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No, that's not the NAACP website, but rather the NAACPC one, which is about "conservative peoples of ALL colors".


Is the New York Times killing its own archived news reports from long ago so as to protect the Democratic Party from the inconvenient truth about its racist past?

I know that the truth about what happened long ago is critical for knowing the truth today. Such as the truth about Israel-"Palestine", which I found (and screenshot, just in case) at TIME magazine from Israel's official founding to the post-Six-Days War period. The evidence I've gathered is proof positive that "Palestine" is a big lie and that what we're told about Israel-"Palestine" today by the "mainstream" media is a lie.

Will TIME start destroying its archives to protect the big lies of today, like the NYT appears to be doing?

Godless..but smart about it!

     You may have spotted this story earlier in the day...who knows the most about religion? The non-believers, at least according to a Pew poll of Americans.

     What does that say about us?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Red Square's Answer to Colbert's Testimony in Congress

Red Square's Answer to Colbert's Testimony in Congress

"America's political system is presently far too dependent on citizens' vote to pick their leaders," he testified at the packed hearing. "The ruling elites are all fired up and prepared to rule, but the American electorate continues to disobey. The obvious answer is to replace Americans with more obedient voters from another country."


"Migrant labor is the missing ingredient in our formula of a harmonious society: happy peasants ruled by benevolent overlords. We already have the overlords," Square made a wide sweeping gesture, pointing at the gathered politicians, "but until now America badly lacked peasants. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of politicians like Rep. Zoe Lofgren who invited me here, peasants are now crossing the border in sufficient numbers."


Red Square expressed befuddlement that more Americans aren't trying to make their country more like Mexico. "Progress means the undoing of everything that happened in this country since 1776. We must all go back to how people had lived for thousands of years, and how many still continue to live in all the equal cultures around the world. That would be very progressive," he concluded to standing ovation.


At the close of the hearing, Red Square admitted that he cared about migrant labor because "the rest of Americans are the least of my worries. Right now, migrant workers suffer and have no rights. I want the rest of the country to be like that."

Hmm... he sounds just like the crap Obama's pushing all the time via all those horrific bills he signs.

Billy Got Some From Monica

French politician Rachinda Dati:
Err... iz zat what Beel Clinton got from Monica?  Tee-hee!

Story here.

"When I see some of them (funds) looking for returns of 20 or 25 percent, at a time when fellatio is almost non-existent...," she said during an interview on Europe 1 radio.

Whoopsie!  Bwahahahaha!  Fellatio non-existent!  HAHAHAHA!

Hey, maybe Rachinda was just being cunningly linguistic?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

MMMM # 112 Dear Pentagon P.R.


To: Pentagon Public Affairs

From: The MMMM staff

(SP5 Tim Lennox, Ret.)

Re: the way things work

 I worked in a low level PR position in the military a few decades ago, so I know how slow processes can be to change. 1776 becomes 1900 so fast that sometimes it is hard to keep up. And here we are in the 2000's already! Amazing.

While I'm thinking about it, I can come back next week and record more of those "Army Hour" radio shows on LP vinyl to send to the troops. I have a feature story almost finished about French soldiers having some difficulty in Asia. Properly vetted, of course. Wouldn't want the wrong people getting information that is forbidden.

This memo was prompted by the fine work of the Pentagon information control apparatus in buying and destroying almost 10,000 copies of a bad book by a bad former soldier. Good job Public Affairs staff! It was a great use of precious resources! (Oh, I forgot, everywhere else there's a Great Recession going on, but military spending never slows down, does it?)  Anyway, good work!Those bad words written by the bad soldier will now go away, never to be seen again.

Also, we're sure the story about the book destruction will never get out, since you have such an airtight hold on all embarrasing internal information. I mean, it's not like our military personnel have access to magic machines in their pockets that bring them the world's information in a heartbeat.

If the Pentagon itself had such a magic box, it could have found lots of stories about incidents on college campuses just like the book destruction. Students who didn't like the bad words in college newspapers went and took all of the copies and destroyed them. And we never heard a word it.

Yes, Public Affairs staff, this was a truly wise operation, well carried out. A great example for the rest of the world's military to follow.

P.S. Please remember to send some combat artists to draw pictures of the Cavalry Troop training for the Indian Wars out West for next week's newsletter. And keep it quiet!


[ALSO: Check out the cool new "fact check" organization. Bama Fact Check, started by The Anniston Star and other media outlets.]

[AND; in the Bishop Long story out of Atlanta, the NY Times notes "Media access to the services was tightly controlled Sunday. Reporters were required to check in with church officials and were led to a separate part of the church to view the service. The media was also told not to interview church members inside the sanctuary or on church property."]

[The Monday Morning Media Memo is a regular feature of this blog.]

Hyundai Recall

     A big Hyundai recall this afternoon...though it is not clear from the government announcement whether the vehicles being recalled were assembled in the Montgomery Alabama plant...but Reuters reports they are.

    The Washington Post and a lot of other papers have the story.

CBS 8 in Montgomery will have the complete story tonight at 10:00.

Come on down and eat!

       Kait and I will be judging some of the dishes at tonight's Taste of Montgomery event...and we would love to see you! It's a chance to sample great food from a couple of dozen restaurants and it benefits the Junior League of Montgomery's charities.

When: 6 to 9 p.m. Sunday (today!) 

Where: Renaissance Hotel & Spa at the Conven­tion Center

Tickets: $30 at the door

Since my alarm goes off way early, I'll have to leave early too, but come by before 6:45ish and I'll be there for sure. Kait will stay longer, since she's been filling in on other weather duties and will be off in the morning.

'ACLU-crafted court order criminalizes Christianity'

'ACLU-crafted court order criminalizes Christianity'

Clearly, the ACLU is nothing but an anti-Christian hate group.

Most of their efforts constitute a de-facto war on Christians.

They NEVER do this stuff to Muslims like Imam Rauf, the Victory-Mosque-at-Ground-Zero guy.  Hell, they support his plan... ironically in the name of the Constitution's "freedom of religion", which the ACLU doesn't support for Christians!

They NEVER do this stuff to flamboyant-everywhere gay extremists.

And the most they'll do when Obama takes away Americans' civil rights is to pay very quick, brief lip service... but say and do nothing further.

It's time to STOP THE HATE!


Oh, and I'm going to censor those hard-left-wing, neo-communist, pro-Sharia Law commentors who are Christian-hating liars who will split hairs to come to the aid of the Christian-haters at the ACLU.  If they want to spew their sophisticated hatred, they'll have to do it on their own blogs.  They don't need a voice herein.

It's only fair.  Christians are being censored, so I'll do it to ask "So how do YOU like it (censorship) now that it's being done to YOU?  Not nice, is it?  Well, you deserve it, cause you support its being done to Christians!  Abandon your hatred... repent... and then we'll talk."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teaching The War on the 150th

     A Washington Post blog reports on a change in the way the state of Virginia will commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.

     It's a topic I've blogged and reported about before.

     Alabama is commemorating next year's anniversary by looking at a much bigger picture...the anniversary of the war along with the anniversary of the Indian Wars before it and the Civil Rights Era after it.

     I produced a report on the topic for WBHM in Birmingham which you can listen to online.

Free Museum Day

     Today is a promotional day for museums, and some 1,500 of them in the U.S. are offering free admission.

     That includes 15 in Alabama

     I like museums, but I'm not sure some of the ones on the Alabama list aren't already free.

     Whatever. From Guntsville to Mobile there will be open doors today. Go visit a museum. Learn something.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lenin & Layton

 Left: Vladimir Lenin.  Right:  Jack Layton

French Leader Sarkozy Slams Obama, Warns He Might Be Insane

French Leader Sarkozy Slams Obama, Warns He Might Be Insane

Read the whole thing...

Delusions of omniscience.

Delusions of grandeur.



Remember, socialism/communism and appeasement has been tried many times for a long time... and NEVER work.

Yet Obama is doing it.

That's insane.  

Albert Einstein said so!

Looking At The Liberal Mind

Liberals are, in essence, prejudiced, bigoted people who only think and believe what they're TOLD to think and believe.


They want nothing to do with evidence and reality because they're taught to only think and believe as they're TOLD, and that if they dare to look at and point out evidence/reality, and doing so turns out to be politically incorrect, then they're scolded and hounded, by their leaders and peers, into submission, forced to stop using their brains, to stop looking at evidence/reality, and to join the blissfully-unaware suicidal lemming herd. 

This is part of the development of their mental disorder, their cognitive failings, their being out of touch with reality, their prejudices, etc.

I know, because I grew up being told what's what, and later found out that what I was told was sometimes not true at all, even though those who told me it was, were of the belief that it was, because it's what THEY were TOLD and PASSED ON to me. 

This is how Liberalism is spread... via believers who perpetuate the myths and lies, believing they're right, perhaps even meaning well... but being wrong.

By the way, we now realize that the world is round, not flat.  

But once upon a time, people believed it was flat... because that's what they were TOLD, and if they dared to question that dogma, they'd be ridiculed... as was Christopher Columbus.

Similar happened to Winston Churchill, when he warned about Hitler's apparent agenda for world domination.

Try to tell it like it is, based on observed evidence (especially evidence hidden by the dishonest, manipulative Liberal Media), and one will be ridiculed today, too.

But one day, many of our openly-expressed advisories to skeptical folks will be proven right.  Sometimes unfortunately so, as we wish we were wrong about the more dire ones.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hateful Christianophobes Oppose Christian Concert @ Ft Bragg

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

Let my ask:  Did these people oppose the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero?  I don't recall.

Well, they oppose allowing the US Military having a concert for its Christian members.  They accuse the military of "proselytizing".

Well, what about the schools making kids learn about Islam and gayness...  Shouldn't that stuff be kept out of the state (schools), too?  Oh, but in those cases, it's "necessary" to proselytize to "teach tolerance and understanding", as the Left claims.  Hogwash!  Clearly, people need to have Christianity imposed upon them so as to teach them to understand and tolerate Christians... especially the bigots at AUSCS.  The other folks, they already enjoy the powerful protection of state-enforced political correctness.  Christians, on the other hand, are a persecuted minority group.

The US military, nevertheless, should tell the AUSCS to eff-oh!

On the one hand, the Left is trying to impose open homosexuality on the military... and on the other, they're saying we've gotta get the Christ out of the military.  Oh, and they're accommodating Muslims more and more, to a dangerous extent, in fact... they ignored the insanity and danger signs of Major Hassan at Ft. Hood... and we know how that worked out.  Looking the other way when a Muslim (like Major Hassan) shows signs of insanity and desire to commit terrorism... that's no good.  Whereas if a Christian showed those signs, he'd be in the loony bin just like that!

See what the Left is doing?  They're bad for America... and they're Christianophobic.  They need sensitivity training.  They need to be forced to be tolerant and understanding.  They need to learn that Christians aren't bad people after all, that Christians are nice, charming and peaceful.  So the Left should be very courteous and accommodating towards Christians, too.  The Left needs to learn to treat everyone equally, even Christians and conservatives and Tea Party folks and Jews and Israelis...  (the ordering of these groups is perfectly random, and no one is first or last).

The Left is mean and hateful and needs to have that demon exorcised via mandatory sensitivity training... this is the bottom line.

Ah.  That rant felt good.  Now I feel better after a tough day at work.  Take that, Left!

The BRAC move updated

     As you may know, the U.S. Army is moving more than a thousand poitions with the Materials Command to Huntsville as part of the Base Realignment Commission's decisions of a few years ago.this link to an updated story on the move, which is about halfway there.

     Welcome to those moving to you'll find out soon enough, living is cheap here. By the Army's calculation:

"your living expenses...decrease to include groceries (- 25%), utilities (-8%), healthcare (-38%) and housing (-62%)"

of course you'll pay through the nose for liquor and some other "sin" items, but all in all, you may enjoy the less traffic and the fresher air. Welcome!

Lawrence Martin Shows His Venomous Fangs

His article here.

Lawrence Martin's left-wing ideological bias isn't very well hidden here. He, for one thing, uses the slur "tea baggers".

The PM runs one of the most top-down governments in history, which is hardly in the spirit of the tea baggers.

Oops. Guess he forgot to hide his venomous fangs!  Funny how Martin doesn't want to talk about what an arrogant dictator Obama is, compared to Harper...

Besides, it's ludicrous to imply that Mr. Harper isn't intellectual.  Hell, elitist journos like Martin have made fun of him for being more intellectual than the Liberals, chiding him for his "woodenness" and lack of charisma and such.  Suddenly the elite journalists are all pro-"intellectualism", so they can call The People a bunch of daft rubes for opposing the "intellectual" Left.

It's also ludicrous to imply that Obama is. Obama's only a pseudo-intellectual... because his "intellectualism" is based on ideology, not reality.

Real intellectuals use their brains to analyze and understand reality, not fantasy.

Obama's worldview, to me, reads like a comic book.

And the People don't want a comic book President- that's what they're saying.

Lawrence Martin is, I believe, a little old to be believing in comic book characters.

Gotta marvel at his belief in his comic book hero, though...
The American President can by no means be written off. In the low forties in approval ratings, he is far ahead of where George W. Bush was in his last few years. Given the desperate condition of the country when he came to office, Mr. Obama could hardly have been expected to turn much around in less than two years. He will likely take a drubbing in the midterm elections, but many presidents have recovered from dismal midterm showings.
 Oh, yeppers!  Little Larry Martin is a true believer in Obama!   Next issue:  Obama hops onto his warp-engined flying carpet to visit the Saudi King to discuss ways to quicken the pace of world domination in service of the Greater Good!

Bare-Ass Bob Rae and Ralph Goodale form a cappella boy band!

Over at "ProudToBeCanadian"

It's quite amusing... that guy writes like I do! Rips the Liberals and the CBC a couple new ones.
Apparently partisan politics should only be allowed amongst leftists, especially when the Conservative is hitting all the right points and is pushing buttons among Canadians who mostly agree with the Conservatives.

But best of luck to The Measured Tones and their upcoming Uber Hypocrisy Tour.
That Ralph Goodale, by the way... what is he, a professional pitbull?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Uh, School Sex Ed?

     What I want to know is this: did the four people who supposedly proofread this billboard actually attend the Indiana Pubic Schools? Can their diplomas be recalled? And should we install spell-check software on the boards from now on?

[Thank you J.C., the sharp-eyed TimLennox.Com editor for spotting the story! He's also found a few spelling errors here!]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surprise, Surprise: Voters feel closer to Palin than Obama

Hot Air » Rasmussen: Voters feel closer to Palin than Obama, 52/40

Sharia Law: 'Preeminent Totalitarian Threat of Our Time'

Report here.

"Shariah is the crucial fault line of Islam’s internecine struggle. On one side of the divide are Muslim reformers and authentic moderates--figures like Abdurrahman Wahid, the late president of Indonesia and leader of the world’s largest libertarian Muslim organization, Nahdlatul Ulama--whose members embrace the Enlightenment’s veneration of reason and, in particular, its separation of the spiritual and secular realms,"


“The good news is that millions of Muslims around the world--including many in America--do not follow the directives of Shariah, let alone engage in jihad,” says the report. “The bad news is that this reality reflects the fact that the imposition of strict shariah doctrine is at different stages across Muslim-majority and -minority countries."

The authors also differentiate between Islamists who use violence and those who do not. The violent Islamists, they argue, are already well known--groups such as al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hizballah. The non-violent Islamists, they say, pose a different and perhaps greater threat because while they have the same goals as their violent counterparts--the imposition of Sharia--their non-violent tactics make them harder to detect and oppose.

“Far less recognizable, however, is the menace posed by jihadist enemies who operate by deceit and stealth from inside the gates,” the experts said. “The latter threat is, arguably, a far more serious one to open, tolerant societies like ours.

Oh, and while we're at it, an appropriate picture:

This Is Insane!

US Democrats pass bill that will have government inquisitors demand CHILDREN declare their "sexual orientation"

This is just too much.  Insane, extreme...

We're talking about CHILDREN.

The Democrats are sexualizing children.

Next thing you know, the Democrats, they're probably going to try to legalize adult-child sex...

This cannot stand.

The government has no business demanding that children tell them whether they like to have sex with the opposite or same sex.

Children aren't even supposed to THINK about that sort of thing!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Obama Mom-In-Law Practicing Witchcraft?

Obama Mom-In-Law Practicing Witchcraft?

Looks like the Liberal Media will have to quit making a stink over Christine O'Donnell's youthful indiscretions with magic wands and broomsticks and black kitties, 'cause it seems that Obama's mama in law might be witchin' around in da White House...



We knew there was something wrong with an all-American entity "Avaaz" (connected to the George Soros-funded "" propaganda pitbull entity) lobbying to nix a planned Canadian news channel.

Also, Kathy Shaidle, over at NewsReal, tells us about the eight most despicable things George Soros has done.  Old Georgie ain't going to like it.  Yes, it brings up THE most despicable thing he most doesn't want people to know, even though he openly admitted to doing it... on 60 Minutes.  Never mind SUN News's retraction of Ezra's column.  The truth is undeniable.

By the way, LIBERAL LEADER MICHAEL IGNATIEFF wrote an article on a Soros-funded website.

Ignatieff can be seen pictured with George Soros here and here.  Oh, my!  No doubt people will be asking questions!

The media must ask Michael Ignatieff about his connection to Mr. Soros.

Mr. Ignatieff has some explaining to do.

Is he somehow connected to the all-American, anti-SUN-News campaign?  After all, SUN News is felt by Liberals to be a threat to the Liberal Media's TV news propaganda monopoly in Canada...
Po (still)....but proud (still)!

 If you can believe their calculations Alabama is the poorest state in America.

  Hey, We're Number ONE again!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

MMM # 111 --The drought is back!

     It has been three years since the Montgomery area was hit by severe drought conditions. We weren't alone in 2007...a lot of the Southeast was at the very least abnormally dry. Alabama's rainfall deficit was 25 inches! It was the story for many, many months.

      The Media was full of stories about planned new reservoirs, lawn watering restrictions, and plans for the future. Everywhere you turned there was video of boats in the mud and stranded docks.

     Then it ended in the Fall of 2009, and everyone, the media included, went back to the good old wet days.

     But now the drought is officially back.

     Rainfall is now11.6 inches below normal in far the Alabama city with the largest rain deficit.

     Here's the state map from The U.S. Drought Monitor. The next update will be Thursday morning, but with about zero rain in the forecast there's not much hope for improvement.

     Of course this is not Alabama's first time to this particular dance. We always live with the threat of drought. In 2004 the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) developed a dought plan.
     One part called for an information center:
A Drought Information Center will be maintained with the most current information whenever one or more drought management regions of the state are in a watch, warning or emergency drought alert phase. Information about the status of drought conditions, impacts on the economy and other drought related concerns of the state will be collected and made available to state agencies, state officials, the news media, and other concerned interests.
     If ADECA did in fact create a "Drought Information Center" of some kind half a dozen years ago, I can't find it online anywhere.

     The problem with these cyclical events is that we Alabamians tend to forget all about them once they ease off. 
     NOAA's Drought Monitor, from which the map above was acquired, seems to be the closest thing, It does a great job of tracking the dry conditions in the state, but not much more.
    For the latest Montgomery area weather, go to CBS-8's weather page.

    There's also an interesting article about drought trends in Georgia and Alabama by a University of Georgia professor here. It appears to have been written in 2006.

     Fall begins this week, an October is a week away...usually the driest month of the year in Montgomery.

     The return  of the drought will also bring back news stories of lawn watering restrictions and plans for the future. Coming soon to a screen or front page near to you: the dry-docked boat. All to be forgotten the moment rainfall returns to normal.

[The Monday Morning Media Memo is a regular feature of this blog.]

What a Ring!

     I attended performances at Lincoln Center and The Met during high school, and some of it rubbed off, at least enough that I still enjoy classical performances (while leaving room for virtually every other genre too!)

     So the story of a new Met production of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelungs) that includes maybe their most expensive, most elaborate stage set ever caught my attention. Watch a video of the work-in-progress here. And there's word that the season's performances will be available in HD at 1,500 theaters around the world starting October 9th.

     Not sure if any of them are in striking distance of Alabama, though Atlanta would be a good bet.

McSneaky the Hypocrite Practices Hidden-Agenda Projection

 Liberal Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty poses with his pet Hidden Agenda.
There's no denying its existence.  It's, like, right there!

Story here.

Of course, Liberals are always being hypocrites and practicing projection, so it's par for the course.

Charging their opponents with a "hidden agenda" just means that the Liberals themselves have a hidden agenda.

Like, remember when I said, in 2008, that Obama had one, and I've been proven right.  All that crazy crap he's been imposing onto America... he never said he would, but there he goes.

Michael Ignatieff has a hidden agenda, too.... Obviously.  No one believes that guy's for real either.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

American Thinker: Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures

Shame on Obama and the Democrats!  Racist, sexist!

Decisions on which car dealerships to close as part of the auto industry bailout -- closures the Obama administration forced on General Motors and Chrysler -- were based in part on race and gender, according to a report by Troubled Asset Relief Program Special Inspector General Neal M. Barofsky.

Toldya.  The Obamacrats are RACIST and SEXIST.

It's more than just discriminating against dissidents/conservatives/Republicans.

Also, some 100,000 jobs were killed by the closure of dealerships.

Non-union jobs, obviously.

Meanwhile, the size of the (unionized, horribly expensive) bureaucracy of the oppressive federal government has ballooned...

This is an example of how discriminatory social reengineering creeps into everything the Obamacrat Reich does.

Included among those undisputed facts:

-"[D]ealerships were retained because they were ... minority- or woman-owned dealerships";

-Thousands of jobs were lost, unnecessarily, due specifically to Obama's "mandate for shared sacrifice";

-A disproportionate number of Obama-forced closings were of rural dealerships, in areas unfriendly to Obama, even though such closures could "jeopardize the return to profitability" for GM and Chrysler.
 Look at who's impressed!

 "Ya hear that, Komrade Jackov?  Together we do that, too!"
"Da, Czar Ignatiov!  When we meet, plot next coup?  Where Komrade Duceppov?"

Tell The Truth!

Keep Kait out of jail!!!

     My way-too-early-in-the-morning air partner on CBS-8 This Morning---Kait Parker---needs help being bailed out of the MDA "jail". She's scheduled to begin serving her time at The Alley in Downtown Montgomery on Wednesday and needs to raise "bail" to stay out.
     Can you spare a touch of cash to keep her from having to wear one of those garish orange jumpsuits?
     Use the link above to donate! IF she isn't bailed out, yours truly will be doing the weather Thursday morning and remember...I am not a meteorologist (though I played one on TV)...while she is.

"To Kill..." Documentary to Premier


Hats off to blogger Wade (Kwon) on Birmingham for posting a contributor review of a documentary about To Kill A Mockingbird that premiers at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham on September 26th. Always interesting to learn even a  little more about one of Alabama's best known, yet little-known, authors!

Navy Vet who marched in Selma is honored.

     The Washington Post reports on the extraordinary experience of a black U.S. Navy Veteran who was washed up on shore in Newfoundland in 1942, and found comfort and care from white people...the last thing a native of The Deep South expected.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lamestream Media Flowchart

Lady Gaga & Senator Sessions. Honest.

Anytime you see the names Lady Gaga and Alabama U.S.Sen. Jeff Sessions in the same sentence, I'm ready to pay attention. Or stand at attention. Or something.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post Debate

Memo to Mr. Sparks:

The Doesn't or Don't Rule is:

Doesn't, does not, or does is used with the third person singular--words like he, she, and it.

Don't, do not, or do is used for other subjects.

Incorrect: It don't matter anymore.

Correct: It doesn't matter anymore.

Incorrect: Grandfather don't see too well.

Correct: Grandfather doesn't see too well.

Correct: His glasses don't help him much.

Memo to Mr . Bentley:

The AEA has said it was going to sit out the race for Governor because both candidates support public education. Adding 10 years onto the retirement time for teachers---from 20 to 30 years--- probably isn't going to keep 'em on the sideline. Doesn't you think?

Men killing Women. We're #3!!!

     We here in The Deep South have this reputation of gentility, so it is hard to reconcile the new study that indicates Alabama is third in the nation for women killed by men.
     Do we treat female strangers with courtesy but murder those those we know? Awful.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To the ISS for lunch perhaps?

     Boeing is about to get into the space tourism business.

     The company is already the prime contractor for the International Space Station. Now, the NY Times reports, they'll offer some of the spare seats on the ship they're designing to transport astronauts to the ISS, to tourists. For an as yet unnamed price.

     I used to say I would sell everything I owned for a seat on the Shuttle (providing there was a smoking section...those were in my tobacco days). Now I've come to realize that wouldn't be quite enough for the fare, which will likely be in the tens of Millions of dollars.

     How about a national lottery for $1 a trip (presuming you pass the physical)!

The French, they ARE different!

     Yes, that is exactly what it looks like. A woman in France filling up her wine bottle from a huge tank in a supermarket. And it's coming to the U.S. soon, I hear.
     You can bring pretty much whatever kind of container you want, from a used (preferably washed) milk carton wine bottle.
     The wine connoisseur gets a discount on the price, of course.
     And where would the first one appear in Alabama? Maybe at a fraternity? With a EZ boy lounge chair parked in front for simple dispensing?
     Talk about it with the distributor, La Curve.

[Merci' to Grande Editeur J.C. pour le suggestion!]

Experts: US Must Identify, Fight Islamic Supremacist Enemy

Story here.

The report calls for a campaign against radical Islamists following the model used against communist ideology and activities during the Cold War, including infiltrating foreign-supported jihad groups by the FBI and other aggressive security measures.

"Today, the United States faces what is, if anything, an even more insidious ideological threat: the totalitarian socio-political doctrine that Islam calls Shariah," the report says.

"Though it certainly has spiritual elements, it would be a mistake to think of Shariah as a 'religious' code in the Western sense because it seeks to regulate all manner of behavior in the secular sphere — economic, social, military, legal and political."

The Team B report calls for developing a counterstrategy to Islamist ideology, but notes that understanding the nature of the enemy is a critical first step.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Liberals Get Whiny, Nasty Again As They Lose Public Debate On Registry

Story here.


There the Liberals go again with the America-bashing.

They're trying to fabricate a boogyman ("right-wing" Republicans") to compare to the government, who is winning on the nix-the-long-gun-registry issue.

The Liberals are losing on this issue.  They look bad because their leader, Michael Ignatieff, will not let them vote freely, won't let them vote for their constituents, and is requiring them to march in lockstep with the left-wing, tyrannical, who also want to bring in some kind of law, somehow, to punish law-abiding gun owners, with a view to eventually taking their guns away by banning them.

So the Liberals are trying to use hateful, stupid rhetoric to make the government look bad instead.

But will it work now?  Or are more Canadians than ever wise to the rhetorical BS being used by the left-wing Liberals as usual?

WND's Farah: Obama Ineligible for Presidency

Well, duh.  Like, who believes in something provable (or not) that hasn't been proven, after all?

Since Obama never proved he meets all of the Constitution's Eligibility Clause requirements for being President, the inevitable, and necessary, conclusion must therefore be that he is ineligible and is therefore not legally President.

Of course, the public pressure to not even think the truth is quite strong, so even hardasses like Ann Coulter are too chicken to say that.

So it takes balls to actually say the obvious, and Joseph Farah's got a set.

Here's what Mr. Farah writes in response to Obama's cavalierly arrogant flippance over the issue:
"I can't spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead," Obama told Williams in an interview on NBC's Nightly News.

With this kind of arrogance after the patience the American people have demonstrated over this matter, I'd say it's time to conclude that he is ineligible for office. He's had plenty of time to provide the evidence to clear himself of this charge, this suspicion, this indictment in the form of overwhelming public opinion.

He has failed to answer the charge. He has failed to enter a plea. He has failed to show up for a hearing. Therefore, I no longer afford him the presumption of innocence.

It's time to recognize what we have serving in the White House today – a pretender, a usurper, an arrogant narcissist who believes it's beneath him to answer the questions of the public and to demonstrate his worthiness for office.
The problem is that Obama's people are in control of everything.  So until this control is taken away, their corruption and hardcore cronyism, including that of the Liberal Media, will continue to prevent the issue from being addressed by anyone non-corrupt, impartial who will do their proper job and nothing but.

Monday, September 13, 2010

"Morning Glory", the Movie

     If your first though after viewing this trailer for the Fall movie release "Morning Glory" is..gee that sounds like Tim working the morning show in Montgomery....I say anytime anyone wants to put me and Harrison Ford in the same boat, I'm all for it! His career hasn't exactly been a dud!

     I wonder if he had to get up at 2:00am to get into the spirit of morning TV? Nah.

    Coming on November 12th.

The TRUTH About Israel/Palestine: Actual News Article, 1967

What actually happened.

You won't get this truth from TIME magazine again today, nor from anyone else in the Liberal Media.  This is an archived article from the June 9, 1967 issue, when the news was reported as it actually happened, and wasn't rewritten... yet.

And I've taken screenshots just in case.

It's time to stop the lying about Israel!

Israel did NOT "steal" any Arab land.  This article tells what actually happened.

History has been rewritten.  But I've recovered it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

MMMM # 110    Reply ALL!

     We've all done it...hit the wrong reply button on an email and blasted out a reply to a lot of people who were not the intended targets. Sometimes a quick follow up explaining the error is all that's needed, but if the email contained some kind of private information, it can be downright embarrassing.

     A week ago, that's exactly what happened to a candidate for the Legislature. An aide emailed him, asking for advice about which reporters and bloggers she should include in her "Follow Friday" list on Twitter. The candidate replied that he was attaching his list....but, he wrote, the important ones were...and he named a half dozen reporters.

     The problem is, when he sent his reply, it went to just about every reporter on the included (and no, I was not included on his "important" list.)

     I emailed the aid asking if it was in fact a legitimate email exchange...just to make sure there wasn't a scam underway, but I got no reply.

     You would think that there would be a safeguard on the "reply all" button on email accounts...for once, a message people would be glad to get, asking "Do you really want to send this to everyone?"

[The Monday Morning Media Memo is a regular feature of this blog.]

Underground Car-road

     The Birmingham News reports today about a proposed burying of I-59/20 along the northern edge of Downtown. The paper includes this illustration showing what it might look like if the gazillions of dollars is found for financing:

Very impressive. But in the article itself, there's this reference:

 "A sunken interstate also would open up land for development."

     Not much "development" in the picture, is there...just nice grassy parkland with folks strolling. So which will it be? A Wal-mart or a park?
     And has anyone considered the irony that at the same time Birmingham is talking about burying the currently raised I-59/20, they're talking about raising Highway 280 on the South end of town.

  Make up your mind!

In today's New York Times;

....a physical, sometimes brutal, brand of football.

Perhaps a get-well and 'sorry for the brutality' card for the Penn State team?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

One bloom for 2010

     This past week, I managed to capture one of this year's few  blooms on my night blooming cereus plants.  See! Leaving for work at 3:00am does have one advantage!...(-:

     Here's the best of the quick photos. It's been a tough year for lots of plants, with all of the heat and blazing sun. I suspect they'll be glad to be cut back and moved inside for the Winter soon!

A BIG book for BIG bucks

     The book is 2' x 3'...big by any publishing standard...and it is being auctioned, perhaps bringing the bigegst price ever for a book. As much as $9.2 Million.

     The Birds of America is rare, but not that rare. There are about 100 of the 1820's book by John James Audubon  in existance.

     Contact Sotheby's in London. And take your checkbook.

[Thanks J.C.!]

The Mosque IN the WTC

     Perhaps there has just been so much information about the events of 9-11 that this detail was lost to me, or perhaps I never read it anywhere. But I was surprised to read an article this morning about the presence of a Muslim prayer room IN the World Trade Center.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

BREAKING: Koran Burning AND Ground Zero Mosque CANCELLED

UPDATE:  Mosque not to be moved:  Supremacist Imam 
-says there will be blood unless it's built where planned.

Well, then maybe everyone ought to draw Mohammed cartoons and wear t-shirts with pictures of pigs on them, while drinking alcoholic beverages!

Nothing good at all will come out of the building of the Mosque at Ground Zero.  There will be trouble if it IS built.

Apparently that's what the supremacist wants... apparently he welcomes and relishes conflict, chaos, strife, violence, carnage, jihad... 


Terry Jones, who heads the tiny, little-known Dove World Outreach Center church based in the Florida university town of Gainesville, said an agreement had been reached with Muslim leaders to move the controversial location of a planned Islamic cultural center and mosque in New York.

Mosque will not be constructed at Ground Zero after all, says pastor.

Hmm.  Awaiting confirmation.

Newsbusters:  Was it a bluff by pastor to get attention & perhaps to get Cordoba II moved, and did the media needlessly create a massive controversy out of what would've been nothing-to-see-here?

Long Gun Registry Worthless, Wasteful: REAL Cops

...not the "police chiefs", who are really just politicians in police clothing.

A choice excerpt:

Most rank-and-file cops also believe it's useless, according to a recent straw poll of officers, conducted by Edmonton Const. Randy Kuntz.

"Randy Kuntz"?