Friday, December 31, 2010

Tibetan monks studying science at Emory in Atlanta

     I thought for sure I was misreading it when I spotted this headline on an Atlanta Journal-Constitution story  online.

     Georgia? Monks? Science? A good read and a signpost of the global society.

     Oh, and Happy New Year to you all!



Thursday, December 30, 2010

Animal Recession

     These are tough times for horses and smaller "pet" animals.
     The Great Recession is causing people in Ireland to abandon horses they adopted during the flush times, and now Arizona is suffering from a rash of horses abandoned there after they were used to carry drugs across from Mexico.
     Just about any animal shelter can tell you stories of smaller animals...dogs and cats...being dropped off by families having trouble feeding and caring for human members, much less the felines or canines.
     The rising tide lifts all boats, and vise versa.

A VERY Expensive Extracurricular Activity

     The University of Alabama spends $31 Million on Football, matching Ohio State's investment. The New York Times has the Associated Press story of how much the 70 Bowl-bound schools pay for their programs.

     The cheapest prgram going to a bowl is also in the State of Alabama---Troy University---with a $5-Million dollar program.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ed Rendell's Frozen Brain

     When Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell went ballistic because the NFL Sunday night game was moved and rescheduled for tonight because of the big blizzard, he made a great point. But not the one that he wanted to make about the U.S. being a "nation of wusses".

     The point he made was that we take football way, way too seriously.

     Come on! To say America isn't the same country that won World War II because a game was rescheduled? Does he really think that weather would stop the U.S. military from fighting in an actual war?

     It's a game, Governor...a game!

     I suppose he feels the same way about the NFL's sudden found concern about concussions and brain injury. Wusses! Let 'em play hurt! Let 'em develop addled brains! Play the game!

     And let's make sure that the High Schools play under all weather conditions too, the hell with tornado warnings or floods or lightening. Get those kids out on the field to toughen 'em up for the real life world of the NFL! In fact let's remove those wussy helmets too...let 'em wear the leather caps that were popular back in the day!

     OK, I'll get off the soap box now.

     Your turn.

FREE tickets aren't.

Here's a quote to consider as the year ends:

“Unfortunately, the governor set a totally inappropriate tone by his dishonest and unethical conduct.

     No, it's not about Republican Alabama Governor Bob Riley and the free Iron Bowl tickets his office accepted each of his eight years in office....including this year, as he was calling legislators back to Montgomery for an emergency session to consider ethics legislation.

     The quote is from the New York State Ethics Commission Chair, discussing Democratic Governor David Patterson soliciting and accepting free tickets to the World Series. Patterson has been fined $62,125 for his action.

     Meanwhile Governor Riley says his office has received Iron Bowl tickets each and every year he's been in office, and it would be "disingenuous" to change that during his last year.

     When I asked the new Speaker of The Alabama House, Mike Hubbard, why he didn't just refuse to accept PAC to PAC transfer political donations as a statement that he was taking the high road, he said he had to play by the same rules as other candidates to win.

     That's not an argument you can make about the Iron Bowl tickets.

     It wasn't illegal for Riley to take the 20 free tickets each year, and if may even still be legal despite all of the ethics bills passed in his emergency session.

     But it certainly set a tone.

     Republican Governor-Elect Bentley rejected the tickets offered to him.

     Free tickets aren't.

Monday, December 27, 2010

MMMM #124 -- Paying for News


      It's been almost a year since the New York Times announced they would start charging for content:

Starting in January 2011, a visitor to will be allowed to view a certain number of articles free each month; to read more, the reader must pay a flat fee for unlimited access. Subscribers to the print newspaper, even those who subscribe only to the Sunday paper, will receive full access to the site without any additional charge.

     Yet here we are just days away from the start of 2011 and there's not a peep from the Times website. Have they changed their minds? Delayed their plan? Are they waiting to spring it on us on next Saturday's start of the New Year?

     And just what will the "certain number"of free articles be?

     Obviously the owners of just about every paper in the world will be watching what happens closely. So am I. What happens could determine the future.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Even More Ignoring of The Civil the North!

     When I blogged earlier this month about the 2011 150th Anniversary of the war, I wrote that there seemed to be more notice given to the war in the North than here in the South...but New York State, which had as big a stake in the war as about any other, has no official recognition planned, according to the NY Times.

     There was a significant Alabama wartime connection with New York too...Raphael Semmes went there shopping for war supplies before the war, and once the fighting started, he sailed towards New York City to attack the Manhattan!
   In an earlier posting, I wrote about his journey on the CSS Alabama.

   You have to wonder how much the War anniversary would be ignored there if Semmes had not been blocked by ship damage from a hurricane and a shortage of coal for his boilers!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Air We Breathe

     An opinion piece in the NY Times points to the coming GOP control of the U.S. House as trouble for the EPA. If the writer is correct, and the House is able to block the agency by way of limiting funding of investigating it into oblivion, then it may have an impact on two issues of interest to Alabama in General and Montgomery in particular.
     The EPA was supposed to announce months ago whether it will change the amount of ozone allowed in Montgomery's air...a change that could limit new industry in the city.

     And then there's the the coal-ash question. The EPA is determining if the byproduct of coal fired power plants should be regulated more. You'll recall the huge coal-ash spill at the TVA plantTennessee almost exactly two years ago, with the spilled ash carried by train to a commercial dump in Perry County Alabama.


A "charity" food organization that works with churches in 31 states, including many in Alabama, is under a microscope because its founder, his wife, and their son, are all paid rather hefty salaries for the work with the poor...about a million dollars among the three of them, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to the Angel Food Ministries website, they work with 147 Alabama churches, including several in Montgomery:

Community of Hope, Inc.

Fresh Anointing House of Worship (formerly International Church)

Grace Worship Center

The Church of God of Prophecy

I'd guess "Pastor Joe" and his family have some great booty under their tree this year.

Merry Christmas Pastor...and by the way, just what would Jesus Pay?

[ADDENDUM: Angel Food Ministries  was favorably recommended on the NBC "Today" show last month.]

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wetumpka Herald on Ethics Bills

My friend Kim Price, Publisher of The Wetumpka Herald, has a well considered editorial this week about the ethics legislation approved in the Special Session...the legislation signed by Governor Riley surrounded by Boy Scouts.


Real Warriors

     Alabama's Joe Turnham, quoted in a Wall Street Journal story this morning:

"Sometimes you have to subtract to add, and once you get down to the real warriors, you can fight," said Joe Turnham, chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party. He said he has made dozens of phone calls in recent weeks to surviving Democrats to make sure they weren't considering leaving.

     Joe, so course, is not expected to continue as one of those warriors...he's going to be replaced as Chair of the party. And just who is he talking about anyway?

     Perhaps another departing "real warrior"...Primary candidate for Governor Artur Davis had the right idea when he suggested what's really needed is a third party. Of was that because he no longer has a home in either major party after blasting both of them in the bruising and losing campaign?

Thursday, December 23, 2010


     You may have watched the story we aired on CBS 8 in November about the claim by former Montgomery Mayor Emory Folmar that he shot a criminal suspect.
     It was not a story we expected to find when we scheduled the interview.
     This Sunday, the majority of that interview will air as the last On The Record of 2010.
     The Mayor talks about today's Republican politics, The Todd Road incident, his management style, racism, running for Governor and being trounced by George Wallace, and more.


     Folmar is 80, and runs the $300 Million ABC Board as a Bob Riley appointee. So far, Governor-Elect Robert Bentley has not said if he'll reappoint the former Mayor to that position.

The On The Record episode airs on CBS 8 in Montgomery at 5:30 this Sunday afternoon 12/26/10

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Others' Childhood Memories

     I posted Friday about my memory of that mid-air plane crash in New York City in 1960, perhaps the first time in my then young life that I paid attention to a news story.

     Now Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour's memory of his childhood in the racial 1960's is a hot topic. He says he doesn't remember it "as being that bad" in Yazoo City, and says the Citizen's Council there were forces for good that kept the Klan out of town.

    To malquote Billy Joel: The bad old times weren't always bad, tomorrow's not as good as it seems.

    Too bad some of the people who were featured in a 60 Minutes report on Sunday didn't grow up in Yazoo City. They have virtually perfect memories of everything in their lifetimes.

     Barbour does remember hearing Rev. Martin Luther speak in Yazoo City, but he doesn't remember what he actually said. Barber was just fifteen at the time, and is probably right when he says he and his friends were more interested in the girls at the outdoor speech.

     Bt Tuesday, Barbour was singing a different tune, running away from the positive comments he had made about the (White) Citizen's Councils:

"Nobody should construe that to mean I think the town leadership were saints, either," he said. "Their vehicle, called the 'Citizens' Council,' is totally indefensible, as is segregation."
     That's quite an epiphany.

Rob Ford’s confusing university life -

 Why is the background of the man on the left off-limits for inquiry/investigation, but the background of the guy on the right is fair game?  Why the DOUBLE STANDARD?

Rob Ford’s confusing university life -

HEY! Why doesn't The Red Star probe Obama's suspicious claims re HIS post-secondary education... and his other claims that haven't been proven?

Why just go after a conservative dude? Why is Obama's stuff exempt from inquiry?

And why does World Net Daily get blasted by the Left for daring to investigate Obama's claims about HIS background, but it's ok for a left-wing rag to investigate Rob Ford's?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

S*N*O*W on Christmas Day in Montgomery?

     The National Weather Service forecast includes the word snow for Saturday, and uses that mixed snow/rain icon. 30% isn't much, but the idea of snow this far South on the day itself is exciting.
     I'll see what Ashley and Micah forecast on CBS 8 this afternoon and in the morning.
Here are two shots of the last March of 2010.

     We never get much, but it's always such an unusual experience! Now if everyone will DRIVE CAREFULLY! And NOT buy all the bread and milk in the stores.

Cop arrests preacher for saying homosexuality a sin

Cop arrests preacher for saying homosexuality a sin

Why do they only go after Christian preachers, and not Muslim preachers, who say the same stuff?

If the gays think they can get their way by bashing Christians who don't believe in the things they do that make them "gay", while leaving the Muslims alone, then the gays are stupid, stupid, stupid... or maybe they just hate Christians and are looking for reasons to bash them.

Ergo, maybe Christians should, indeed, be afraid of the hatefulness of gays...  Try to argue against that, given all the evidence.

Also, I wonder if guillible, naive gays have been brainwashed into thinking that Christians are somehow their "enemy", when it isn't the case at all.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lady Gaga publicly decapitates Santa Claus |

Lady Gaga publicly decapitates Santa Claus |

What a hateful, anti-Christian... assfoolclownpoopheadin' beetch!

Mom and kids wear bikinis through TSA security - National Airlines/Airport |

Mom and kids wear bikinis through TSA security - National Airlines/Airport |

MMMM # 123 -- Google's New Media Popularity Machine

     The omnipresent search company came out last week with a tool to search thousands of books over the past century for words or phrases. Boring? Hardly. Addicting, I'd say. Why, for example, was there such a dramatic peak in references to Alabama around 1921? And why no equally huge spike in the 1960's during the Civil Rights Era?

      Try the program yourself, Compare two words---or two names---, and watch their use rise and fall over the decades.
     The data must be taken for what it is...especially in the earlier decades when magazines and newspapers may have been more widely read than books. The Ngram viewer only looks at books. But I'll be amazed if a combination tool searching everything in the world for a phrase won't be far behind.
     Som interesting examples..why has The University of Alabama at Birmingham's star fallen in recent years after dramatic growth? Watch Barack Obama go from absolute zero to top of the charts. And note that a search of Georgia and Alabama sees the two states follow a similar up and down path..indicating that they are treated only in reference to their location in the South rather than as individual entities? Or am I reading too much into it? New York and New Jersey. No wonder the Garden State gets no respect.
     Have fun!

[ALSO: The group called "Media Matters" has published another internal memo from FOX News, this one about the "notion" of climate change. It has the bosses upstairs telling FOX reporters to question that "notion" in their stories.

    Interference from above is hardly unheard of in the news business. But at the best operations, reporters and news department managers are given editorial freedom to report the facts. Period.]

[The Monday Morning Media Memo is a regular feature of this blog.]

Wikileaks Exposes The Muslims' True Views

Previews - Atlas Shrugs

Wonder if this leaking of the inconvenient and scary truth about the Muslim Community will lead to Julian Assange being forced to become roomies with Salman Rushdie?

No doubt the ultra-extreme propagandist-lapdog for Supremacist Islam, a fellow calling himself "Balbulican", will be extremely angry with me for daring to post the inconvenient truth about the cuddly, cuddly, peaceful, tolerant, loving Muslim Community.

Perhaps now the Hard Left and Liberal Media Complex will call Wikileaks a "liar", just like they call FOX News a "liar"?

Or will they cover this up?

Jobs Analysis

     Friday's release of unemployment figures for November showed an uptick in Alabama to 9%. The national rate rose a bit to 9.8%. And it got me thinking about the whole jobless "recovery".

     The question isn't why companies are not hiring as the economy every so s-l-o-w-l-y recovers, it's why they would have any incentive to hire anyone!

  • They've discovered they can make record profits with fewer people.

  • There's so much competition for positions that workers are much more docile than in the roaring first decade of the new century.

  • And then there's this: If Barack Obama and the Democrats represent more regulation to protect workers at the expense of companies, then why would employers hire more people in 2010? Why help Democrats win election? Better to hold off and collect the extra profit and hire later, if at all, once the Democrats have been tossed to the political gutter.

     I'm not suggesting that there was some kind of a meeting in which Corporate America agreed to stand in the way of an Obama success, but if just half of the top ten private-sector employers in the country held off hiring because they saw it as being to their own advantage...

     With the Republican takeover of the U.S. House, Republican Alabama Congressman Spencer Baccus is being promoted to Chair of the House Financial Services Committee. And what did he tell the Birmingham News about his new job?

 "In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks," he said.

He later clarified his comment to say that regulators should set the parameters in which banks operate but not micromanage them. "Now is the time to get government out of the way so businesses can create jobs and grow the economy," Bachus said.

     Perfect timing?

Reporters told: Don't say 'illegal immigrant'

Reporters told: Don't say 'illegal immigrant'

North American Union: Why the U.S. coverup?

North American Union: Why the U.S. coverup?

Encore! Obama repeats appearance on 'most corrupt' list

Encore! Obama repeats appearance on 'most corrupt' list

Surprised? BWAHAHAHAHA! :D

Not sure where that is, but it's a message I can get behind.

The corrupt politicians of today should be thankful that we don't chop their heads off anymore.  Not in the Free World.  We're too sophisticated now.

Long ago, this is how they dealt with crooks in office:

Of course, in some places, like Saudi Arabia, they use a sword, though not yet on the corrupt, crooked, slavedriving, hate-and-terror-sponsoring House of Saud bunch.

Y'know, we ought to at least be able to SPANK these bums... if it's legal to spank children, then surely it's gotta be legal to spank corruptocrats...  Yup, we ought to hire big, fat professional bumspankers and put the crooks across their laps, bareassed, for a good paddling...

Prime Time TV 'Objectifies and Fetishizes' Underage Girls, Study Says -

Prime Time TV 'Objectifies and Fetishizes' Underage Girls, Study Says -

I suppose liberals consider this to be "progressive"?

Oh, definitely. How so? They're not trying to discourage the entertainment biz from doing this stuff.

Too busy making them put positive-propaganda GLBT and Islam-is-all-good-and-no-bad stuff on shows to worry about the other stuff.

Oh, and also too busy making them bash America, capitalism, Christians... Oh, yeah, and they bash Canada, too. Funny, that... liberals hating "Soviet Canuckistan", especially when we elect the Conservatives.

No wonder so many people have just tuned out. They also don't want to watch crappy shows that make little girls look like whores, 'cause many folks have daughters, y'know!

I don't now how those shows can survive in the long run.

Oh, and I'm sure the pedos watch 'em... time to take it away.  Time to crack down on the filthy pedos.  Oh, wait... the disingenuously discriminatory ACLU will stand up for 'em, etc... after all, the Communist-founded-and-still-controlled ACLU already stands up for the homosexual-pedophile movement, specifically the NAMBLA...  Instead of standing up for the human and equal rights of Christians.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


     Both of Alabama U.S. Senators were on the losing side of today's 63-31 vote to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell...though three other Republicans joined the Democratic Senate Majority for the vote. Geographically, it looked like a Civil War vote again, except South Carolina  and Virginia were on the other side...)

    The N.Y. Times has a map of the Senate yeas and nays.

    One Senator quoted the late Ultra-Conservative U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater's comment that "you don't have to be straight to shoot straight".

    It will be 60 days or so before the policy is actually repealed and various regulations are put in place. The ban was started by President Bill Clinton seventeen years ago. At least 14,000 service members were forced to leave during that time, and some say they will reenlist as soon as the change goes into effect.

[ALSO: The double talk of the day award goes to newly elected U.S Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) for this comment about the issue: On "don't ask, don't tell,"

Manchin said that he'd "spoken with many passionate West Virginians who hold different views on this policy" but reiterated his concerns over the timing of repeal."As such, while I believe the DADT policy will be repealed, and probably should be repealed in the near future, I cannot support a repeal of the policy at this time," Manchin said.
                                                                                                                 The Washington Post

     Manchin missed today's vote...the only MIA Democrat. He was at a party.]

And They Say That MEN Are Pigs?

Now, this is... utterly gross, yukky and disgusting.

But it's in the police report.

She got 90 days for her behavior.

Oh, well.  Could've been worse.  It could've been Helen Thomas.

ht:  Jazz/Blues master Peter Cardarelli

This Cartoon Will DEFINITELY Offend Leftists

In the above cartoon, the little guy sitting on the big guy's lap is a baby, before being born......... (or aborted).
The Left today doesn't consider such people to be human.
Ergo, the Left is very hateful in this way.
This hatred must be ended.

Leftist Senator Blasts Maclean's, But Not CBC

The Left didn't mind the taxpayer dollars going to Maclean's when they did the cover story of Stockwell Day titled "How Scary", did they?

They didn't have a problem with the anti-Christian bigotry receiving tax dollars.

Now, of course, they get mad over a story titled "Too Asian".

Fine, get mad and expose yourselves as hypocrites.

But if you're not going to demand that the offensive-to-many-groups CBC no longer receive tax dollars, then you can't discriminate against MacLean's... unless you believe no one will see how you're being a bunch of hypocritical asshole doucheprogs.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who Really Wants DADT Repealed?

They probably figure the enemy would die laughing.

Wonder how they'd fight, if the enemy doesn't have a sense of humor?

That is, if they don't just run away from those "mean homophobes"?

 Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.  What I want to know is why is he dressed like some of those fabulous runners?

Yeah... I know, I know... top "Human Rights" Schutzstaffelers Barbara Hall, Richard Warman and Jennifer Lynch are gonna be "offended" and will attempt to take away my right to publish tongue-in-cheek satire...

Hey.... don't get mad at me.  It's not my fault that those paraders are the ones making mainstream gayfolk look like sissyclowns.  If there's anyone to get mad at for "spreading stereotypes", it's those silly-looking-and-acting poopheads, seen above, who perpetuate the stereotypes, so get off my ass, ok!


     There's a certain age we all reach at which we begin recognizing events beyond our own child's sphere of influence. Things that happen not in our own home, or in those of our neighbors. Not on our block, or the next one over.

     And such it was with this young boy in New York City on this day in 1960.

     Today's 50th anniversary of the Park Slope Air Disaster has received lots of coverage in the NY Media and on the networks as well. You can watch the CBS Report here.

     I lived about a dozen miles away from the place where 134 people on the planes and on the ground died in a huge fiery disaster. At first there was one survivor...a little boy almost exactly my age...who survived for a day, and then died from the smoke he had inhaled as he crawled out of the wreckage.

      Perhaps it was that boy's presence that made the incident one of the first big news events I remember. The photos of him and his family have the same feel as my own snapshots from that era.

     I had a scrapbook in which I pasted newspaper clippings about the crash, so it must have made an impression on me. That scrapbook may still be in a box somewhere around here.

     It's interesting how our reaction to disaster has changed since then. Today they dedicated a memorial marker to those who were killed 50 years ago. If the same event were to happen tomorrow, the marker would be in design phase within weeks. We've institutionalized grief, I think, and laid out a series of expected events. The candlelight service. The trip to the site by relatives of the victims. The memorials. And perhaps that's helpful to the people who are suffering from loss. A road map that may lead to resolution and peace.

PhoPoetry for the Recession

Going, going,  gone.

     A home left alone and empty, like a person abandoned, soon falls into disrepair. 
     With both, there are forces at work, forces that
     --unmitigated by the presence of someone to love--
    will have their way.
    Without heat or warmth,
    without scrubbing or caressing,
    without attention paid or windows cleaned,
    with no purpose left, 
    they fall to pieces.
    Gone. Gone. gone. 

Red Cross Bans Christmas To Please Islamofascists

Here we go again.

Banning Christmas because "it might offend someone".

Anything Christian is supposed to "potentially offend someone", apparently.  Idiots are always banning Christian stuff "because it might offend someone".

Funny how nothing that isn't Christian ever gets banned "because it might offend someone".

Like, yelling "Allahu Akhbar" or "Islam will dominate the world" or "Freedom go to hell" doesn't get banned even though a lot of folks are clearly offended by people walking around hollering such hateful horseshit.

And the gay parades... they don't get banned even though they offend lots of folks.

"The Family Guy", that outrageously offensive and disgusting cartoon, doesn't get banned.  Of course, they never offend Muslims or gays, so they can get away with every other offensive thing, especially offending Christians.

Why do Christians always get picked on?  Why do "progressives" and "liberals" hate Christians so much?

I'm still waiting for the Islamofascists to demand that gay parades be banned.  What's stopping them from making this demand?  What, do Islamofascists hate Christians more than they hate gays?  What's up with these inexplicable realities?

A-Hole Chris Matthews: Gov Christie Too Fat To Be President

So "tolerant" "progressive" media talking head Chris Matthews of MSNBC is saying that fat people can't be President.  (What's next, Chris Matthews will say that Blacks and women can't be President?)

Well, Mike Huckabee, who himself used to be fat, is standing up for Governor Chris Christie against the asshole Matthews.

I agree with Huckabee that Matthews is mean and callous.

Up next:  Matthews will say sexist, intolerant stuff about Sarah Palin.  No doubt.  Lots of leftist talking heads certainly will.  It's what they're paid the big bucks to do:  Attack anything and anyone who's a threat to the "Progressive" International Socialism/Khalifascism Agenda.

Victory Mosque Guy Spotted In Bizarre Photobomb

Imam Rauf?  Doing victory sign in eyebrow-raising photobomb?

Related:  Islamists plan terror attacks during Christmas

Oh, crap...  Hey, girls!  Look out!  Spooky dude right behind you!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Copper thieves caused a fire that burned down the official Birmingham Alabama Christmas Tree.

Kids Quitting Ciggs, Taking Up Pot

     That's what a study from the National Institute on Drug abuse suggests:

 In 2010, 21.4 percent of high school seniors used marijuana in the past 30 days, while 19.2 percent smoked cigarettes.

     So the anti-smoking campaigns seem to be working, while the social (though not legal) decriminalization of grass is working too. TIME reported the dichotomy on it's website.

Mapping the hood

     The NY Times has put together a neat interactive map using census data that allows you to see the racial, economic and educational makeup of any neighborhood in America. Just enter an address in the space on the top right and voila!

     The best educated neighborhood in Montgomery? Census Track 14...the Southern section of the Old Cloverdale neighborhood. 96% of the population there has at least a High School Diploma. 30% have a Masters Degree or higher.

     Right next door, in Census Track 15, is the second wealthiest neighborhood in Alabama's Capitol City...a track that roughly follows Woodley Road headed East. 16% of the population there earns over $200k. The population out near Taylor Road..Track # the wealthiest...20% earn over $200k.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nothing To Be Proud Of, Really

Some people get to break the law while police witness them doing so and do nothing.

I guess THAT'S why they're falsely proud.

But to censor and shut down a Christian radio station for pointing out that these people are getting away with this... is INTOLERANT.  Never would they ever dare censor a gay radio station for complaining that a Christian got to break the law.

And violates the Christian's human rights.

Forbidding gays from being naked in public will not violate their rights.  So why not treat them like everyone else, which is what they CLAIM to want?  Arrest them whenever they display their genitalia in public.

Do YOU want to be walking on the street and suddenly come face-to-face with a cluster of ugly, wrinkly, mottled, gravity-ravaged old urinary-reproductive junk swaying in the wind?

Tell me, now... is THIS "progressive"?  HOW the bloody hell can it possibly have anything to do with "progress", unless we radically distort and twist the meaning of the word "progress"?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bad News, Bad News

     Depending on how you look at it, the list in The Washington Post story is either bad news for Alabama, or bad news for Alabama.

      It's a list of pork...the Top Ten States to which pork flows from Washington.

      Here 'ya go:

Top 10 states, per capita earmarks

Hawaii, $318

North Dakota, $234

West Virginia, $174

Vermont, $161

Mississippi, $142

Alaska, $140

Montana, $125

South Dakota, $112

Rhode Island, $79

Nevada, $79

Source: Taxpayers for Common Sense, fiscal 2010

     What? NO ALABAMA??? How many times have we been told what a great job our Congressional Delegation has been doing bringing dollars back from Washington? Where's Tom Bevill when we need him?

     On the other hand, since so many Alabama voters rail against pork and want a smaller Federal budget, perhaps we should be happy that our fine House and Senate members have wisely not brought home too much bacon?

And by the way, this is one instance in which I think using a per capita figure to compare states distorts the results. Raw numbers might be better here, no? And they  might show Alabama for the pork magnet she really is.

(Thanks to reader GJB in the absolute Pork Capitol, West Virginia, for pointing out this WP story to me!)

And God Created the World...

“I have a question for all of you,” said my college freshman daughter, Meg, last week-end, “Is there more good or bad in the world?”

“It doesn’t matter,” replied my husband, “It’s our job to be on the side of good.”

“We can’t tell,” was my younger daughter’s answer but she agreed with her father that it’s our mission to be working for The Good.

I was surprised. I thought the answer to Meg’s question was obvious, but their evasive non-answers gave me pause. Was I the only one who thought like that? Maybe the question went deeper than I knew. Maybe I was just na├»ve. “What do you say?” I asked Meg, the question’s originator.

“I believe the world is mostly good,” she said a little slowly. But she went on to add that a good friend—an evangelical Christian—believes the world is mostly bad. “She’s constantly talking about all these dark forces and evil powers.”

We discussed the various theological perspectives of different Christian denominations for some moments before Meg asked, “What do you think Mom?”

“I believe what it says in the Book of Genesis,
‘God called the dry land “the earth,” and the basin of the water he called “the sea.” God saw how good it was. Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth vegetation: every kind of plant that bears seed and every kind of fruit tree on earth that bears fruit with its seed in it.” And so it happened: the earth brought forth every kind of plant that bears seed and every kind of fruit tree on earth that bears fruit with its seed in it. God saw how good it was.’
God created this magnificent earth and saw that it was good. Ever since then, we human beings have been trying to mess up God’s work. Yet He loves all of His Creation especially us and this is still a good world—mostly in spite of us. Sometimes, when we cooperate with Him, it is a good world through us but always it is a good world because of Him.”

Since then I’ve been posing this question wherever I go, is this world good or bad? Or as my daughter phrased it, is there more good or bad in this world? I’ve been amazed at the answers I’ve received to the question, but—so far—no one has given me an answer (although several have tried!) which has convinced me God’s world is bad. I pray they never do. So... what do you think?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

MMM # 122 : Mistakes

 "McCarthy was acting like this was Selma, Ala., in the '60s and he was Bull Connor."
     That geographic misplacement occurred in an AP story in today's Washington Post about a small upstate New York town where a Muslim mosque and cemetery caused a fuss. The story was not wrong...they accurately quoted the town official who was wrong.

     But mistakes make it into broadcast and print media every day.

     The PBS News Hour once identified Birmingham as the Capitol of Alabama.

      I've personally made some doozies on air over the years, and been called on them.

      People aren't shy about calling a newsroom and complaining, but a study a few years ago found that TV News errors aren't always a simple matter of a fact being incorrect. Sometimes the facts are correct but the story is wrong because it is out of of context, or because the station made the story bigger than it really was.

     I maintain that the very fact that a story is included in a TV newscast makes it bigger, and perhaps bigger than it deserves to be.

     How many times have you seen a fire or accident story on the evening news, only to see it reported as a paragraph in the morning newspaper website?

     And it's the constant need for "teases" and promos for stories that frequently get stations in trouble.

     The drama in a promo for a TV news story is intended to build it up..sometimes beyond what the story deserves. And the tease "Coming up! Dogs on the attack in East Alabama!" is frequently going to go too far as well.

     Newspapers have a corrections column, in which misspellings and other errors are acknowledged. But there's no such regular place on TV...the error has to be truly significant to merit an on-air correction. And even then, the audience watching when the correction is made is usually vastly different from the one that heard the error in the first place.

[PLUS: Words matter. FOX News reportedly insisted on specific language on-air to describe the "Public Option" in health care in a way that would convince the network's audience not to support it.]

[The Monday Morning Media Memo is a regular feature of this blog.]

Hunting in Decline?

      Just as Alabama officials try to increase tourism and hunting in Alabama's Black Belt, hunting is in decline, according to an AP story quoting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service...but there's no breakdown for Alabama that I can find in the story, and although the Fish & Wildlife people say they produce a report every five years, the most recent I can find is 2006, so I'm not sure just where the stats for the AP story are from. Nonetheless, they cite hunters retiring and young folks prefering computers as the cause. 
     Alabama Black Belt Adventures is the name of the state tourism's effort. Visit it here!

     No animals were hurt in the writing of this blog entry.

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