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Search for Aliayah: Legal Advice Sought

Has law enforcement effectively interviewed Aliayah's mother?  Are they unable to obtain the needed information?  Are they seeking advice on how to proceed without a body?  Are they concerned about making announcements while the mother is about to give birth?

Absent from the vigil as well as media is the step father, who has not spoken publicly.  Neither the mother nor the step father have used media to make a plea for their daughter's safe return.  The only statements from the mother have been concerning, but it is the absence of both mother and step father that is raising more questions.  Is this the Casey Anthony era where law enforcement feels they need more than circumstantial evidence for a conviction?

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Aliayah Lunsford Still Missing on Day 7
Posted Friday, September 30, 2011 ; 06:33 PM
Updated Friday, September 30, 2011; 06:57 PM

Aliayah, 3, went missing Saturday morning. The FBI is leading the search and investigation to find her.By Stacy Jacobson
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WESTON -- Seven days have gone by without locating Aliayah Lunsford, 3. And with the Friday weather cool-down, the search is turning desperate."That's a long time for a child to survive in this kind of environment without food, water and shelter and exposed to the elements," FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen said.
Volunteer search and rescue crews and K-9 units re-combed the West Fork River and its banks Friday. The FBI said law enforcement is surveying the area separately, looking for any clues or evidence.
But the question of what happened to Aliayah remains and the possibility of eventual charges is becoming more probable.
"There's going to be some type of consequence. In all likelihood it's going to be a criminal consequence," Defense Attorney Tom Dyer said. Law enforcement sought legal advice from Lewis County Prosecutor Gary Morris Friday and briefed him on the case.
Defense Attorney Tom Dyer has offered his services for free to anyone who comes forward with information on Aliayah's whereabouts. He said coming forward is in the best interest of a potential perpetrator.
"If you come in now, you are certainly going to be treated more favorably than if this thing continues to drag on and on," Dyer said.
"Surely someone must know something. A person doesn't just vanish out of thin air like this," Killeen said.
Still, the community and all the volunteers, wait and hope that she will be brought home safely.
The FBI said its volunteers are "exhausted," and new volunteers are welcome this weekend.
If you have any information about Aliayah, please call 911 or the Lewis County Sheriff's Office at 304-269-8251

David Hartley: One Year Later

The following is from intimate partner homicide expert, Susan Milano Murphy. 

One year ago, we closely followed this story and plead with Tiffany Hartley to take a polygraph due to the inconsistency in her story, and that Statement Analysis showed consistent deception.  She refused.  See prior analysis.  

David Hartley Story One Year Later Still Does Not Float

Nearly year after David Hartley's mysterious disappearance from Falcon Lake, the man's body has yet to be recovered. CNN reports Hartley's widow, Tiffany, has sued the State Department, Justice Department, and FBI in an attempt to learn what happened to her husband.
A year has passed when the world heard a distressed wife call and explain from a cell phone that she escaped pirates and her husband had just been shot on Falcon Lake. David Hartley was on his jet skis when the couple was “ambushed.” His body has never been recovered.
I need to clarify first Tiffany Hartley is not a widow. There is no body. A death certificate has never been signed or issued. David Hartley is a missing person. The wife is the sole witness to the craziest story I have ever heard as it relates to missing person intimate partner homicide. In my opinion, this fairy tale is pale in comparison to male offenders murdering their wives or girlfriends. Their stories would never hold water and yet for some reason hers floats.
Tiffany Hartley has sued the State DepartmentJustice Department and FBI? To learn what happened? Wasn’t she there?
I have said this before, if someone with common sense, a reporter or law enforcement agency takes the words from the 911 call made by Tiffany Hartley and recreates what she said happened on September 30, 2010, at a lake with jet skis, you will see what was said is in my expert opinion a fairy tale. Perhaps those whom were sued could consider saving themselves tax payer dollars find a lake and follow her script.
David Hartley is missing. Body and border patrol used in the same sentence screams foul play. A convenient cover-up for, in my opinion, cold blooded murder.
Other stories on the case:


Susan Murphy Milano is a staff member of the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education. She is a specialist with intimate partner violence prevention strategies and high risk cases and available for personal consultations through the Institute. She is also part of the team at Management Resources Limited of New York.

Susan is the author of "Time's Up: A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships,"Moving out, Moving on, and Defending Out Lives. Susan is the host of The Susan Murphy Milano Show, "Time's Up!" . She is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated "The Roth Show" with Dr Laurie Roth and a co-host on Crime Wire.

If you would like to schedule Susan Murphy Milano for training and interviews, please contact:ImaginePublicity PO BOX 14946 Surfside Beach, SC 29587 Phone: 843.808.0859 email-

Vigil for Aliayah Without Family

As neighbors held a vigil for missing 3 year old Aliayah Lansford, absent was her family.

Candlelight Vigil Held for Missing Child

As the search continues for Aliayah Lunsford, folks met up Thursday night to sing, pray and tell stories. The community and supporters had a candlelight vigil to show her the way back home.
"We were on Facebook Saturday, and about an hour after that we were up here. I just thought it would take, you know, a couple minutes to find her," said Margaret Blake.
"My sister and my family and I have searched the past couple of days, trying to help out as much as we could," Mary Good explains. "I just wish somebody had an answer. I have no idea. My heart aches. I'm a mother and would give anything to find her myself."
"We pray for her everyday, for her safety. And if she's not alive, we pray that someone finds her to give the community closure, let alone the family," explained Marsha Williston.
Folks all across the East Coast have joined in on the search, but since day one, it's evident members of the community came together.

"I have never seen so many people. So many different churches, businesses, organizations come together and deliver the stuff that we've needed at Bendale Church and the armory. Enough for everybody and it has just been remarkable," said Susie Kerns.
For the first time on Thursday, a helicopter was called in to assist in the search. FBI officials say there is no evidence to suggest that Aliayah was harmed.
"People, quit spreading rumors and stuff so the officers can actually find and be able to do their jobs," said Williston.
Indicating a belief that rumors stops police from doing their jobs
"We need her home. She's such a sweet precious little girl, and we want her back home," said Kerns.

Search crews wrapped up searching Thursday night, but it will begin again Friday morning.

Sister Melinda Dee Prove Reluctant to Respond to Possible Reversed

Sister Melinda Dee Prove Reluctant to Respond to Possible ReversedJakarta - Melinda Dee's sister, Visca Lovitasari reluctant to respond to possible applications of proof to dismantle the flow of funds worth Rp 8 billion into their accounts

This method is recommended by the Law on Money Laundering and successfully practiced in cases of corruption of tax officials Bahasyim Assifiie some time ago."If the problem is, we talk some other time," said attorney Lovitasari Visca, Devie Waluyo after the trial in District Court of South Jakarta, Jl Raya Ampera on Wednesday (28/09/2011). 

In addition to Visca, prosecutors also indicted Melinda Dee gave the proceeds to the husband broke into Citibank customers Visca, Ismail. Ismail accommodated value reached USD 21.4 billion by mode via the company Ekclusive Jaya Perkasa PT."The method of proof entar dululah. Responded it was too premature, "said Arya Wicaksana prosecutors in a similar opportunity.Visca designated as a defendant after it holds the proceeds of crime from his brother. Attorney Arya said Malinda Dee funneling money to his brother in stages until it reaches the value of more than USD 8 billion, in the period January 24, 2007 until October 19, 2010. 

Arya explains the first stage of Rp2.063.723.000 Malinda deposit money. Then, Malinda provide more money for a total of Rp 5,429,199,000. In the third stage, the wife of siri Andhika this Gumilang deposit Rp 66 million. Finally, former Citibank Relationship Manager gave money worth USD 401.48 million to Visca Lovita. 

Money has been received by Visca, said Arya, Malinda deposited back to the account of others as well as companies that dealt with his brother."The defendant got a reward from Inong Malinda Dee average about Rp 5 million per transaction," said Arya.(Ari / gun)

Anwar Al-Awlaki Is Dead

Anwar Al-Awlaki Is Dead

john lackey wife battling cancer

john lackey wife battling cancer

Holly Madison

Holly Madison

Holly Madison $1 Million Breasts Insurance

Holly Madison $1 Million Breasts Insurance

Attorney Makes Offer to End Search For Aliayah

A local attorney is making an offer to represent the person or persons responsible for the disappearance of 3 year old Aliayah Lunsford, in exchange for representation.  
 Is it a real concern to bring an end to search?

This  leads to an ethical dilemma:  how would he defend the person (s) who reveals the location of Aliayah?  

Analysis question:  Is this a genuine offer, or publicity stunt?

The implication is that a "tragedy" took place, rather than a crime, which may be targeted towards the mother.  

Long critical of attorneys, the offer of free representation does not appear to be, in the low media area, a publicity stunt, a la Cheney Mason, but perhaps an olive branch to the mother and step father. 

An Offer To Help End Search For Girl
Reuben Perdue, WAJR FM

A noted Clarksburg defense attorney is making a plea to try and end the search for three-year-old Aaliyah Lunsford in Lewis County.

Defense attorney Tom Dyer says he will represent anyone who knows anything about the girl's disappearance free of charge.
"We will make arrangements to meet with you privately ahead of time," he said. "And then come in and turn yourself in and explain exactly what has happened."                                                                    
Note that "ahead of time" is answered in the following sentence:  "turn yourself in" is presupposed.  Please note that he wants, for his office (plural) and police, an explanation but wants the truth, so as part of the offer, the additional word "exactly" is used.  This shows the speaker expects that when the person (s) turns himself or herself in, there is a presupposition of truth; no spin, no nonsense.  They are to tell him, his staff, and police "exactly" what happened, even though he expects an "explanation" of events.  This suggests that something "tragic" happened and the child is hidden in cover up.  

Authorities handling the search have said from day one that they are not ruling out any possibilities in the girl's disappearance. The possibility remains that the girl was abducted and taken out of the area.

Dyer says if that's the case, whoever knows what happened may be in fear of the consequences. If anyone has taken the girl or knows where she is -- he is willing to help them.
"I will speak to you and handle this matter at no cost to bring a conclusion to this tragedy," he said.

Note the change from "we" to the stronger, personal, "I" by the attorney.  If he spoke on behalf of his staff above (with the "we"), he then shows the importance of his own personal involvement and perhaps use of his prominence to convince the person (s) to approach him, assuring personal involvement.  This shows a strong commitment to his statement.   Note the closeness of "this matter" is associated with him, personally.  

Opinion of analysis:  This appears to be  a genuine offer to end the search.  It is likely he knows the toll this is taking, emotionally and financially, on the community.  
Off topic:  
I cannot help but think what would have happened if a decent attorney made this offer to Terri Horman, step mother of missing 7 year old, Kyron Horman, to end the suffering of unknown for the family of Kyron.  

Dyer says he hopes his offer will bring an end to the suffering for the family and community while saving tax payer dollars and man-hours being expended on the search.
Dyer can be reached at 304-677-0111.

Holly Madison Insures Breasts

Holly Madison Insures Breasts

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Neighbors Suspicious of Aliayah's Mother

Questions continue about the disappearance of 3 year old Aliayah Lunsford, who's brief statements from her mother have caused concern.  Now, a neighbor weighs in with his suspicion that the mother was not out looking for her child when she said she was. 

Is the home a crime scene?

Are police waiting until she gives birth to announce an arrest?

Does the intruder theory hold any weight with anyone?

Please see recent analysis where the short appearance by the mother indicated to us contradictory body language, and statements that raised concern.  Some neighbors have taken to writing on social network sites, while others are speaking to local media.  Some speak of neglect, drug abuse, and violence.  Below, the neighbor casts doubt upon the mother's account:  

Denzil McHenry's home sits directly across from the Lunsford home on Dennison Street. But he remembers it usually being a quiet home.
"It's weird if you have five kids and you never see them out playing," he said.
But that's not the only question McHenry has regarding the family. McHenry said he was out loading his truck all Saturday morning, but never saw anything strange, despite what Lena Lunsford told police.
"I was here until a little bit before 10 [a.m.]," he said. "I never heard anybody hollering or screaming, come outside looking for anybody. Nobody ever came out to ask me if I'd seen her or seen anything or nothing."
Aliayah's mother said she saw the girl in bed at 6:30 a.m. wearing purple Dora the Explorer pajamas. She told police she went missing between that time and 9:30 a.m., when she left to search for her.
McHenry was not the only one to question Lena Lunsford's timing and questions in the community stretch beyond that.
Both Lena and Ralph Lunsford, Aliayah's stepfather, have questionable criminal backgrounds, including an unlawful assault charge in 2009 against Ralph Lunsford. Weston Democrat reporter John Wolfe remembered covering the case.
"It was alleged that he took an ax and threatened his niece, and broke out some of the windows in her vehicle," Wolfe said.
"Now I kind of wonder," McHenry said.
Wolfe's court research revealed Ralph has 16 past charges and Lena Lunsford has several too. Her's are not violent, but they include lying to police, forgery and receiving stolen property.
"They would make you question her integrity," Wolfe said.
The FBI has remained tight-lipped about its investigation. Special Agent Jeff Killeen said investigators have received a lot of tips that they're checking. Thursday, agents searched the Comfort Inn room where the family moved yesterday, after its Dennison Street home became a crime scene.
But so far, nothing. And the lack of developments has made people wonder.
"They might be a little more forthcoming with information," Wolfe said.
"I think they should've made it a crime scene Saturday afternoon because it was obvious she wasn't in the neighborhood or anywhere in the vicinity. They should have checked out if there were fingerprints or anything out of place that looked like she might have been abducted," McHenry said.
Investigators are still concentrating their search in Lewis County because the majority of tips have led them there, Killeen said.

Police Chief in Texas Sends Transgender Porn to Rival

South Texas Police Chief 'Accidentally' Texts Transgender Porn to Constable
Sep 29, 2011 7:15 PM EDT
A police chief in South Texas admitted to sending transgender porn to a constable after he was reported to police and accused of harassment, reported.
But Primera Police Chief Joe Rodriguez told Valley Central that he "accidentally" texted the photos from his personal phone. He said he meant to send the porn to his cousin.
The constable, Robert Lopez, is running against Rodriguez for the constable position in 2012. Each have traded accusations that the other is trying to tarnish their reputation for political gain.
But this isn't the first time Rodriguez has gotten into trouble over porn. In 2007, he was fired from the Rio Hondo school district amid an investigation that he allegedly searched for adult content on school computers as a district cop.
Lopez says a pattern of inappropriate behavior has been established.
"He's an adult...he's a chief of police in Primera...he should be more responsible...more respectable when it comes to the public," he told Valley Central.

Texas Cop Child Pornography

Former Slaton police lieutenant pleads guilty to child pornography charges

Posted: Sep 29, 2011 4:34 PM EDTUpdated: Sep 29, 2011 4:46 PM EDT
Provided by U.S. Department of Justice

Richard Lee Lewis, 50, of Slaton, Texas, pleaded guilty today before U.S. District Judge Sam R. Cummings to one count of receiving child pornography, announced U.S. Attorney Sarah R. SaldaƱa of the Northern District of Texas.  Lewis faces a statutory sentence of not less than five or more than 20 years in federal prison, a $250,000 fine and up to a lifetime of supervised release.  Judge Cummings ordered a presentence investigation report; a sentencing date will be set after the report is submitted to the Court.  Lewis, a former officer in the Slaton Police Department, remains on a personal recognizance bond.
According to documents filed in the case, Lewis admitted that while he lived in Slaton, he used peer-to-peer file-sharing programs to download images and videos, including child pornography, to his computer.  On May 11, 2011, law enforcement officers executed a federal search warrant at his residence and seized approximately three computers, 80 CDs and 10 VHS tapes.  A forensic examination of the computers revealed numerous images and videos depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.
This case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice, to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse.  Led by United States Attorneys' Offices and the Criminal Division's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS), Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state and local resources to better locate, apprehend and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the Internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims.  For more information about Project Safe Childhood, please visit
The case is being investigated by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Lubbock Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven M. Sucsy of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Lubbock, Texas, is prosecuting.

Iranian Pastor Death Penalty

Iranian Pastor Sentenced to Death: Nadarkhani Refuses to Convert

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  •  -1
By Daniel D. Tovrov | September 29, 2011 10:35 AM EDT
Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who is facing the death penalty, again refused to convert to Islam to save his life.
Nadarkhani was arrested in 2009 for the crime of apostasy because he allegedly abandoned Islam for Christianity. As a pastor, Iranian clerics believe that Nadarkhani was preaching in order to convert Muslims.
  • (Photo: REUTERS / Morteza Nikoubazl)<br> Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks during an antichemical weapon ceremony in Tehran June 29, 2010.
(Photo: REUTERS / Morteza Nikoubazl)
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks during an antichemical weapon ceremony in Tehran June 29, 2010.
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Before his last hearing Wednesday, Nadarkhani had been given three previous chances to repent, and all three times he has refused. After his final refusal Wednesday, no verdict has been announced, but many expect that he could be put to death as soon as Friday.
The case has slowly garnered international attention, and there are a number of Christian rights groups advocating for his release. 
U.S. House Speaker John Boehner also has spoken out against Iran. "While Iran's government claims to promote tolerance, it continues to imprison many of its people because of their faith. This goes beyond the law to an issue of fundamental respect for human dignity. I urge Iran's leaders to abandon this dark path, spare [Nadarkhani's] life, and grant him a full and unconditional release," said Boehner.
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There were rumors on Wednesday night that Nadarkhani's execution sentence was to be waived after the final trial, but contradicting reports indicate that the news was incorrect.
"We've had some reports that there has been a verbal announcement from the court in Iran that the sentence is annulled but we urge caution," said Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a religious group campaigning for Nadarkhani's release.
"It's been known that verbal announcements have been directly contradicted by later written statements. We are still calling for international pressure to be kept up."
The American Center for Law and Justice said in a message titled "Troubling News" that the rumors were spread by the Iranian secret service in an attempt to get the media to stop reporting the story. ACLJ said Nadarkhani's lawyer Mohammad Ali Dadkhah called the center Wednesday to say the death sentence hasn't been overturned.
Even if the sentence were commuted, Nadarkhani could still face life in prison. And even if he were released, there would still be danger.
"In Iran about 18 years ago, they had released a pastor, but then came and assassinated him and his bishop later. We cannot stop the pressure," Pastor Firouz Sadegh-Khandjani, a Member of the Council of Elders for the Church of Iran, told the ACLJ.
Between June 2010 and January 2011, more than 200 people in Iran were arrested for their religious beliefs, according to Elam Ministries, a United Kingdom-based church with ties to Iran.
In August, a pastor named Haghnejad was arrested for the third time, according to Christian Solidarity. Police also confiscated 6,500 bibles, which Iran's social issues committee deemed were being used to deceive youths.
While no one has been hanged for the crime of apostasy in Iran for more than 20 years, the country has the second highest execution rate of any nation in the world. So far in 2011, there have been about 400 executions, a quarter of which occurred in September.