Monday, February 28, 2011

Ayo the top 10 softest niggas in the game!

Ayo whattup yall this Big Ghostface nahmean. P-Tone is now officially in the buildin once again. Lock ya women up n all that. Ayo the god was lampin on his thrones n shit when it occurred to a nigga that there a lot a high profile ass soft niggas in the game thats basically floatin under niggas radars n shit. N bein that a nigga aint condone those types a actions too much the god been doin his part to expose these niggas n things of those natures nahmean. Word. Imma find these niggas n Imma bring them out they little closets n pull they masks off for yalls. So Imma address this shit one time for yalls.

10. Kid Cudi

Ayo Cudi aka Kid Cuddli at the bottom of the list right here. Ayo no offense cos the god actually dont hate this nigga or nothin...but the nigga joints is softer than cotton panties son. It aint even like the nigga wack tho. He jus soft. The nigga do be evenin his shit out from time to time he get that coveted #10 spot for that shit namsayin. The nigga did serve a nigga in the crowd at his show wit the 1 piece combo so Imma give him that credit where its due n shit namsayin. Even tho that shit probably aint leave a mark on that nigga. That shit mussa took the nigga some heart at least nahmean.

9.  Big Sean

Ayo n then we got this nigga Big Sean namsayin. Ayo once again it aint like the god feel like he need to smack this nigga or nothin but the nigga whole aura jus moist son. The nigga look like a victim n shit. This niggas more Sean than Big if yall hear what a nigga sayin here. Word to Puff son. Ayo the nigga be spittin ey now n then n he gotta a couple gems n shit but that super duper shit was played the fuck out 5 minutes after this nigga birthed it g. Ayo thanks for that shit nigga.

8.  Mickey Factz

Ayo this nigga Mickey at the bottom half of the list too cos the nigga actually got a couple hard joints n shit (pause). But the nigga also got a lotta wack techno nigga joints n shit that the god be disapprovin namsayin. N also for the fact that the nigga was weepin in a corner while Rae n his niggas was runnin up on Joey Buddens when that shit popped off at Rock The Bells n shit. Ayo the nigga should be ashamed of hisself son. But he aint the worst or nothin like that.

7. Asher Roth

Ayo this snow nigga Asher gets points for stayin true to his own crackerjack self n shit. But he still a marshmallow ass muthafucka. Ayo its like this nigga made out of baby powder namsayin. This nigga is human baby powder in the flesh son. If you aint under the age of 22 n dont have no vagina you basically aint got no excuses to be listenin to this dudes music. Bumpin this niggas shit in the whip wit ya windows down is broad repellant my nig. Even if a broad might like this dudes music they still aint gon find that shit attractive fam. Broads also like nylons n thongs n shit but they aint wanna see niggas rockin those nahmean. This dudes music is like thongs might appreciate that shit when a broad rockin em but you dont wanna put the shit on yaself b.

6. Charles Hamilton

Ayo this nigga played hisself tryin to battle niggas in they barber shops n for pretendin he was feelin Dillas ghost inside hisself n shit. The niggas takin mad fuckin Ls left right n center son but...ya know how they be sayin a picture speaks a thousand words n shit....

5. Wale

Ayo this nigga scared of females n probably cries when he fucks. Straight up.

4. Wiz Khalifa

Ayo 1...this nigga whole style is straight baby thighs son. Straight up. He might got some songs that yall might enjoy n shit but he a straight glitter blooded nigga wit a bullshit ass rhyme book when it come down to it nahmean. The nigga got yall fooled tho so I aint gon step on the nigga toes too much n shit but if you got male genitalia n shit n you listen to this nigga music you a vic nahmean. This nigga done flashed his wand on you. Or you mighta caught a contact off that fairy dust the niggas smokin.

3. Drake

Ayo what more you gon say bout this nigga?

2. Wheelchair Jimmy

The nigga makes lambs look dangerous.

1. Drake

Ayo thats right the 3 ply softness nigga took up all the top spots nahmean. I aint even got to tell you how the god be feelin bout this nigga. But I wish the nigga success n long as he stay out a nigga way he aint gon get thrown thru no brick walls or nothin like that. Hopefully the nigga stop droppin vagina bombs on niggas n start rappin like a dude tho nahmean.
Aight peace.
Good morning!
Had an 'off' day yesterday after I pulled a couple of muscles in my back.
Wasn't really in the mood to sit at a computer.
Things I have learned:
  *Write more drafts, so I just have to push a button to post on "those days".
  *Sitting in my living room chair, don't lean across to pet Tanner when he is on the adjoining couch. No matter how cute he is.

I have just been added to a treasury on etsy. Here is etsy's main site addy:
Here is the exact address for the treasury that one of my items has been featured in:

happy dance!

oooooh, and here's another treasury my very good friend Orna has made, with one of my recycled bottlecaps:

I would like to start you off today with photos of some altered dolls that are for sale on etsy -

This one is from:

This next one can be found here :
"Here and there we meet with one who possesses that fairy-like power of enchanting all about her; sometimes she is ignorant herself of this magical influence, which is, however, for that reason only the more perfect.
Her presence lights up the home; her approach is like a cheerful warmth; she passes by, and we are content; she stays awhile; and we are happy."
- Victor Hugo

Are you remembering to save your gum wrappers, CDs and juice pouches?
You will want a nice variety of these for upcoming projects.

ALSO: be sure to save plastic bags from different place, like a retail store, vet, anything with a logo or pattern on it. Grocery plastic bags are too thin.

Rubber Stamping Tip for Beginners:
Here's an easy way to remember card stock sizes for making cards:

one sheet of cardstock 8 1/2" x 11"
* Cut in half, and you have 2 regular sized cards (once you fold them in half).
* Cut each half in half again, and you will have 4 pieces of cardstock ready to trim and add to the inside of your card, or to layer on the outside.

So, you can cut one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet in half=two 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" pieces
You cut one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet in fourths = four 2 1/2" x 2 3/4" pieces

That tip is for Marge, who is definitely a numbers/measuring person. I am not, so I actually had to get out the calculator to re-assure myself I had split 5 1/2" in half correctly!
(I had.)
I am much more visual, and measure with my eye up to 1/16" correctly.
So, one way or the other, you still have your cardstock cut up correctly!

Well, I don't want to make this blog into a book-a-day thing, so perhaps that is enough for today!

Okay, one more quote:
"Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun."
- George Scialabba

Do have some fun today! Rainy or sunny, snowing or blowing, today is a beautiful day that God has created for all of us to enjoy.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

MMMM #132 -- about PBS

Last Week, Ken Burns wrote passionately in the Washington Post about the need for a Public Broadcasting system:

"...we have never needed them more..."

     Burns made both a name for himself and a good deal of money by producing documentaries broadcast on PBS, programs that he argues rightly would never have made it in the world of commercial TV.

     His comments come as the GOP Majority U.S. House votes to remove all federal funding for the publicasters.

     As mentioned earlier on this blog, the Alabama network that carries PBS programs is facing a double threat. If the spending cutters have their way, funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting will dry up, and the state GOP, with super majorities in both the Alabama House and Senate, may have their eyes on that funding too.
     At least APT is under the Education Budget, not the General Fund, which is going to virtually kill some agencies because The Departments of Corrections and Medicaid are being protected from cuts, deepening the reductions for everyone else.

     When I first spotted the headline of the Burns column in the Post, I thought it read "Public broadcasting, a 'luxury' we can do without"...and I had virtually written this post in my mind before I blinked and saw it was "can't do without."

     He makes a good argument, but when the choice is between dinner or a new Television..and that's where Alabama's budgets are headed.

     I also have a great Ken Burns story to tell...but we'll save that for later.

[Photo: The last For The Record, two years ago this Month.]


     I hated the fact that I didn't have my camera with me a couple of week ago when I toured the old auditorium inside Montgomery City hall for a CBS-8 story. But I did take this rather blurry cell phone shot from the balcony looking down to the stage, which is packed with shelves of old records. An eerie place for sure!.

    The City is fixin'---not quite restoring---the old place and the City Council will be meeting there, probably starting in 2012.

I did have my camera with me for a walk this afternoon, and captured this view of the Trinity Presbyterian Church on Hull Street, Senior Executive Editor Jay C. suggested it be posted, and when the SEP says do it...

The flowers are on a Tulip Tree, usually the first to bloom each year here in Montgomery.

48 Hours Till The Legislative New World Order Begins

     Alabama's 2011 Regular Legislative Session is 48 hours away as I write this, and Republicans will be in control of both the State Senate and the State House for the first time in over a century, with a super majority, meaning if they can keep party discipline, they can pass any legislation they want. (Of course the last Republicans to run things were more politically aligned with the modern Democrats, but that's another story for another time.)

     Don't expect any battles over state employee unions like is happening in Wisconsin. There are no real unions, just AEA and The ASEA, and neither of them have the power of "collective bargaining".     

     That's also true in other Southern States.

     Despite that weakness, Alabama Republicans have tried to destroy the groups. especially AEA, for years.

     AEA was a target during last year's election cycle, as it had been many times before. There was even a "special session" called late last year in which one of the measures was to block the employee groups from having dues voluntarily deducted from state paychecks.

     I was thinking about the Democratic initiatives of recent years that were rejected over and over again....issues like eliminating the sales tax on food, calling a Constitutional Convention to rewrite the state's 1901 document, and adding sexual orientation to the existing state Hate Crime law. If issues like those couldn't be approved with Democrats running both houses, they are truly dead now.

     Sixty-five bills have been prefiled by legislators. Some are longtime Republican initiatives like requiring a photo ID to vote and eliminating the "DROP" law that pays some state employees to continue working rather than retire early.
    Democratic Rep. Chris England of Tuscaloosa has pre-filed a bill to allow some convicted felons to receive food stamps and welfare under certain circumstances. Good luck with that.

    And perhaps most significantly of all, legislative district lines will be redrawn in 2011.

   The best Democrats can hope for is limiting damage.

   And even for that, they'll need GOP approval.



     I've been complaining about the BIG NAME of the Agriculture Commissioner on gas pump inspection stickers for over a decade....I blogged about it in 2009 and recounted asking then Commissioner (and future Senate puncher) Charles Bishop about it. His answer was a lame "so people know who to call".

     I suggested the toll-free phone number might be a better large-typeface item than the free publicity for an elected official who would be running for office.

Anyway, I am delighted to report that the new Commissioner---Republican John McMillan--- is having the name removed and the word "inspected" put in its place/

Now let's make sure there isn't a candidate taking advantage of that for the 2010 elections. Elect Pete Inspected Ag Commissioner!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Reconciliation

I arrived early. The church smelled good; the cleaning people were just leaving. There were fresh flowers. The First Reconciliation certificates were in the folder.

All that was needed was the list of penitents and the order in which they would see Father. At the last parent meeting I’d had everyone draw numbers for the sequence in which their child would receive the sacrament. Now I only needed to type up the list from the numbers. It took a few minutes. I printed it out, put it on a clip board and brought it out to our Narthex along with a freshly sharpened pencil.

Everything was ready for the children to sign in when they arrived.

One concerned little girl and her mother came early as arranged so that she could ‘practice’ one more time.

More families began arriving. The Narthex filled and was abuzz with excited chatter. Finally Father showed up and I asked his help with adjusting the volume for the background music which would be playing in the main church while the parents waited. Our confessional is off our daily Mass Chapel. One child would be in with Father and one more child would be waiting with the First Communion teacher in the Chapel at all times.

Everything went like clockwork. Everyone showed up—more or less on time—and even those who were a little late didn’t matter. The only glitch, an overlooked certificate, ended up being no problem at all. The mother was relieved when I apologized and said, “Is that all? I was afraid it was something serious.” And the little girl didn’t realize she was the only one in her class not to get a certificate because she was first and left before the other children—beaming. I’ll have her certificate by Monday when she returns to school.

So now that everything is over, why am I sad? The children came to Jesus in this wonderful sacrament. I did all that I could to facilitate the process. It was a joyful day and the occasion went well.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just simple let down. Maybe it’s just me being selfish and not liking to see things end. But maybe it’s something else...

Sometimes I think it’s because on days like this, when so many people—especially so many young people—celebrate a sacrament together, we come so close to Jesus, to the amazing, transforming power of His Grace and then, we just have to go back to normal life again. We were so close to Him, so near Heaven, we could almost peak inside the door, but it slammed shut again disappearing without a trace.

He was there today. I saw nervous children going to their First Confession; He met His little sheep coming to be forgiven. I saw shining, smiling faces emerge from the chapel; He made their souls white as snow again. Thank You Lord Jesus for this wonderful day; may my sorrow now remind me to guard my thoughts, words and actions so that I may please you in all things.

I look forward to the day when I can see Your Beautiful Face shining back at me. I pray You forgive me my sins as well.

Scrapbooking, kirigami and St. Patrick's Day

Today will be a fun day of tips and quotes, and hopefully you'll start feeling a little "green"!
"For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way,
Good health, good luck and happiness
for today and everyday."

TIP: Time to check the closet and make sure you have some green to wear on Mar. 15th. If it needs cleaning or mending, do it now!

Scrapbooking and Kirigami really complement each other.
After cutting a few different designs in differing colors, spread them out on your work table/counter.
Set out a few pages of the scrapbook in progress that you have.

Get out some photos you want to scrapbook. Kirigami looks fab as photo frames! Ad one to make a big splash on your page. Use several pieces that overlap the edges and cut off the overhang. Save for later uses.

Play with color combinations. Do at least ONE that is way out of your comfort range. You might end up really liking it!
DESIGN IDEA:  Use your glimmer mists and kirigami stencils in your spray box onto sheets of 12x12 or whatever size your scrapbook is. After drying, take the shadow images sheet to your work table. Use the same cut of kirigami to layer over, slightly off center, the glimmer mist shadow image on your paper.

An example of colors: off white paper, gold and walnut glimmer mists, scrap kirigami to spray over, brown vintage look kirigami to layer. You are well on your way to completing a scrapbook page with vintage photos or memorabilia.

    Here is an original papercutting          Here is the sprayed paper
Note how the image is reversed. These 2 pictures are not my own. Unfortunately I have lost the info on who it belongs to. If you know, send me the info so I can give credit where credit is due.

Here is a  St. Patrick kirigami design for you to cut and play with:
This kirigami uses the quarter page fold. You take one square piece of paper. Fold it in half. Crease well. Fold in half again. Crease well. Print out the above shamrock design (copyrights by Fold using the directions above. Now you have a 1/4 pattern that can easily be cut, or transferred to your desired paper. Spread open flat and admire  your work!
HINT: make sure that your shamrocks are overlapping, and that you don't cut between them. You need the connections to keep your kirigami in one piece.
TIP: You can always iron your kirigami to make it flatter. Use a dry iron with no steam.

Wouldn't these kirigami shamrocks look pretty with a spray of Glimmer Mist over the top?

These two designs are copyrighted from DOVER PUBLICATIONS. They are found in the Stained Glass Book section. I would highly recommend that you subscribe to Dover's free downloads weekly club.
Here is an addy that I think will get you to the right place:

This is a heart design from the discontinued Back Street Studio line of books. It is definitely okay to use for your own personal use. I'm not sure where they stand on multiple uses, but the general rule is you can make 10 items using their designs for "pin money", but you can't reproduce it and say it is mine.

This next card is a stamp from Peddler's Pack line of rubber stamping. Excellent line! I have stamped it onto the back side of a piece of acrylic. I'll give directions on how to do this with glitter tomorrow.

"A friend's eye is a good mirror."

Friday, February 25, 2011

Libya, Home of Human Rights

      Twice this past week I heard stories that gave me pause.

     The first involved the daughter of Moammar Gadhafi  being stripped of her Goodwill Ambassador status by the U.N.

     The second story reported on the U.N. removing Libya from that international organization's Human Rights Commission.

     Gee, what happened in Libya to change the mind of the United Nations community? Was Libya something of a Human Rights crusader before its people suddenly revolted?

Textiles = gone gone gone

     According to a story in the Wall Street Journal Tuesday, the high cost of cotton is killing what's left of the sock industry in Northeast Alabama, especially in Fort Payne.


      It reminded me of an NPR story some years back about Wal-Mart and socks. The reporter was in Fort Payne and visited the local Wal-Mart, where lots of Ft. Payne citizens were buying socks...made in (fill in the blank overseas country where folks make .15 a day)...instead of the products made in their own backyard..the point being that the locals didn't make the connection between the jobs dying at the local factory and their own purchasing.


     The entire textile industry is pretty much gone from Alabama these days...leaving behind empty old mill buildings and unemployed mill workers. It was the subject of an old "For The Record" I produced on APT in 2005.

     Yes, there is a new sheriff in town, and Governor Robert Bentley this week declared a moratorium on any new landfills in Alabama.

     Did you know Alabama imports five times as much trash as the state produces?

     Just as a deceptively named dump called "Connecuh Woods" entered  the permitting pipeline, Bentley has pulled the rug out. Would that ever have happened under the previous administration? There is some question about the impact of the Executive order on that project.

     The Governor says he issued the moratorium because permits were being granted by ADEM and others without any consideration for the people living near the dumps.

     Republicans have to be asking themselves (not for the first time) what kind of a Governor did we nominate and elect? Or is Bentley a sheep in wolf's clothing?

The Wisconsin Front

"Gov. Scott Walker ('s)...attack on unions has nothing to do with the budget. In fact, those unions have already indicated their willingness to make substantial financial concessions — an offer the governor has rejected. "
                                         Paul Krugman in a NT Times column

Government Anger. Angry Government.


   Reading this story in today's NY Times, I couldn't help but think that actions like the one described contribute mightily to the anti-government fever in the country.

    Please read it and comment! If Mr. Heicklen is trying to convince jurors to obey their conscience, what could be more American!

     Your thoughts?

Punches, Quotes and Oatmeal Muffins

It's a beautiful day today. A storm is blowing in, and all the trees and grass are tipped with lovely white crystals. I love it when that happens - it is so pretty.

"Begin doing what you want to do now.
We are not living in eternity.
We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand -
and melting like a snowflake."
- Francis Bacon, Sr.

Thank you to those who have given me some feedback. After some consideration, I will try to streamline this blog and make it a bit shorter. I suppose it doesn't make sense to expect everyone to want to read an "inkspired  book" every day! :0)
Let me know what you think!

Tip:  Punches
Are your paper punches just not punching as well as when you first used them?
Fold a piece of wax paper (I use 1 sheet folded into fourths.)
Punch through the wax paper several times. Use a toothpick or sewing pin to pick out any pieces of wax paper that may have gotten stuck in the intricate design ones.

Repeat, only this time with a piece of aluminum foil, again folded into fourths.
Punch through several times.

Doing these two steps can really perk up sluggish punches that have been ripping your paper, and encourage them to punch their best!

Here is a great muffin recipe that is easy to make, tastes really good, and is good for you!
pre-heat oven to 425'
1 Cup quick cooking rolled oats
1 Cup milk
Combine rolled oats and milk; let stand 15 minutes
while you assemble the rest of the ingredients.

1 Cup sifted all-purpose flour
1/3 Cup sugar
3 tsp baking powder
dash of salt
1 well-beaten egg
1/4 cup canola oil or melted shortening (I always use canola oil)

Sift flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into bowl.
Combine egg, oil and oatmeal mixture. Add all at once to sifted dry ingredients, stirring just to moisten.

TIP: over mixing muffins make them condensed and tough after baking.

Fill muffin pans 2/3 full. You need to either grease the muffin tins, or use paper baking cups. I like the ease and no-clean-up of the paper ones!

425' for 20 - 25 minutes. Makes about 16 muffins.
Let cool a few minutes so the paper wrapping comes off easier.

Add-ins, if desired:
3/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/8 tsp nutmeg
1 pared and chopped apple
1/2 cup of chocolate chips, or butterscotch chips
1/2 cup raisins or chopped dried apricots
or my husband's new favorite - dried cherries!

Remember, laugh at least once today!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kirigami, Rubber Stamping and How to build a Spray Box

Welcome to my inkspired musings!

Here are some rubber stamping tips to get us started:

TIP: I love using egg cartons and glass custard cups to hold all my little embellishments while I'm creating. The cups have a wide enough base that they don't easily flip over or tip.
I have the custard cups from Pampered Chef, and they come with lids!

TIP: Keep a shoe box full of blank cards, prefolded. These are ready to grab and add a pre-stamped image or word....good to go!

TIP: Keep a shoe box full of stamped images that are ready to use as is or in need of coloring. I grab my shoe box and sit in front of the TV watching old westerns, and color quite a few of them at a time.

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters
cannot be trusted with important matters."
 - Albert Einstein

Here are some examples of using kirigami and rubber stamping together:

Okay, you are going to think me ridiculous, but here goes...
Get a big box, slightly larger than a paper reams box!

You need newspapers. Plenty of newspapers! If you are any bit messy, you want to cover your floor where you will be spraying. Sprays have a way of getting where you don't want them, so make sure any over spray will be onto newspapers.

The one time you are in a hurry, and don't want to put newspapers down will be the one time you have a humongous mess, and you'll be regretting it. So put the newspapers down!

Place box on top of newspapers, on its' side, with all flaps open to give your more controlled space.

TIP: you need a well ventilated area - garage, porch, patio, driveway, etc.
If you are spraying inside, be sure to open a window or two.

Things you will need:
Small spray bottles- My friend Shelly uses the small travel size  hairspray bottles; when empty she cleans them and has a perfect spray bottle!

Paper to spray on to - stationery, cardstock, blank paper, stamped paper or cardstock, brown bags, lunch bags, blank boxes...

Stencils - KIRIGAMI!! Opened and laid flat.
Paper doilies of all sizes and patterns.
Skeleton Leaves. Vintage keys. Dried flowers.
You can also find a number of rubber stamping sites that sell delicate patterned frosty plastic stencils that are just gorgeous.

Things to spray with:
Just a few ideas: 
Acrylic paint watered down and in a spray bottle

Glimmer Mists, as many colors as you can afford!
A mixture of water, powdered pearl ex, a bit of arabic gum (no you don't chew it, it's powdered!)

Spray webbing, sold at many craft stores

Diluted re-inkers, of the dye variety, not of the pigment family.

Okay, let's play!

Place your desired paper inside the box, on top of the newspapers. Place your kirigami cut out on top of paper. Let it hang over the edge. Start with one color of, let's say, Glimmer Mist. Do a light passover spray to get the hang of how the bottle sprays, where the spray lands, etc.

Be a bit more aggresive, and spray over your paper a couple of times. Not too much though, we are going for a light, misty look here. Just enough so you can see the outline of your stencil.

Remove your kirigami carefully. You can now add a couple of skeleton leaves or part of the edge of a paper doiley.  Choose a different color of Glimmer Mist, and again do a light pass over with the spray to get the feel of the bottle. Spray until you like the look, but remember:

If you spray over the first stencil too much, it will disappear. So keep a light spray hand! Just think about coloring Easter eggs - you dip once for allover color, then dip again for a second color or stripe. You put stickers on your egg before dipping, and after the dip, you peel the stickers off, and reveal the original color of the egg below. But if you continue to dip again and again, you end up with a brown, muddy looking Easter egg.

TIP: When layering colors of ink, always start with the lightest color. Then the middle color and last just a bit of dark color.

TIP: Choose no more than 3 colors to combine. Any more and the colors just get muddy.

Okay, you're done with that sheet, set it aside to dry. On the newspapers is ideal in case any of the ink wants to puddle. Your paper will want to curl up. That is okay, as long as the sprayed side is not touching itself.

Time to play some more!
Oops, there goes an hour!
How time flies when you are having fun crafting, or getting messy!

Once your papers are dry, you can set them under heavy books - like big dictionaries - and leave them overnight. 
Still curly? When you are ready to use them, you can use a dry iron to smooth out the sheets more.

You should have quite a pile of beautiful papers, card stock, and whatever else you chose to spray on.
After you return from the store to get more spray bottles and Glimmer Mist, you will be well supplied to use your spray box whenever you want!

Here are a few more picture examples of how to use your kirigami with rubber stamping:

Here are a few more kirigami patterns to inspire you:

with tip pointing up.

with tip pointing down.

That's all for today. Let me leave you with a favorite quote:

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments
when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."
 - Thornton Wilder

The New Montgomery Chief

Montgomery Public Safety Director Chris Murphy watches as newly named Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy (no relation) speaks during the media conference in which he was named Thursday afternoon.

      Chief Murphy says he always wanted to be chief. He's been on the force for over 26 years.

     The former chief, Art Baylor, was appointed U.S. Marshal by the Obama Administration.

Ayo these are the official Tony Starks Oscar picks namsayin!

Ayo whattup yall its me Big Ghost aka Wolf Blitzers namsayin. Ayo normally a nigga aint really pay no attention to these awards shows like that but a nigga been tryin to branch out artistically n shit namsayin. Word son the god been writin screenplays n shit...tryin to get his foot in the doors n shit in Hollywood nahmean. A nigga been reachin out thru various avenues to these Hollywood niggas n tryin to rub shoulders wit these muthafuckas n whatever. Ayo as of the present times we in discussions wit Tom Cruise n Hugh Jackman n we waitin to hear back from Julianne Moore n a couple other niggas n shit. Word. A nigga jus tryin to get some of this Will Smith paper namsayin. The god figures that if  the Fresh Prince can do this shit then Imma be able to sorta duplicate that niggas movements n shit to a certain extents nahmean. A nigga was watchin that Pursuit Of Happyness joint n shit the other night n a light bulb jus popped off in a nigga head namsayin. A nigga was jus diagnosed wit that inspiration n shit nahmean. So a nigga jus figured ayo Imma see all these nominated joints n shit so a nigga got some frames of references n shit when I go approach one these Hollywood dudes n shit. So a nigga aint gotta talk out his ass n shit nahmean. N boom. The shit jus came together n a nigga now in the process of makin some power moves namsayin. So wit no further ados n shit Imma go in. Ayo first off we got the Best Actor category n shit nahmean. Ayo son Imma come right out the gate wit this but a nigga was disappointed wit who they nominated n shit for this category nahmean. Ayo me n a couple my niggas went to go see that Kings Speech joint n shit namsayin. N yo one these niggas was tellin me that this shit was a comedy n shit ya know. But ayo son...word bond son a nigga was clockin Zs 10 minutes into that muthafucka. Ayo that shit was like watching roaches fuck son. Niggas was out cold n shit nahmean. N they nominated the lead nigga in that shit for best actor n shit g. Ayo personally Imma hafta roll wit that James Franco kid n shit cos that nigga was choppin off his arm n shit n makin that shit look mad real nahmean. N yo that kid with the little jewfro in that Facebook movie kinda did his thing too b. Word. But yo for best actress n shit Imma have to roll wit my girl Natalie nahmean. Straight up. Ayo to keep it 100 wit yalls a nigga aint really watch the other flicks in this category n shit but Imma stand by that anyway. Ayo that lesbo shit was mad convincin son. Ayo a nigga was wooded up n shit up to that point. Ayo Natalie Portman a nigga jus wanna say you did ya thing n I hopes you get that trophy ma. N yo I kno you was seeded up by that ballerina nigga n shit so it aint like how it use to be n shit...but a nigga still gon keep you in mind for the future n shit namsayin. But the rest of the movie...ayo I aint really wit that arts n crafts shit son nahmean. Shit was bugged out g. I aint even gon say no more. So yo movin ahead we got the best picture category n shit. Ayo this shit was easy for a nigga namsayin. Ayo word Imma have to give that honor to the Toy Story 3 joint son. Straight up. Ayo a nigga jus connected wit this shit son. These toy niggas was really really really holdin they other niggas down n shit. Word yo if niggas in the hood was holdin they niggas down like Woody n Buzz Lightyear shit would be a problem for rival niggas nahmeans. Word is bond Im tellin you g mad tears was flyin out a nigga wig n shit nahmean. These niggas was takin bullets n jumpin into fires n shit for eachother man. Ayo they was toys on the outside n shit but inside these was some loyal ass niggas that was holdin they brothers down n shit. They was like the Wu n shit nahmean. Ayo most muthafuckas that saw this shit might a thought they was watchin some shit bout some talkin toys at a preschool n shit nahmean. Ayo the god was seein this as some shit where a crew a niggas was bussin outta jail n shit n bein put in the position where they was dealin wit some hatin ass niggas along the way namsayin. Niggas had they backs pressed up on the walls n shit. They was dealin wit snitches n goonies n law enforcement niggas n whatever whatever. Ayo I seen the shit wit the nigga Rae n yo...that nigga face was wet nahmean. Nigga looked like he was sweatin n shit. Niggas was gettin mad emotional over that shit g. N wasnt like no homo tears son...we was sheddin those gorilla tears son. Ayo if you seen this shit n you aint felt nothin chances is you ruinnin wit rats n faggot niggas son. Ayo we usin that shit as verification on a niggas pedigrees n shit b. We gon run up on niggas n ask them if they seen the Toy Story 3 joint n shit n if niggas aint givin that shit a thumbs up we gon take that as a cue to buss a nigga head open wit a fire hydrant son. We gon run up on niggas n ask them where they stand on that shit n if niggas got problems wit Toy Story 3 they gettin they bottle caps popped off nahmean. Ayo word bond son we aint playin wit these niggas.
Aight peace.

AXIS OF EVIL; Obama, Wright, Farrakhan... GADHAFI

Aaron Klein, author of the devastating "The Manchurian President", brings us yet more devastating information about Barack HUSSEIN Obama...

Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of Obama's longtime Chicago church, went with Farrakhan to visit Gadhafi in 1984.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Wright himself noted the trip could cause problems for Obama.

"When [Obama's] enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli to visit [Gadhafi] with Farrakhan, a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell."

Farrakhan, a close friend and associate of Wright, has been financed by Gadhafi, including with a $5 million interest-free loan in 1985.

Later that year, Gadhafi spoke by satellite to Farrakhan's Saviour's Day Convention in Chicago, and reportedly told Farrakhan supporters he was prepared to provide weapons to a black army in the U.S. to destroy "white America."

Fecking scary as hell, no?  WTF is Barack Hussein Obama doing being connected to these, as well as many, many other frighteningly dangerous pieces of crap?

Right.  I know.  "All lies".  "Racism".  Etc., etc.  Obama's defending brownshirters will be fast and furious with the retaliation against the inconvenient truth, without even looking at the evidence.

Shee-it.  If a Republican or Tea Partier had such ties, their political career would be instantly dead.

But Barack Hussein Obama will be protected by his propaganda forces in the so-called "mainstream" media, and millions of guillible voters will be unaware of the truth.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs tells us some other stuff...

Gaddafi stressed that Obama's presidency is "a major historical gain" and said, "He is someone I consider a friend. He knows he is a son of Africa. Regardless of his African belonging, he is of Arab Sudanese descent, or of Muslim descent. He is a man whose policy should be supported, and he should be assisted in implementing it in any way possible, since he is now leaning towards peace."

He continued, "I urge all peoples to give him this chance and to support this policy, because America is a country that, when its policy is bad – harms the world, and when it is good – it helps the world." 

This endorsement ought to be poisonous, toxic and fatally radioactive politically.  But for millions of American voters, they will not "be told" because their "trusted sources" will not tell them about it.

AND BECAUSE millions of American voters are unaware of the dangerousness of Barack Hussein Obama, they would be willing to vote for him in the admittedly highly unlikely event that he'd somehow be nominated a second time for Democratic Presidential Contender...

So, if, in the unlikely event that he were to be President a second time (despite never proving his Constitutional Eligibility therefor), America (and the world) would be in grave danger...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rubber stamping, Recycling, Scrapbooking, Recipes and Quotes!

Thank you for being patient with me as I learn the ins and outs of blogging.
So far....some mistakes.....a lot of fun!  :0)

"Home - that blessed word,
which opens to the human heart
the most perfect glimpse of Heaven,
and helps to carry it thither,
as on angel's wings."
    -Lydia M. Child

I have promised you a super easy-to-make salad recipe:

Pea and Caulifower No Fail Salad
Bag of frozen peas
Bag of frozen cauliflower OR head of fresh cauliflower, cut into small pieces
3/4 cup Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Original
1/2 cup sour cream
1 cup cashews - I like the salted ones

Set frozen peas and cauliflower out to thaw a bit. Rinse in colander to get rid of any ice crystals.
If you are using a fresh head of cauliflower wash it and snip it apart into bite size pieces. NO green stuff though, just the white stuff!

Put peas and cauliflower in mixing bowl.

NOTE: adjust amount of dressing to the size bags of vegetables you are using. This recipe will work fine with small to medium bags
Add Ranch dressing and sour cream. Toss well to coat and mix. If it looks a little "dry" and the ranch dressing is not coating the vegetables well, add a bit more Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, 1 Tablespoon at a time. The salad should have a slightly creamy look.

JUST BEFORE SERVING: Reserve 1/4 cup cashews to sprinkle on top. Add the remaining cashews to the salad and mix well.

When I give this as a house warming gift, or a potluck, I put the cashews into a baggie and tape to the lid of the serving container, with a note of instructions to add cashews before serving, sprinkling some on top.

Even for those non-loving vegetables types, this salad has won rave reviews.

For yummy leftovers, simply add a few fresh cashews to your serving bowl and it is ready to go.


Some history for you:
Folding paper into intricate designs (origami) has been around for centuries in the asian cultures. Pretty much as soon as we figured out how to make paper, we've been fiddling with it ever since!
Traditional origami did not distinguish between folded and cuts. We now call folded only ORIGAMI and folded with cuts KIRIGAMI.

 So, you fold your paper, but then you get to use scissors!

TIP: Don't try this running...

Today we will start with a very basic design that uses only 3 folds. Yes! you can do this - really!

Start with a square piece of paper, equal on all sides.

TIP: you can find pre-cut squares of origami paper at most craft stores.

If you can't find any, or if you just have lots of extra paper around, here is how to make a happy square out of a rectangle sized piece of paper:

Place paper face up (any pattern will be looking at you, not the table).

Take the top right corner and bring the tip down diagonally to the left side, making a big triangle. Be sure to match the edges of the paper. You should be looking at the back side of the paper now.

Crease well with a fingernail or bone folder.

At the bottom of the big triangle there should be a rectangle left over. Cut this off.

Open your triangle and you have a happy square!

Now let's do the first basic fold. These basic instructions are from


  1. Fold a piece of paper in half.
  2. Fold in half again but only make a small crease to show the midpoint. Fold the bottom right corner upwards to make a 60° angle at the midpoint (begin to fold into thirds).
  3. Fold the bottom left corner upwards to meet with the folded right-edge of the paper.
  4. Trim the excess paper to form a cone shape.
  5. Make several cuts out of the cone shape and then unfold to discover your paper snowflake. Be careful not to cut too much - that will cause the entire snowflake to fall apart.
    Note that cutting half-a-heart will open to reveal a heart cutout. Similarly, cutting a semicircle will reveal a circle; and cutting a triangle will produced a diamond shape.

I am sorry about the ads above, but I can't figure out how to copy the visuals without it!

Go to their website - they have many good tutorials on origami and kirigami.
I like to use scratch paper when first making a design. That way if I make a wrong cut, or don't like the result, I haven't used any of my "good" paper.

TIP: BUT don't be afraid to use that good paper. It isn't doing any good sitting in a drawer and getting old.

Here are some samples to play with. These designs are visually set up so you start with your kirigami folded triangle, with the long tip at the bottom. The top of the designs are the uneven paper at the top of the triangle.

kirigami snowflakes

Now try some traditional "snowflake" type cuts. There are just so many fun things you can do with this base.

TIP: When you make a cut at the very tip of the base form, you get a lovely little flower shape. Save these to add later as the centers to paper flowers or stamped cards.

Here are some photos of kirigami that I have made:

front and back of greeting card

Tomorrow we will discuss all the fun ways to use kirigami, and how to add kirigami to compliment rubber stamping, cooking, and scrapbooking!

Laugh today! It will improve your blood pressure, stress, and feelings of depression!
Here are a couple of photos to get you started. This is Tanner our current Great Dane.
He is asleep...

I am having so much fun sharing recipes, quotes, photos and creative thoughts.
I hope you are too!

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