Monday, January 31, 2011

Ayo yalls go n cop that Game Purp n Patron mixtape namsayin!

Ayo this ya nigga Big Ghostface aka Wise King Solomon Starks namsayin. Ayo a nigga was supposed to be featured on this mixtape wit that nigga Game namsayin. Word Bond the god was on that Ocean joint that the nigga Dre did nahmeans. Word n the joint was originally called Titanium Wardrobes namsayin. We even had another joint done called Crystal Elephants where the god was spittin darts wit that god body wisdom nahmean. Word ya nigga Tone be providin that knowledge to hood niggas. When the god be in the hood niggas be askin the god shit like ayo Tony why is water wet namsayin? N yo word bond a nigga be respondin wit that divine algebra nahmeans. Niggas say ayo Wise Solomon Starks why the sky blue n shit? I tells my niggas ayo the god gon investigate yalls niggas inquests n shit n boom…the god go to that tree of knowledge n I climb that particular branch n a nigga gather that fruit….that fruit of wisdom nahmeans. A nigga be asleep under the tree when the apple fall on the god head like he muthafuckin Einstein n shit. N the god collects that harvest namsayin. A nigga put those apples in his basket for his pupils nahmeans. I tells the pupil niggas ayo Wise Solomon Starks done sought that wisdom n boom…ayo the sun is yellow namsayin…word n the oceans of the earth is blue…meanwhile the lawns n forests n shit is green. So when yalls take the yellow sun n mix that wit the color green of the earth from the plants n forests n that shit reflects off of the oceans n shit ya get a blue color in the sky. Yellow n green make blue nahmeans. N when the sky be red or pink or orange n shit thats like when volcanoes n shit be reflecting light into the sky. Ayo when niggas was evolving n shit from when we was cavemen n shit…like before horses was invented n shit…we was ridin dinosaurs son namsayin. Lot of hood niggas aint know that. They aint absorb that history. We was livin at peace with the dinosaurs n shit. Nowadays dinosaurs is endangered species n shit n they be like fuck yall niggas yall aint do right by us nahmeans. So we aint got that same connection to them no more. Word bond. But yo I be shinin that knowledge towards niggas bout current events n shit like the oil crisis in Egypt n the recession n shit namsayin. A nigga be like Plato in the hood n shit. Word but the nigga Game aint follow the gods wavelengths like that nahmean. The nigga wanna appeal to young niggas n shit so he follow the skinny jean small jackets niggas n do they kinds of music n shit nahmeans. Word but the nigga gotta get back on his own pony n stop tryna ride another nigga pony namsayin. Word yo the nigga Game be caressin other niggas stallions n shit n be tryna gallop on they fields n shit. Nigga need to get back to what he know best nahmean. Cos right now the nigga usin hotdog buns for hamburgers namsayin. The nigga aint got the right pieces clickin together. Word.
Aight peace

Ayo word bond that nigga Rae spittin his darts nahmean!

Ayo the nigga Rae freestyle courtesies of the 2dopeboyz muthafuckas nahmean!

Ayo this ya nigga Big Ghost aka the strongest nigga alive n shit. Ayo my brotha Rae came wit bars on this shit n the god proud of that nigga. Ayo the god love that nigga like a son namsayin. Word bond yalls already know niggas legacies n shit nahmean. Word. Niggas hand 17 carat pinky rings when muthafuckas was still rockin rubber bands on they wrists. We was rockin rollies when muthafuckas was goin halfs wit they niggas on movados n shit. Niggas was rollin in 600 Benzes when muthafuckas was still puttin Toyota Tercels on layaway n shit. Niggas was flyin in Lears when muthafuckas was tryin to get they airmiles up just to go on they tours n shit. Word. The nigga Rae spit the kinds a darts that make niggas wanna eat live grenades n shit. Niggas wanna punch a mountain when they hear shit like this. Ayo the god be pullin clouds out the sky to quench his thirst when he hear shit like this. Shit be dehydratin niggas. Niggas is pourin lotion on they hands n slappin they kids when they hear shit like this. Niggas be feelin like they can eat a bowl of rocks when they hear shit like this. A nigga gon ride a shark around the swimmin pool to this shit right here nahmeans! Word bond. A nigga bout to throw a tv off the balcony namsayin. This aint for Aveeno niggas. This shit for real official niggas only. Soft ass niggas aint got no business listening to this types of shit right here nahmeans. Nah these soft niggas should be doin Prell commercials n shit. Niggas need to go knit a sweater if they aint feelin this shit. Niggas that aint feelin this shit need to worry bout walkin they poodle or somethin n leave the real hip hop to niggas that can personify that shit on a legitimate level namsayin. Yalls light in the ass niggas go get your nails did n leave this shit to niggas that eat batteries to satisfy they hunger namsayin. Nigga we eat batteries when we need a snack namsayin. Yalls dont know nothin bout that.
Aight peace.

Ayo that nigga Meka wrote a article bout the snow nigga Eminem n how he gon sign some muthafuckas namsayin!

Ayo whattup this that nigga Big Ghost aka the Mighty Hand of Zeus in the flesh nahmeans. Word. To keep it real with yalls I aint even read this article nahmeans. But the god gon polly wit yalls on this topic namsayin. Word bond. Ayo a nigga came into the game when a lot a yalls was still some sperm niggas namsayin. Yalls was sperms n shit. Meanwhile the god done already been stabbed, shot up, incarcerated, fucked bout 30% of the broads a nigga ever encountered n shit, had mad seeds wit bitches, n recorded a album wit his closest niggas by that point. So the god had true life experiences n shit while yalls was sperm niggas nahmean. Niggas wasnt worried bout no record deals like that namsayin. That was all that nigga RZA chamber nahmean. So a nigga aint worry bout that business end of shit. But yo what a nigga was concernin hisself wit was makin sure niggas aint step on the god wallos nahmeans. Ayo that same shit go for the other gods namsayin. So the god was doin his part punchin reporters n throwin niggas out car windows when the shit was required of a nigga namsayin. Ayo a nigga cross me n the god aint gon be callin that nigga phone n breathin all heavy tryna get the nigga nervous namsayin. Word yo. A nigga gon look outside his bedroom window in the middle of the night n gon see the god wit a hockey mask n a fuckin sabretooth tiger on a nigga lawn namsayin. Word bond. Niggas gon see the god in they sleep. Imma send a raven to ya door with ya moms hand tied around the muthafuckin bird neck namsayin. The god gon be waitin for u wherever a nigga go. A muthafucka roll up in the Burger King drive thru n the god gon be takin that nigga order. When a nigga go to get his little whoppers at the next window the nigga gon see the god in his hockey mask nahmeans. A muthafucka go to get a starbucks joint n the god gon be makin that nigga his caramel macchiatos n shit. A nigga go to the gym to lift weights n shit n the god gon walk up on a nigga doin his bench presses n ask that nigga if he need a spotter. Word bond the god dont even need to physically put hands on niggas no more. The god got niggas shittin cinder blocks nahmeans. See the god get in a nigga mind n shit. Have niggas wonderin if the god gon play soccer wit the nigga head n shit. Wack niggas aint worried bout gettin thrown off no roof or shot in they fuckin stomach 10 times on some regular hood shit. Nah weak hearted niggas is worried bout gettin thrown in a cage wit a polar bear n shit. The kindsa shit regular niggas aint even be thinkin bout namsayin. Word yo. But a nigga stay peaceful n shit. The god just had to warn yalls niggas nahmean.
Aight peace

Ayo whattup this Big Ghost WhoDeini the Don namsayin! Namsayin ignore the counterfeit niggas usin a nigga name. Niggas is fugazi nahmeans. Word. Ayo peace to that nigga Young Stereotype nahmeans. Ayo the god feel blessed n alla that yo. Ayo the god been havin a marvelous week n alla that nahmeans. A nigga honored n shit that first off the nigga Preem gave a nigga the nod for best album of the last 100 years n shit. Then second of all the gods publicist n managers n shit been blowin up a nigga phone talkin bout ayo Toney since you done came down from the mountaintops where a nigga throne reside to be one wit ya peoples there been a major spike in a nigga album sales nahmeans. Word yo. Yalls already know that the god been mingling n mixin wit yalls little internet niggas via this blog shit. But yo a nigga sales for the Apollo Kids joint seen a recent 17% increase! Word bond! Meaning 17% more niggas bought my shit this week than there was niggas buyin my shit the week previous nahmeans. Ayo approximately 34 niggas bought a nigga album this week nahmeans! Now bein that a nigga gettin roughly half a point on each joint. And bein that the retail price on the god album is somewheres around 10 and 14 dollars?that mean the god makin close to 78 cents per album nahmean. But yo ya gotta minus what a nigga gotta break off for the accountants n lawyers n managers n shit. But yalls multiply that net amount by the total number of sales n yo the nigga lookin at about I dunno 20 Gs n shit nahmeans! Word. Ayo n third of all now the little internet nigga Lil Cliche done built a temple of worship for a nigga namsayin. Word. Ayo a nigga jus feel blessed n shit namsayin. Ayo a nigga feel like he wanna donate the proceeds from a nigga album to niggas in the world that need that shit more than the god namsayin. Ayo a nigga wanna free Tibet nahmeans. Word yo. The nigga Bill O'Reilly be thinkin niggas is stupid n jus wanna cop gear n jewels n fuck broads n pop gats off namsayin. Word yo a nigga jus tryna show White America that niggas got intelligent agendas namsayin. A nigga wanna change the world son. Nahmeans. Ayo a nigga wanna bring down the Berlin wall namhmean. The god wanna help endangered species animals nahmean. A nigga wanna save the unicorns! Ayo a nigga wanna put a end to poverty in the hood n build temples of worship for the god namhmeans. Ayo the god jus wanna give back to the people. Word yo a nigga just seen a golden butterfly emerge from his Raspberry Peach Snapple nahmeans. Ayo the butterfly shed a tear when the god wrote that nahmeans. Thats my word! A nigga gettin emotional n shit. Ayo but listen the god need go flip his omelet. Imma holla at yalls later.
Aight peace.

Ayo my brotha Rae droppin his joint soon namsayin!

Shaolin Vs Wu Tang Nahmeans!

Ayo whattup this that marvelous shit me n Rae be providin niggas nahmeans. This that Iron Chef shit niggas be slayin dragons to nahmeans! Ayo this that kinda shit that be makin niggas wanna slap box wit they moms n shit. Niggas be kickin pitbulls n pullin trees out the ground when they hear shit like this. Word yo this the kinds a shit that be makin niggas turn police cars over nahmeans. Niggas be breakin into the Bronx Zoo to punch llamas to shit like this namsayin. Ayo this the type a shit that be makin niggas eat broken glass n shit. Niggas be squeezin wine outta fuckin stones to shit like this nahmeans. Niggas be lettin off shots on the train to this shit! Ayo niggas be swimmin in the Hudson n catchin fish wit they muthafuckin teeth to shit like this. This the type of shit that got niggas jumpin out they car window while they drivin nahmeans. Niggas be losin they minds to shit like this nahmeans! Word this that official Icewater executive tarantula shit! I aint even gotsta tell yall! Niggas be jumpin into they Xboxes on some Tron shit to this kindsa shit. Niggas be punchin the humps off camels n shit. This the type of shit that be reversin the earth rotation n shit. Niggas be scalin buildings to shit like this. Imma go throw a poodle off the roof namsayin so Imma holla at yalls later!
Aight peace.

Ayo the joint courtesies of them 2dopeboyz muthafuckas namsayin!

For the Wu Bambinos namsayin!

Ayo this Ironman Starks again aka the Emerald Wizard aka Marcus Garvey Reincarnated. Word. Im humbled that yall little internet niggas is findin some humor in a nigga trials n tribulations n shit. The god need yall niggas to heed these scriptures but a nigga want yall to see the bright sky behind them storm clouds too yo. Cos as yall know the shit that dont kill a nigga only gon make a nigga stronger. Well unless the shit that tried to kill a nigga was a muthafuckin truck nahmeans. If a muthafuckin truck hit a nigga n a nigga go flyin in the air like a fuckin paper ball for half a block that shit gon fuck a nigga up. If a nigga land wit his shoulders all popped out n knees folded forwards that shit aint gonna just snap back together nahmeans. That shit gon fuck a nigga up. Niggas paralyzed from the neck down cant do shit. Thats my word. So as ya know there be holes in theories like that in actual fact. Word. Matter fact if a nigga get shot in the stomach n has to shit in a bag for the rest of that nigga fucked up life thats actually some tragic shit too yo! Im sayin how you gon roll up on a broad n try n pull that bitch when you got a bag of shit tied to ya waist nahmeans? That shit gotta fuck wit a nigga confidence namasayin. Like you got a bag of shit on ya waist n how you supposed to pounce on a bitch n be like word yo you look good n shit how bout you let a nigga buy you a drink n shit? Bitch gon look at you like nigga is that a bag of shit on ya belt yo? Meanwhile there 200 niggas in that fuckin club that aint got no bag of shit on they belt nahmean! Thats some real fucked up odds for the nigga wit that colostomy bag yo. Ayo I aint even know how a nigga got on this topic but rest assured the god thankful for makin it thru some hard times nahmeans. A nigga done slept eight to a bed when we was kids namsayin. A nigga had hand me down draws n shit. Niggas was rockin 3rd n 4th generation draws that cousins done worn n shit. Elastics all stretched out wit the permanent skid marks inside n shit. Once again that kinds of shit fuck wit a nigga ego nahmeans. But a nigga emerged from the ashes like an iron phoenix n shit. Nigga done took bullets. The god done got shot the fuck up n alla that. But I aint like to brags about none a that namsayin. Cos that shit aint nuthin ta glorify to the tadpoles nahmeans. Ayo the cubs look up to the lions in the jungle namsayin. Word. N the god be tryna set a positive example n be a good role models for these young muthafuckas. The little bambino gambinos nahmeans. They the future. Word yo.
Aight peace.

Whattup J Coles!

Ayo whattup this the god universal culture divine Big Tone aka Ghostface the Wally Champ! Yo a nigga just seen a purple shark rockin a cable knit coogi playin a saxaphone nahmean. Thats my word. The god had crazy visions. Ayo the moon crumbled into the oceans n shit when the god arose from his throne nahmean. Ayo Coles a nigga just peeped ya videos n what have you. I wasnt in attendance at ya actual show cos a nigga workin promotin his album n shit nahmean. A nigga stayin touch wit his fans via 2dopeboyz an what have you. Nahmean. Ayo dont forget to pick up that Apollo Kids joint nahmean. Yalls already know my joint was chosen by the god legend Preemo himself for album of the decade yo. And a nigga humbled by that shit yo. That was a honor nahmean. Nigga said ayo the god Ghost Deini had the best album since Thriller nahmean. Yalls aint never had no praises like that nahmean. But yo ever since the god was found on the shores of the river Nile in Egypt or Cairo to be exact he felt blessed. Word I already done told yalls that when the god was found the clouds parted to a bloody sky n locusts done tried to destroy the god while he was a baby n all a that. But bein that I was a made nigga they aint hurt the god nahmean. Yalls aint never been through no shit like that. Word up. Nigga I done walked through monsoons in the desert with gargoyles nahmean. Ayo the soil beneath the god feet turned to rose pedals n shit. Thats my word. A nigga open his jacket n lavender doves fly out a nigga coat when he on stage nahmean. Yalls little niggas gotta work on yalls satge presence. The god be on stage havin his little lemonade snapples n word I turn niggas phones in the audience into chalices of wine nahmean. N I tell my niggas drink from yalls chalices now n become a niggas disciple. Nahmean. Thats some shit yalls dont be doin at yalls shows. Yall next generation niggas be walkin around on stage in ya little t shirts n tight ass jeans tryna rock a crowd. Niggas got on they little applebottom jeans tryna emcee n shit. Yalls aint movin the crowd with that. I dont mean no disrespect but yalls need to step yalls stage presence up. Word. Nigga the god be throwin dynamite frisbees into the crowd n all that. Yalls niggas aint do no shit like that cos yall lack the imagination and constitution to that shit nahmean. The god be bringin sabretooths on stage with him. Word.
Aight peace.

Ayo this some soft ass marshmallow shit namsayin!

Ayo whattup this Deini the Great aka the Wallabee Champ! Whats good wit yall internet niggas. Ayo I aint mean no disrespect to that little nigga Wiz or nothin of that sort but this like some serious faggot shit nahmean. Word up. Ayo the god means that with the utmost respect but this some faggot ass music son. Thats my word. This some shit for them niggas rockin tight ass Apple Bottoms n muthafuckin white sunglasses nahmean. This like the shit niggas hear in the Toyota commercials nahmean. This some shit for niggas that drive Scions n shit. This that music for them 3 dudes ridin in they car with that one broad in the backseat. Niggas aint gon be gettin no pussy to shit like this. This shit like muthafuckin broad repellent nahmean. This that shit that make bitches figure oh I get it yalls niggas wanna fuck eachother. Well let me get up out the way nahmeans! N yo the god dont mean that in no disrespectful way. If you a homo nigga ayo the god got no problems with yall. That just aint a nigga gate nahmean. But yalls do ya thing nahmean. Dont feel as tho the god tellin yall ya gotta stop suckin eachother dick or nothin of that sort. I gets yall. Word yo I knew this nigga in Rikers that actually looked out for the god. Ayo but to reiterate that shit the god aint advocate this nigga lifestyle or nothin like that. But it so happen the homo nigga looked out for the god in the chow line on more than one occasion. The nigga used to hook the god up with extra Twinkies n shit on Twinkie Thursdays namsayin. Which if yalls nigga think about it is kinda ironic nahmeans. Cos the nigga a actual twinkie n what have you namsayin. But then that nigga got stabbed with a toothbrush n thrown over a balcony n shit. That nigga dead now. Nigga looked like somebody dropped a plate of lasagna or some shit by the time them COs seen the nigga. Muthafuckin warden had niggas locked down for like 2 days nahmeans. But thats neither here nor there. But word yo the god aint fuckin with this joint yo. The god make music that make niggas wanna punch a horse nahmeans. Niggas be punchin horses when they hear my shit. Word.

Aight peace.

Ayo it's Pac Div nahmean!

Your Fucking Song Namsayin!

Ayo whattup niggas its that nigga Lovebug Starksy aka Ghostface. Word yo to be perfectly honest wit yalls niggas I aint really know who these niggas is. But they doin they thing n the god respect that. I dont mean no disrespect but yalls little rap niggas need to educate yallselves tho nahmean. Take yall little advance money n enroll in a university like Harvard or Hillman. Word yo them little niggas on the Cosby show went to Hillman and they was smart yo. Yalls need to do that n let us streetwise niggas do our thing nahmean. Cos I aint had them opportunities nahmean. Word yo the god was born on the shores of the river Nile n all that son. I aint had them opportunities cos a nigga was placed in a basket a sent down the Nile river to evade harms way nahmean. A nigga was a baby n shit. But yo the god was wrapped in divine fabrics so the niggas that found the god knew that they was in the presence of a majestic nigga. Even tho the god was only the size of a small watermelon nahmean. But yo the niggas that found the god said that the clouds parted n the sky turned to blood n locusts swarmed down n tried to destroy the god yo. This was some holy war shit with angels casting thunder upon the wicked nahmean. The god survived all that. Word yo. So being that the god went thru that shit I aint really sought no education past 10th grade nahmean. I aint had them opportunities like that cos of the mighty force of the locusts n the clouds opening to a bloody sky n all a that. The shit affected a nigga. It was like some post traumatic fetal syndrome or some shit. So yalls niggas take that into account when you decidin what to do wit yalls lives. Get wise n go to college n evade that shit.
Aight peace.

Ayo DETOX is comin namsayin!

Word bond internet niggas. Ayo that soft shit on its way out cos the doctor sneakin up on niggas namsayin. Nigga got prescriptions for yalls diseases namsayin! Word.

Ayo whattup internet niggas its that nigga Ghost Deini aka Big Tone Soprano namsayin. Ayo this nigga Dre a legend in the game n alla that namsayin. N yall already know he respect the Clan n shit too nahmeans. Word yo. Ayo a nigga just eatin his tortellinis n shit jus doin his thing n alla that when that nigga Alvin hit the god on his jack n told me the Detox joint was actually comin n shit. N yo the god be lovin that nigga Dre albums as much as the next nigga namsayin but yo…the nigga need better titles on his joints n shit nahmeans. Ayo pardon that cos I aint tryna step on the nigga toes n shit. But yo a light bulb just went off in a nigga head nahmeans n yo I seen that shit in a vision nahmeans. So I gets my peoples to get in touch wit Dre peoples so the god could propose a nigga ideas to that nigga Dre so on n so forth namsayin. We arrange a sit down at Interscope offices n shit n word the shit was on niggas. We fly out namsayin. N yo we walks into the board room n alla that. Dre up in there along wit Jimmy Iovine n a couple other snow niggas namsayin. So yo the god makes his opening statements n shit n address the ladies n gentlemen of the board namsayin. A nigga puttin on a professional demeanor n shit. A nigga usin lots a hand gestures to emphasize my points n shit n keep they attentions n shit nahmeans. Word. So I put together a list of 20 song titles for Dre to go through n use at his discretions n shit nahmeans. Ayo this is priveleged info n shit nahmeans. These Interscope legal department muthafuckas had the god signing waivers n confidentiality agreements n shit nahmeans. Word yo this some classified shit my niggas. Word yo the god took a oath n shit to not speak on the project in any shapes or forms whatsoever nahmeans. So I figures aight then a nigga wont really talk to nobody n shit but Imma let a couple my internet niggas know on the low tho. So keep this shit to yall selves. These the titles of the 20 or so joints thats pending the nigga Dre approvals n shit. Ayo the god also advised that nigga to keep features down to a minimum n shit namsayin. But yalls already know theres certain niggas that gotta be on that nigga Dre joints. So without further ados peep the shit. Boom.
1. Lavender Pajamas Intro (feat. Ghostface)
2. Golden Panda Fury (feat. Eminem & 50 Cent)
3 The Mighty Swordz of D.R.E. (feat. Ghostface)
4. Porcupine Hurricanes (feat. Snoop Dogg & U-God)
5. Cinnamon Stallion Heart (feat. Ghostface & Raekwon)
6. Shadow Baboons (feat. D-Block & Wu-Tang Clan)
7. Slap A Horse (Ghostface Solo Joint)
8. Watermelon Darts (feat. Method Man, GZA, RZA & Masta Killa)
9. Algebra Coke Diagram (feat. Ice Cube, Cappadonna & Inspectah Deck)
10. Leather Unicorns (feat. Ghostface)
11. We Eat Whole Trees Niggaz (feat. Ghostface)
12. Slap Boxin Wit Gandhi (feat. Theodore Unit & Sun God)
13. African Wizards (feat. Wu Tang Clan)
14. Ayo Whattup (feat. Ghostface)
15. Ghostface Meets Dre (feat. Ghostface)
16. Kill Yallz (feat. Paula Abdul)
17. We Gon Eat Ya Heart Nahmeans (Ghostface Interlude)
18. Ravioli Nigga Cartel (feat. Ghostface)
19. Imma Fuck Ya Broads (feat. Ghostface)
20. Waltz Of A Thousand Midgets (Ghostface Outro)
Ayo yalls mighta already noticed but the god threw in a couple ideas for features n shit. Ayo a nigga really hope this shit gon happen cos that nigga Dre looked at a nigga real real serious like he was thinkin bout that shit while a nigga was talkin. Nigga just kept wrinklin his forehead n squinting like he was tryin to see the gods power point presentation better n shit. The nigga Dre just kept lookin at Jimmy Iovine like listen to this nigga. Like he was thinkin this nigga makin some brilliant points n shit. Word. So yo this shit is prolly bout 90% done n shit. Niggas just gotta wait on paperwork n for that ink to dry namsayin. Word.
Aight Peace.

Ayo that vintage shit bout the nigga Nas

This some shit the god touched on bout that nigga Nas namsayin. Word bond that nigga my heart nahmean!

Ayo whattup this the honorable Starky Love Jones nahmean. Peace to that nigga Nas yo thats my bloodline nahmean. We niggas of the same pedigree namsayin. Ayo a nigga got some folklores to unveil on yalls little internet niggas bout that nigga tho. I dont mean no disrespect but the god feels as tho he helped elevate that nigga chamber nahmean. Word yo back on that purple tape joint the god chirped that nigga Nas n told that nigga we needed him to come bless the Verbal Intercourse joint for the gods nahmean. Bein that we of the same divine calibers n shit he came thru n he knocked buildings down on that joint nahmean. Ayo matter fact that whole session was like a battle of the monsters from hiroshima nahmean. Niggas was like Godzilla vs King Kong vs Mothra n shit! Thats some real talk! Niggas was whylin n knockin bricks out the walls n rippin the door off the booth n shit! Niggas was throwin niggas thru walls n shit! That nigga RZA tried to get the gods to cool out n started splashin strawberry yoo-hoos on niggas n shit. At one point the nigga RZA jump up on the mixing boards n tore open his Nautica fleece. N that shit aint had no zippers or snaps or nothin of that sort nahmean. Nigga just lost his wig n shit. Ayo the nigga was holdin a spear n shit. On on on some Shak Zulu shit. I remembers that. N I looked at the god n knew something was peculiar bout the nigga demeanor cos the nigga eyes was red n them shits was glowin like christmas bulbs nahmean. The nigga just started shootin lasers out the nigga eyes n the gods was like word? So by that time niggas started droppin to tha ground like muthafuckin lead papayas n shit. Niggas had settled they little tempers n shit. Ya know. Then that nigga Rae pull a pack of owls out from his Helly n niggas just blazed for like 2 days. Nahmean. So by that time the nigga Nas had calmed the fuck down. He was back on his own cloud nahmean. N boom. The nigga went in the booth n cooked up that marvelous shit yalls is already familiar wit nahmean. But the god felt like ya know he had somethin to do with puttin a battery in that nigga back nahmean. That nigga Nas prolly remember the shit different but the god recalls that shit like it had took place this morning nahmean. Thats my word. N yo then a miracle had began to transpire. When that nigga came out the booth a muthafuckin falcon had appeared behind him n that nigga just climbed on the falcon back n they just bust out the ceiling n shit. Niggas was like oh shit ya see that nigga Nas! Niggas was on they jack callin they niggas talkin bout that nigga Nas just flew out the studio on a muthfuckin 7 foot Falcon n shit. So thats how that rumor started spreading. Yalls niggas may not had heard that shit before tho. Thats my word.
Aight peace.

Ayo Nas n the nigga Rae doin a song together nahmeans!

Ayo whattup internet niggas this ya nigga Big Ghost aka the Black Bryant Gumbel namsayin! Ayo these is my niggas nahmeans. Word. These the gods nahmeans. Ayo the nigga Nas n my brotha Rae uniting on a track is like the moon n the sun collidin namsayin. The shit like if the moon smashed into the sun n them two forces joined…powers n shit. Ayo this like if yall take take a ball of fire right n you take a ice cube n shit…now you got the hottest force on earth n the coldest muthafuckin substance known to man n shit. N you put the two together n you get ice-fire namsayin. Thats like a volcano eruptin muthafuckin icicles n shit into the sky nahmean. This shit like a fiery glacier sailin across the oceans n shit. Ayo the god wept when he heard this news namsayin. A nigga just had to bow before a sunset n release the doves off the balcony when he heard this shit. Ayo tears burst out a niggas wig like showers n formed a rainbow around the gods halo n shit. Nahmeans. N a nigga just looked towards the heveans n shit n seen a choir of angels. The angels was singin the hymns. A nigga heard them singin A Change Gon Come by Sam Cooke n shit nahmean. I seen the faces of the slaves that was brought over from the motherland in they shackles n the shackles was made from thorns. N the thorns turned to roses namsayin. And the rose pedals fell from the sky n a giant rose emerged from the soils below the god balcony n shit. So the god climbed upon the rose n climbed into the clouds namsayin n sat upon his throne nahmeans. This some real nigga shit that yall lil small tight jacket n daisy duke wearin niggas aint understand. This shit aint yalls niggas chamber n shit. Word. Peace to the gods. They humblin a nigga.
Aight peace.

Ayo peep the fly Q & A shit namsayin!

Questions yalls internet muthafuckas been askin yallselves n shit!

H.A.M. Namsayin!

Ayo this the Wallabee Champ Tone Stizzy! Ayo these niggas brought the shit back to Afrika Bambaataa namsayin! This some electronic music for robotic zulu niggas in the jungle to throw spears to nahmeans. Word yo the god envisioned that shit. Niggas thats robots huntin wild mongooses wit spears n shit namsayin. This the kinda shit niggas wrestle gorillas to namsayin. Word. This some Tron shit. But yo the god got folklores bout that nigga Kanye tho. Nahmean that my nigga n all but yo straight up that nigga out his mind son. Word. Ayo that nigga came thru to jump on a remix wit the god nahmeans. The little nigga Ne-yo was in the studio when the nigga Ye show up. Bein that the nigga Ne-Yo done the hook nahmeans. The nigga Ne-Yo drunk than a muthafucka son nahmean. But yo the nigga Kanye show up n the nigga got a butt ass naked chinese bitch on a leash n shit. Bitch was about 4 feet tall. The nigga was wearin a silver tuxedo wit no shirt underneath. Just a bow tie n a silver tuxedo nahmeans. The nigga on his jack namsyain. N the nigga screamin on a broad on the phone yo. Word yo I aint even know what the nigga sayin to the broad but the nigga just screamin on the bitch namsayin talkin bout word Imma kill you bitch you betta hide ya dogs n this that n the third. The nigga hang up n yo the nigga Ne-Yo was feelin some kinda way bout the situation n the nigga say somethin bout yo that aint right son. Yo you gotta respect them broads etc etc nahmeans. Meanwhile the nigga Ye start takin off his belt all quiet like nahmean n dont even say a word to nobody n straight up the nigga Ye knocks that nigga Ne-Yo across his scalp wit the buckle namsayin. So the nigga Ne-Yo grabs a empty bottle of Ciroc n the nigga breaks the shit on the table talkin bout Imma stab this nigga Ye. Meanwhile my niggas got out they little phones n shit tryna capture the shit on video nahmeans. But yo the god aint wanna see no niggas gettin killed up in the spot so a nigga try n intervene. Thats my word. But yo then the nigga Ye bitch…the naked chinese broad on the leash starts whylin nahmean. Word yo the bitch growlin n shit. Out of nowhere the bitch jumps up on the ceiling nahmeans. Thats my word n the bitch crawlin around on the ceiling n walls growlin n shit. Niggas is runnin out the studio n that nigga Ne-Yo like a sittin duck nahmeans. N the broad jump down n start chewin on the nigga neck. Meanwhile the nigga Ne-Yo screamin like Mariah Carey n shit while the bitch chew the nigga neck. Word yo that was some fucked up shit. Then the nigga Ye clap his hands talkin bout Pang heel! He like Pang return! N the bitch come up to the nigga leg n shit n the nigga gave the bitch a kibble n shit. Then the nigga go in the booth n spit his verse in one take n the nigga bounced. Meanwhile the nigga Ne-Yo layin all unconscious in his own piss losin blood n shit. Turns out the nigga lost 2 liters of blood or some shit. Word yo that was some wild shit son! Them two niggas dont really mention that shit too much in interviews but the god remembers the shit clear as fuck. Word.
Aight peace.

Drake talkin greasy bout niggas!

Ayo whattup internet niggas its ya big homie Ghostface aka Theodore Deini the Wallabee Champ. Ayo I just seen this video wit that nigga Drake talkin foul bout his elders n shit. Nigga be splashin his cologne on niggas nahmean. Nigga tryna rub his cologne on niggas n keep his ass in the picture namsayin. He like that nigga in the backseat of the car pokin his head between the front seats tryna stay in the conversation wit front seat niggas nahmeans. Ayo the niggas Jay n Kanye be front seat niggas. Niggas got seat warmers n shit. Niggas can change the station on the car stereo n shit namsayin. The nigga Drake be tryna play wit the knobs on the stereo nahmeans. The nigga can’t adjust the heat controls n shit cos he a backseat nigga namsayin. Nigga you look out the side windows nahmeans. You aint built for windshield views n shit. Niggas like Drake aint built for the front seat. Nigga in the back with the child locks n shit. You aint no airbag havin nigga Drake. You need niggas permissions n shit to crack ya windows nahmeans. Niggas need to open ya doors nigga. Muthafuckas in the front seats open they own doors nahmean. Front seat niggas got legroom nahmean. Niggas push back they seats n take ya legroom nahmean. Ayo Drake niggas is takin ya legroom if they see ya ass. Ya backseat ass nigga. Ayo before I even go on wit that why the fuck this nigga always be gruntin when he say that nigga Wayne name n shit? Nigga be droppin his little anecdotes n shit n the muthafuckin stories always be some shit where the nigga gotta start gruntin n groanin bout that nigga nahmeans. Nigga talkin bout how the other nigga be makin the muthafucka nervous n shit. Ayo when niggas was makin joints like Protect Ya Neck n Reunited n shit niggas wasn’t in the studio gruntin n makin fuck faces over the other niggas darts n shit. Niggas wasn’t lookin at other niggas in the studio like ayo god ya makin a muthafucka weak in the knees wit that shit namsayin. Wasn’t no niggas talkin bout how they gettin all tingly n shit when a nigga spit his darts. Ayo we aint no homophobe niggas but straight up if the nigga U-God say to the god ayo Tony ya makin me nervous n shit I would had gone n smacked that nigga in his throat n shit. I’da put the stallions on that nigga. Nigga would had gotten thrown through five walls n come out of a room 3 doors away from where he was n shit namsayin. Only two reasons why niggas be makin other niggas nervous n that shit either cos the nigga wearin a wire or he a homo nigga. Word bond. 
Aight peace. 

My Latest Video n Shit!

Ayo whattup little Internet niggas this that nigga Big Ghost aka the official spokesman for Clark Wallabees namsayin. Ayo to keep it really 100 wit yalls the god ain’t really get the kinda budget that a nigga was hopin for n shit for this muthafucka. Ayo when we sat down to talk about the video treatments n shit we done discussed the details n shit right down to size the god throne was gon be n shit nahmeans. Word bond. N yo the god even offered to bring one of my own thrones from the crib n shit but the suit n tie niggas was like nah Tony we got you son. Ayo thats my word niggas but them muthafuckas aint come thru like that namsayin. Ayo the god specifically mentioned to them muthafuckas that there was supposed to be a golden unicorn at the god side nahmeans. And matter fact the god told them suit niggas we was gon shoot this shit in the heart of a fiery cavern inside a muthafuckin volcano n shit nahmeans. Ayo at the meeting niggas wit the suits was like ya Big Tone we got you that sounds like a wonderful idea blasé blah nahmeans. But in actuality them muthafuckas was fakin jax the whole time. Word bond son. Ayo the god bout 5 seconds away from runnin up in Def Jam offices wit the zoolanders on me namsyin. Word bond the god got the blue steel for these muthafuckas. Imma put the canons in they mouths n make em up the gods budget for the next video namsayin. Thats my word niggas is gonna get the god what they promised n shit. I wants that. Ayo the electric blue stallions. I wants that. Ayo the hundred mermaids wit the d cups or better. I wants that. Ayo the lasers comin out the clouds. I wants that. Ayo the chariots wit the 26 elephants pullin the muthafucka. I wants that. Pay up niggas! Yall exec niggas is delinquint namsayin. Make that shit happen. The rose pedals showering from the sky n alla that. Yall muthafuckas better do right!
Aight peace. 

Ayo Whattup New Niggas!

Ayo whattup this Deini the Wally Champ namsayin aka Stapleton’s Finest. Ayo I aint really got no problems wit the nigga Wizz Kalifrah nahmeans. Matter fact I aint really know who the nigga was til bout 5 minutes ago n shit namsayin. But yo jus so i aint step on this nigga toes or nothin like that…cos the god sincerely wish the little nigga the utmost success n alla that but yo Imma hafta keep it really 100 wit yalls. This Roll Up shit kinda soft namsayin. By that a nigga mean you could probably rock a cryin baby to sleep wit this shit nahmeans. This some shit for the nurseries n shit namsayin. Ayo a nigga listen to this shit at the wrong time n he liable to start hangin one them posters wit the little babies dressed like animals n vegetables n shit on they walls. A nigga might go cop one them calendars wit the kittens dressed up like they firemen n hang that shit in the hallway namsayin. Ayo this shit be like the shit yall hear in Calgon commercials n shit. Shit sounds like it was produced by muthafuckin Yanni or some shit. Nigga soundin like he gon get muthafuckin Enya n Barbra Streisand to jump on the remix n shit. This like some shit they play in the room when bitches be givin birth n shit. What niggas supposed to do with this shit light candles n soak in a tub by they fuckin selves n shit? Nahmeans. Bitches gon think they can slap a nigga around if they hear a nigga knockin this shit voluntarily n shit. Word bond. A nigga gon grow titties listenin to this kinds a shit. Ayo muthafuckin Lubriderm called n wanna know if they can bottle ya soft ass song nigga. Muthafuckin Hostess wanna know if they can use ya soft ass song to fill Twinkies n shit. Fuck outta here wit this shit nigga. Ayo word bond Staten island niggas dont play this shit son nahmeans. Word. Ayo we punch the sidewalk when we happy nigga. Thats a good day nigga! Ayo we eat broken glass when we in a good mood nigga! Thats real talk. Niggas be shootin at each other when we be sayin hi to each other to keep niggas sharp. We test each others reflexes n keep niggas on they toes n shit nahmeans! Thats love nigga. Thats real family values muthafucka! Yall soft serve niggas dont know nothin bout that. This some shit for niggas to braid they other niggas hair to. Word. 
Aight peace. 

That Ol Fly Shit Namsayin!

Big Tone speaks on Raekwon's new album

Ayo whattup this ya nigga Big Ghost aka the rap Bon Jovi nahmeans. Whattup to that nigga Chef aka Lex Diamonds aka Shallah Raekwon aka Corey nahmeans! Congratulations on the new joint n shit namsayin. Word. The god feelin mad joy to see ya project come to fruitions n shit. Word bond. Ayo yalls already know the god been knowing this nigga since we was babies n shit namsayin. Ayo the nigga Rae was a chubby nigga but the god seen past all that husky shit nahmeans. The nigga was a little on the thick side but he was a fly nigga. Word. The brotha had all that fly shit when we was just lil niggas namsayin. Ayo the god was a bum nigga nahmeans. Word. The god was sleepin 8 to a bed n shit n had the sneakers wit the sole separatin from the shoe n shit. The god shoes used to flap n make slappin noises when a nigga was runnin down the street nahmeans. Used to sound like babies clappin they hands when the god was runnin namsayin. But the nigga Rae had luxuries that the god looked up to nahmeans. Word. The nigga was rockin fly gears n used to come around wit a fresh cut n shit. Niggas head used to look airbrushed. Meanwhile the god n my brothers used to share pants n shit. Thats my word. A nigga aint even had no pants that was his own. Niggas was fightin over who turn it was to rock the corduroys n shit. Meanwhile the nigga Rae he aint share his pants wit no muthafuckin body. Niggaa even had his own bed n shit. The nigga had the joint that looked like a race car n shit. Nigga had Atari in his room n shit. Word. Nigga was like royalty to us. Word bond the nigga had the crayon box wit the sharpeners n shit. Ya know the 64 color joints n shit. My nigga had that. Had mad colors. We was usin yellow n red to color skin in the coloring books nahmeans. Niggas had the 7 packs. Ayo but the nigga Rae had like 6 different shades of browns n shit namsayin. Nigga had the silver n gold joints. He used to say nobody could touch the silver n golds namsayin. Word bond. We was buggin like who this nigga? Nigga was like a alien n shit. The nigga was a martian. Niggas in the hood aint had pets n shit. We was puttin rats in the shoe box jus so we could experience that shit namsayin. Niggas was seekin that affection from rodents n shit. But ayo my lil nigga Davie he got bit in the throat by one them pet rats so we cut that shit out nahmeans. Niggas was gettin rabies n shit. But the nigga Rae he had real life guinea pigs n shit. Like from the real pet stores n shit. Nigga had a guinea pig named Joey in his room n he used to let niggas admire that muthafucka when we was there. We aint know what the shit was at first. Niggas was runnin round like ayo the nigga Rae got a armadillo at his crib namsayin. Niggas was thinkin Rae had that exotic shit. I miss that nigga Joey. But yo thats neither here nor there nahmeans. I love this nigga right here. No homo namsayin. This nigga like the wind beneath the god wings n shit. The god done great things wit the nigga. We done seen the world together nahmeans. We done gone to Africa to dig wells wit our bare hands for the unfortunate. We done opened schools in the mother land. We done crossed deserts together n drank from the same cactuses n shit. We done tag teamed bitches together. Word. The god would donate one of his livers to the nigga Rae. Anybody ever cross my nigga Imma pull a muthafucka stomach out his ass n shit. Thats my word. Yalls click the god name for his latest interviews n shit.
Aight peace.


Ayo this ya nigga Big Ghost namsayin! Ayo they tryna shut a nigga blogs down n shit nahmean! But the god been thru many storms n shit. A nigga done walked thru hurricanes n swam in tidal waves n shit. A nigga done walked in the midst of tsunamis n shit. Word son. A nigga done endured those turmoils n shit. Ayo for yalls niggas that aint heard the tales of a nigga upbringins n shit Imma give you that. A nigga gon give yall the folklores. Word yo the god was sent down the river Nile namsayin in a basket. Word n yo the muthafuckas that found the god knew that they was in the presence of a majestic nigga cos the god was draped in divine fabrics n shit nahmean. Even as a baby the god had the aura namsayin. A niggas aura was incredible n shit. A nigga was meant to do unbelievable shit. The niggas said ayo we gon call this baby Tony Starks namsayin. Years would pass n the god would acclaim such titles like Wally Champ n Theodore n Pretty Toney n shit namsayin. Boldly goin where no real niggas had traveled before. I done had a thousand falcons carry a nigga across the sky over canyons n shit. The god rests his head upon clouds n bathes under waterfalls namsayin. Thats real talk. Yall lil tight jacket n apple bottoms wearin light in the ass new school niggas aint know nothin bout that. Get ya divinities up nigga! That aint yalls gate nahmean! Yalls aint on the same level as the god namsayin. Thats how Stapleton niggas get down. We aint grown up wit the crayola boxes wit the sharpeners n shit. Niggas aint had privileges n shit. Niggas was eatin razors n drinkin yoo-hoos. We punch buildings when we happy. We knock bricks outta walls to express our joys n shit. Niggas aint had role models n shit namsayin. Ayo we was just happy to be breathin n shit but niggas elevated theyselves nahmean! Word. We seen the snakes in the gardens n shit nahmean. Niggas tryna pick fruit from the gods orchards. Yall suit n tie muthafuckas is takin food out a nigga babies mouths n shit. Ayo the god gon throw a lamp post at a nigga if he try eatin a nigga food. Yall tryna slip the broken glass into a nigga riggatonis n shit namsayin. Word. But we eat those nahmean.
Aight peace.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

MMM #128 Ombudsmen

     Complaints about the media date to the earliest newspapers, and probably back to the first human to carve out a message in stone.

     But the concept of an actual reader/viewer/listener representative on the staff is a relatively recent creation.

     There is, as with everything in the world these days, an official association for them, and the history section of the association's website places the first newspaper ombudsman in the U.S.:

The first press ombudsman appears in the U.S.A. in July 1967, with the function of listening to the complaints of the readers of the Louisville Courier Journal and of the Louisville Times, both in Louisville, Kentucky.
     There is only one Alabama media entity with an ombudsman that I'm aware of...The Anniston Star, long a shining light in the world of journalistic ethics. The paper employs former editor Paul Rilling for that purpose. He is called a "Media Critic", but his columns seem to focus on his own paper as much as anything.

     The media ombudsmen association I linked above has only thirty regular members, and there is some evidence that the days of ombudsmen may be eroding, probably a result of cost cutting as much as anything.

     The Washington Post's ombudsman has resigned, disgusted by the decline in the journalistic quality of the paper. Yet the fact that his final column, expressing that disgust, was even published by the paper says something about the integrity that remains.

     And a venerated volunteer group that tried to investigate reader/viewer/listener complaints about the media, the Minnesota News Council, is folding too.

     On the other hand, The Star and other papers founded a kind of group-critique organization last year called Bama Fact Check.

[The Monday Morning Media Memo is a regular feature of this blog.]

Islamist Goons Dressed Like Cops Threaten, Expel Anti-Supremacist Muslims From Debate

Tarek Fatah reports...

North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF).

Is it an Islamic Supremacist organization?

Why would they defame Mr. Fatah as a "hatemonger against Islam", unless they deemed all anti-supremacists/anti-Sharia-Law/anti-Islamization Muslims to be "hatemongers against Islam"?

Why did they send big, burly Islamist "security guards" who look just like cops to threaten and expel non-supremacists?

UPDATE:  Intrepid reporter Blazing Cat Fur was there...

News of Fatah's cancellation was greeted by by cheers of Allahu Akbar by a segment of the moderate muslims in attendance.
Apparently some of the "moderate Muslims"... weren't.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mark Kennedy...back in politics.

     Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Mark Kennedy has been selected as Chair of The Alabama Democratic Party, though there was hardly a crowded field.

    Kennedy was the only announced candidate.

    It's a fairly amazing turn of events if you recall the way Kennedy was treated in 1994 when he was mangled at the hands of Karl Rove. The Atlantic published a story with the details in November of 2004.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Not A Great Recession 4 All

A 40% salary increase in 2010 for the CEO of....


Pray for the Dead ... and the Living

The longer you work in or with a church—whether paid or volunteer —the more you come to realize the many sorrows everyone bears. The friend across from me laments a son with a drinking and drug problem, a husband who doesn’t believe in God all the while mourning the loss of the woman who was her mother figure. Another woman never married but cares for her dying brother; she was also there to see to all the needs of both parents in their last hours. A man lost his wife over ten years ago and yet still loves her and misses her as if it were yesterday. An elderly mother has buried three of her five children, a husband, all but two of her eight siblings and outlived most of her friends. Another woman lost her husband when he tried to stop a crime in progress and one of her two sons to an accident; she also lost five babies to still births and always dreamed of having a large family. Her only surviving son lives over in Europe and is approaching 40; she quietly accepts that she will never have grandchildren of her own and lavishes her love on the parish children.

Death. It’s all around us. So is sorrow and grieving. We aren’t supposed to be a grieving society. We are affluent America. We’re supposed to be happy. It’s what American parents reportedly desire for their children and for themselves—happiness. And we want it in this life; we even expect it. Our own Constitution tells us it’s our God-given ‘right’, or the pursuit of it is anyway. I’ve never had much luck with ‘pursuing’ happiness myself, but that’s another story.

Interestingly, those same people who have – and are – suffering so much are often the most joyful people I know. They aren’t always ‘happy’, but they are usually full of His Joy.

Last night I discovered another such soul, a woman I’ve seen and known by sight around my parish for years. And she asked an interesting question, a question I’ve given some thought to myself.

She wanted to know why we as Catholics pray for the dead. Her husband has been dead for years now and their six children apparently are offended by the fact that she still prays for him. Like their mother, they loved their Dad very much and believe he was a very good man. Their reasoning is, if ‘Dad’ was such a good man, isn’t it an insult to his memory to pray for him? Why not have faith in his good life—or if not in him, then in God’s all powerful mercy—that this good man will go straight to Heaven?

Well of course I did think of the Biblical argument that there is ‘no one good but God alone’ but decided not to go down that path. Scriptural debates are all well good in their place. This was a matter of the heart. And anyway, I knew why this woman was still praying for her husband and it had nothing to do with her beliefs about her husband’s soul or God’s mercy and it had everything to do with her undying love for him.

You see if you really love someone, that love doesn’t stop with death. It doesn’t end; it can’t. It goes on just as that person’s life goes on in eternity. So whether or not we may be aware of it, it’s our need to reach out to our loved one which is met through our prayer for that person. Of course this isn’t the Church’s theological reasons for prayers for the dead and those are certainly worth studying too. But in this case, I think my friend will have more success explaining to her children that she prays for her deceased husband because she loves him. She loved him so much and for so long, she couldn’t—can’t—just stop because he’s died. So now praying for him allows her to express those deep feelings.

And what about the prayers?

What about them? Well, they are surely from her heart, so they are good prayers. In fact, they are probably the very best kind of prayers in the entire world knowing the sweetness of this dear woman.

So, if in fact, her husband does need her prayers, so much the better.

And if he doesn’t? Doesn’t this world need prayer?

Is there any doubt?

Are prayers wasted? If you believe in an all-merciful and all-loving God, as I do, I think you know the answer to that question. He has plenty of use for such prayer.

Is there anyone you are grieving? Anyone you miss more than your own life? Pray for them and be consoled. If they need your prayers, you may bring them to the arms of God. If not, you will still bring YOU—and perhaps some of your hurting brothers and sisters here on this earth—there with you.

Pray. Pray. And Pray some more.

Cutting to The Bone and Beyond

     Governor Bentley has asked the heads of Alabama's Public Education...K-12 and Higher schools would be impacted f he were to declare 3% cuts in the current budget and 10% in the 2011-12 budget.

     Let's put that in the proper perspective. In September, outgoing Governor Riley cut the Education Budget by 9.5 % in 2010 and 11% in the previous year. If Bentley orders the proration he's asking about, it would mean  budget cuts of about 33% over the past few years. How do you operate a school system on 33% less money?

     Stimulus money (that the Alabama Congressional Delegation voted against) is gone, though it saved thousands of Alabama teacher's jobs.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interesting Stats, Inconvenient For The Left

Story here.

Spousal violence was also more likely to occur in common-law relationships and blended families, the study found.

Homosexuals were more than twice as likely to report having experienced spousal violence, while bisexuals were four times as likely.

Aboriginal people were also about twice as likely to report being a victim to violence at the hands of a spouse or partner.

But other socio-demographic factors, such as household income and education levels were found to have little impact on the level of spousal violence among Canadian couples.

Hmm... what are the implications for policy, then?

Obviously, it has nothing to do with "income distribution", a fact that should make the Left go unhinged.

Toon Time: A Word From Hawaii Guv Re Obama Birth Certificate

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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Hawaii Governor Unable To Find Obama Birth Certificate

 NO Obama birth certificate:
Even the Governor can't find one.
Does it even exist?
Did it ever?
Is it all a Big Lie?

Apparently it doesn't exist.  This corroborates an affidavit recently signed by a former Hawaii elections official that states as much.

Moreover, can anyone in the DNC prove that they saw Obama's real, "long-form", original, paper birth certificate when they were supposed to be doing their job ensuring that the nominee adhered to the Constitution's "natural-born" (on legal American soil) Eligibility rule?

 Smoking an imaginary cigarette?

Sorry, but it's not enough to try to intimidate us with threat of public ridicule just for asking for proof.

We're not stupid. We know when something hasn't been proven and when people are lying.  It's blatantly obvious, right in front of our eyes and unmistakable.

 Beginning to realize that he's gonna be in deep doody?

Until the real, long-form birth certificate is shown, I will continue to hold that Obama is NOT the President, legally, constitutionally.  He's just an illegal occupier of the Office and his laws and executive orders and appointments... all null and void.

When it comes out that, indeed, he is an impostor, then the consequences can be managed in an orderly fashion.

Sure, it won't be easy, but THE LAW IS THE LAW!

Is that guilt... and fear?
Fear... of consequences for wrongdoing?  For breaking the law?
For disobeying the Constitution?
Caught with his pants down?
With red hands in the cookie jar?

Most Canadians Hard-Right On Death Penalty, Say It's OK

Let the Left come unhinged at this revelation.

So, no matter how much the Liberal socialist coalition attacks PM Harper for saying he supports the penalty in certain circumstances, blasting him for his position will only mean that, by extension, they're blasting the majority of Canadians for having the same position.

What, does the Left want to engage in a massive propaganda campaign to manipulate and transform the Peoples' views on the death penalty to adhere to the Left's own preferred ideological dogmae?  Do they want to put in that massive, long-running propaganda and social intimidation effort like they did on the GLBT stuff?  Would it even work nowadays, since the People have access to alternative viewpoints and are no longer held hostage by the once-monopolistic, so-called "mainstream" media?

Like, who wants to have their money confiscated to support the likes of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka?  They should've gotten the death penalty.  So should've Clifford Olson.  So should've Allan Legere.  And I'm sure the majority agree with me, notwithstanding the melodramatic shock on the part of the Lightheaded Left.

Who's in touch with Canadians and their views?

Who's onside with Canadian values?

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are.

The Liberal Socialist Coalition is NOT.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

“Can you drink the cup?”

‘Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee approached him with her sons and did him homage, wishing to ask him for something. He said to her, “What do you wish?” She answered him, “Command that these two sons of mine sit, one at your right and the other at your left, in your kingdom.” Jesus said in reply, “You do not know what you are asking. Can you drink the cup that I am going to drink?” They said to him, “We can.” He replied, “My cup you will indeed drink, but to sit at my right and at my left, (this) is not mine to give but is for those for whom it has been prepared by my Father.” Matthew 20:20-23

I just returned from retreat—my first ever work-related retreat. Our retreat master, a nurse by profession—who for the past thirteen years has been working for our archdiocese in a service capacity—is one of those dynamic people who radiates enthusiasm and joy. She chose the above Scripture passage for our theme.

Using the analogy of ‘the cup’ as representing our own life, or God’s Will for us, we were invited to examine holding, lifting and finally drinking the cup. In the first step, we had the opportunity to see how we accept and embrace the lives we are given—in all their idiosyncrasies, mystery, pain, wonder and totality. We were entertained by many stories, some happy, others bittersweet which served to remind that God fills our cups with many varied things.

The second step, lifting or tipping the cup, was the act of community. Last night we even had a little ceremony where we held, clinked and drank from matching stoneware chalices in a symbolic opportunity which showed us visually our connectedness to each other. The beauty and vitality in this transitional movement is that to reach the point of being able to ‘drink from the cup’ we must first recognize the other. Your cup is different than mine. It may look the same on the outside—or not—but it certainly contains different things on the inside. When our cups touch, I acknowledge you and you do the same for me. Such a simple, old-fashioned notion, but oh so desperately needed in the world today.

And finally, I drink of my cup. It is in this action I am joining Christ and accepting the Father’s Will in humble, trustful surrender. Some days it is easy to drink from my cup; other days it is not. But it remains mine and mine alone to drink to the very bottom.

I’ve been trying to take a retreat ever since I started this job. I’ve needed something like this for ages. So often I say, ‘I’m too busy right now. I can’t get away. I’ve got all this work to do.’

And it’s true ... I do have all this work to do. And even more things here at home that I need and want to do. That’s my cup: full-time job which is also a ministry; good marriage I want to keep strong; a busy family life and extended family close and spread all over the country; friends in town and out; a home to care for; and many activities I like to do.

It is a very full cup, but probably no more full than most other people today. Very gingerly I lift my cup to you. Tell me about your cup. Then we can tip our cups together and drink of Our Father's Will.

Happy Republic Day


 Come on, it’s a great day. So wish evrybody… JAI HIND..

 Our life is full of Colors … I hope this 26th January will add more colors to your life. Happy Republic Day!

Happy Republic Day!

United we stand, Divided we fall  Happy Republic Day!
 Come on, it’s a great day. So wish evrybody… JAI HIND..

 Grand Salute to our National flag

 Great Programs held on Republic day

 East or west India is the best

 Our national flag- Vande Matram

 Happy Republic Day

 Be proud to be an Indian!… Great REPUBLIC… Happy Republic day !!

 Tri colour flag

 Vande matram jai hind jai bharat

 we all are one

Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Heart, Memories in our Souls. Lets Salute the Nation on REPUBLIC DAY.

Our life is full of Colors … I hope this 26th January will add more colors to your life. Happy Republic Day!

 Come on, it’s a great day. So wish evrybody… JAI HIND..

 26th January Parade
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