some wire cutters to cut the wire down to size desired, and twist the ends together. Clip off any sharp wire ends.

Wrap twisted ends with bow ribbon, to hide the wires and to protect your wall or you from any sharp leftover ends. Knot towards the back. Make a large loop from 6" cut of ribbon. Tie in place, or hot glue or Tacky glue the ends so it makes a nice hanging loop, around the twisted wire/ribbon wrapped section.

Now take that pile of fabric strips, get a cup of hot tea, and pop in your favorite movie.

Some of my favorites are:
Goldie Hawn's Protocol, Bird on a Wire, Seems Like Old Times or Overboard
Steve Martin's Bowfinger (Eddie Murphy+), or Roxanne (Daryl Hannah, Shelley Duval+)
The Princess Bride (Carey Elwey, Robin Wright)
The Crew  (Richard Dryfuss, Burt Reynolds +)-does have bad language - :0(
Crocodile Dundee (Paul Hogan)
Once Upon a Crime (John Candy, James Belushi, Cybill Shepherd, George Hamilton+)
Twins and Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzeneggerany John Wayne movie!

Tie a fabric strip around the wire wreath. You don't have to knot, just pull securely without ripping the fabric. Slide to one end, where your wrapped ribbon is.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat!
Tie as many strips on as you possibly can.  Fluff out wreath.
  >optional - to fill in any holes or boring spots, take a 6" length of coordinating colored 1/8" or 1/4" ribbon. Tie  in between the fabric strips, randomly around the entire wreath. You may have to knot these, or drop a dot of glue on the knot as ribbon can be slipperey and want to come undone.

Tie a biggish bow in contrasting, complimentary colored ribbon. This is the same ribbon we used to make the loop hanger. Decide if you like your bow at the top, bottom, or even off to one side.
Take a super thin wire (or twistie tie) and attach bow to wreath. You can hot glue parts to make the bow stay where you want it.

Hang it up!
Here are directions to make one in a heart shape, and gearing it to children learning how to tie:

This next one, with a tutorial as well, is from:
"The day the Lord created hope
was probably the same day
He created Spring."
---Bern Williams

c. 1910
That's all for today!
fine art print by YesandAmen, etsy

I trust you have had fun searching through your fabric scraps.
I always do!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

MMMM # 139 -- End (of free NY) Times... and Yemen PR (NOT).

     Overnight, as we slept, the long anticipated pay wall went up around The New York Times website.

     Readers of this blog know I have been a regular reader of the Times. I've linked to stories produced by The Times staff several tiems a week for years.

     Beginning today, we can read 20 articles a week for free. After that, there is a charge per article. Or you can pay a flat monthy fee for electronic access on multiple platforms...PC, tablets or smart (or maybe even just brighter-than-average) phones. $20.00.

     PC Magazine reports that readers of this and other blogs who click through to a Times story will not have that count against their 20 free stories a month. Of course that doesn't help me with my monthly limit!

     It can't be completely a coincidence that the last column by Bob Herbert appeared in yesterday's paper.
     And ditto for Frank Rich's departure two weeks ago.

    The first time The Times tried to require payment from readers, there was major revolt by the columnists, who were the main focus of the fees charged for N.Y. Times Select. And now, like then, there apparently was a major internal battle between proponents of charging and those who wanted to protect the biggest online news audience in the world...almost fifty million visitors a month.
     There is no doubt those numbers will plummet starting this week.
      I agree the Times and other providers of original online content deserve to be compensated for their work, but $240 a year is not an insignificant fee, especially during The Great Depression. Have they not been reading their own economic stories?
     I haven't decided about paying yet. There are many fine newspapers online not charging, and as columnists jump ship, the ability to visit the Times online becomes less valuable, not more.

     And there's this: when the content was free, I felt an obligation to watch the annimated ads for The Economist etc etc before I was allowed to view my story. Now I'll just click the "skip this ad" option immediately.

     Will that option remain with a pay wall?


     Yemen, where snipers fired into a crowd of demonstrators last week, killing a reporter and others, is also at the front of the line of Middle-Eastern Governments who are abusing the media during the unrest.

     The country's official news agency put out a warning to journalists:

Yemen urges foreign media maximum accuracy while covering Yemen


     SANA'A, March 22 (Saba) – Yemen on Tuesday urged foreign media to exercise maximum accuracy as to what they report and to be professional while covering the situation in Yemen.

     A source at the Information Ministry also stressed the importance of reporting the facts as they are and to avoid distorting them.

     The source told Saba:" the ministry will regrettably withdraw the license of any correspondent for foreign outlets found abusing his profession".

     Yemen is a democratic country, which is open to different opinions and committed to freedom of the press providing media never harms the national security and stability, the source said, warning media of incitement to violence and chaos or distorting the facts. 


     It's bad enough to threaten to take away a journalists' license, but when snipers start firing into crowds of demonstrators...killing the reporters too...
    And late last week the find security forces in Libya made a fool of themselves by destroying  journalists cameras and roughing them up after they tried to report on a woman who charged she had been raped by the security force. The country's handlers also tried to convince the media the woman was drunk or insane.
    By Sunday morning, the Libyan government had reversed course, admitting the incident had been mishandled, and announced the arrest of five people.

[ALSO: The Montgomery Advertiser has launched a much-needed redesign of their web site. Looks good!]

(The Monday Morning Media Memo is a regular feature of this blog.]