Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just A True Douche

Hey, Justin!

The '70s called.  They want their porn star back!

Extreme Leftists Trying To Sink Canada's Economy

...by attacking Canada's energy-export industry.

Yup.  The usual suspects, including the Liberal Coalition.

They want to keep Canada down.

They want to let Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc., have an unfair advantage over the world's energy supply.

Shameful anti-Canada extremists.

It's the Left up to its usual no good.

Taxpayer-Funded Smithsonian Exhibits Offensive, Hateful 'Art'

No doubt it's all Kevin Jennings-approved.

Definitely Obama's handpicked, so-called "Safe Schools" Czar will think this is fabulous stuff...

Story here.

Christianophobic blasphemy, hardcore pornography, and a hard-left "entertainer"/talk-show host giving herself an ultra-enhanced "patdown"... and even a child's drawing suggesting homosexual pedophiliac criminality (the child who drew that should be asked by police what the hell is the meaning of that).

(Again, never, never do these ultra-hard-left-wing decadent "artists" ever dare offend Muslims, let alone engage in any forbidden, hateful imagery re. Mohammed.  Jesus, as usual, is the target of these cowards' deranged hatred, contempt and incitement).

This is what Obama considers "art"?

Just a quick glance at more of what's happening to Americans' money, thanks to the ultra-extreme, decadent regime known as the United Socialist States of Obamerica.

This isn't a "public good".

This is proof that Obama is an asshole wasting the Peoples' money on stupid, worthless "progressive" shit.

 Obamacrats cackling

Comgratulations, Obama.  You've brought Hopeychangey corruption to the Smithsonian, rendering that once-respectable institution unworthy of visiting by normal folks, turning it, instead, into a popular destination for perverts.  Paid for, of course, with other peoples' money.


Obama Regime Incompetent In Response To Wikileaks: Palin

Weird how the Obama Regime isn't really doing anything to stop the dangerous leaks of extremely sensitive top secret information via Wikileaks.

They're gung-ho about sexually assaulting all Americans, psychologically and emotionally terrorizing them in violation of their civil rights.

Yet they won't do anything about the obviously-felonious Wikileaks at all, not even in the name of "preventing terrorism", the excuse they use to violate Americans' civil rights.

"Incompetent" is an understatement when it comes to the Obama Regime!

I think the Obama Regime actually wants the damaging leaks to happen because their agenda is to mess America up as much as possible and damage international security.

The By-Elections

I see that the mainstream, moderate, common-sense, realistic Conservatives took a safe Liberal, no-longer-so-leftist, seat while the Liberals took a safe  NDP, neo-communist, seat.

Analysis:  The Conservatives are therefore the mainstream moderates, and the Liberals are the (neo-communist) extremists.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff (in soliloquy):

"Here I sit, broken-hearted... came to lead; only brainfarted... 
What am I, after all, a... leftist?  *Sigh*..."

Monday, November 29, 2010


“Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply...” ~Jane Austen, Mansfield Park, 1814

Recently I hugged a young woman at the funeral of her only sibling, a handsome sixteen year old cut down in the very prime of life. It was one of those funerals you hate to go to but you know you can’t miss. I hugged her harder and longer than I usually hug anyone. I told her about losing my only brother eighteen years ago when he was only 29. Although it wasn’t the same, it was the most devastating loss I’d ever experienced; I know what it is to lose a brother.

She asked me one question, “Was he your only sibling?” No, I had to admit honestly. He was my only brother, but I still have two sisters.

She was now an only child. I was wealthy by comparison.

Funny how difficult it is to see one’s family as a ‘treasure’ when you’re growing up; then siblings are rivals for finite resources, such as mom’s time, the favorite chair, or extra food, etc. Still I do remember a few lights shining through the fog where I saw—really saw—what a wonderful thing it is to have other souls who share the same parents and similar childhood memories.

But something that I value even more than the collective conscious is the sense of belonging that I share with my sisters. When we were younger we had our rivalries and jealousies. Especially intense were our competitions over grades and scholastic achievements. Both of my sisters made higher grades than I did and earned more awards and scholarships—much to my chagrin.

However, my one sister who never married struggled to overcome her own desires for family life and children. And my other sister who has two autistic sons had to learn not to blame herself for the boys’ disabilities. Both sisters suspected my life a little bit too perfect until our girls became teenagers and I recounted some of the trials inherent in mothering young women today. Is anyone’s life without bumps, pitfalls and obstacles? Isn’t it the challenges we face which make us who we are? Doesn’t character develop over the long term?

“Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.” ~Margaret Mead

We just returned from a wonderful visit home where I was able to see both sisters and the rest of our family. The days of petty childhood differences are long gone. My single sister babysits for our autistic nephews. My youngest sister, Julie opened her beautiful home to us for the holiday and even waited up for us when we arrived late Tuesday night. My family is on one schedule due to college age kids; her family is on another time clock due to her boys’ special needs, but we worked it out.

Both of my sisters are amazing women. Patti recently finished her Masters in Pastoral Administration. She’s also a Master Gardener and she does triathlons. Julie has decorated her entire home herself—done the painting, wallpaper, curtains, made quilts and pillows for her son’s beds, does scrapbooking and lately has taken up miniatures as well! Pictured at the top is her entry for an upcoming competition. Hasn’t she done a nice job on this Jewelry Boutique?! I couldn't be more proud of my sisters' accomplishments if I'd actually done all of those things myself. I love them immeasurably. They are my dearest friends.

God bless you both!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was our best visit ‘home’ ever!

Thanks to everyone! We love you all so much!

“Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart - oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape - of your sister.” ~Katherine Mansfield

Blasting The Obamacracy's TSA

(Click on any of the following to enlarge)

 Barney!  Stop messing around and get your ass back to Capitol Hill before you're arrested for impersonating a TSA agent!

Suing The TSA Fascists

"They want to see/touch my penis":  Pilot suing the bastards

Sunday, November 28, 2010

MMMM #120 The Not So Diplomatic Service


 The New York Times uses almost 900 words in a note to readers to explain its decision to publish some of the diplomatic messages obtained originally by Wikileaks.com.

     Decisions like these date back to the earliest days of mass communications, though perhaps publication of The Pentagon Papers is still the hallmark event.

    The lamest excuse The Times uses to justify the publication this time around is a kind of "all the kids are doing it" comment:

For The Times to ignore this material would be to deny its own readers the careful reporting and thoughtful analysis they expect when this kind of information becomes public.

     There little or no danger that the story will be ignored, by the Times of anyone else. Either the Times has made the right decison or it has not. To say even if we don't do it, other will is, again, lame. If this were a NY Time exclusive would they hold off publishing it?

     The Washington Post is running a Bloomberg story based on the cables that has Arabian countries, including Saudi Arabia, siding with Israel against Iran!

     The Times makes it clear that they have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect information that deserves to be protected...informing the Obama Administration what it intended to publish and letting them argue for redaction. In some cases, the Times agreed. In others, not.


     The media question here is this: does the government have the right to keep anything secret? The quick answer is, of course.

     Even the staunchest advocate of freedom of information woudn't seriously argue that the names of espionage agents should be public (Valorie Plame might have some comment about that.)

     The media lesson here is that the hated MSM is alive and well....sorting through the quarter million cables and crafting stories based on their journalism ability. Even though Wikileaks got the material first, there's no question that it is via the MSM that virtually everyone will find out what's in there, and what it means.

[The Monday Morning Media Memo is a regular feature of this blog.]


The Passing of Sir Marvin

     Marvin Whiting was never knighted by royalty, so my use of "Sir" is strictly honorary, but he always sounded as if he had been!

Marvin was the first person ever named archivist for the city of Birmingham, and one of the first people I interviewed in the city when I moved there in 1976.

     His Virginia Tidewater accent, his beard, and his ever present pipe gave him an air of aristocracy, and lent gravitas (not that he needed any) to every story he told. And tell them he could!

     I learned more about the history of The Magic City from Marvin than any book I read.

    Marvin passed away on Friday at the age of 76.

    His obituary in The Birmingham News called him a passionate historian for the city, and of that there is no doubt.

   I tried in recent months to help him secure a copy of two silent movies with connections to Birmingham.

   One was the 1928 film Honor Bound. The other was Coming Through, another silent flick. Both were written by a Birmingham author...Jack Bethea.

   Marvin wanted them for the Birmingham-Jefferson History Museum.

   I'm sorry to say I was not able to find them.

   Some late in life photos of Marvin are here, though they don't show the smile that never seemed to be far away.One of them shows him in his impossibly crowded home on the Southside, packed with things he'd collected: books, of course, and art, and, well, stuff.

   If it's true that a library vanishes when someone dies, Marvin's passing means the loss of an entire library system. Rest in Peace, my friend.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Race & The Death Penalty

     Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens writes about his change of heart about the death penalty in an upcoming article.....and he may speak about it on 60 Minutes tomorrow when he is profiled.

    Stevens writes that racial disparity in the administration of Capital Punishment is critical proof of its unconstitutionality:

“That the murder of black victims is treated as less culpable than the murder of white victims provides a haunting reminder of once-prevalent Southern lynchings,” Justice Stevens wrote.

     That quote comes from a New York Times story about his conversion from death penalty advocate to opponent.

Friday, November 26, 2010

America Matches Russian Record

    One year ago, I posted about the U.S. in Afghanistan and a dubious record we were on our way to breaking. Now we're there. And just as the Obama Administration sets a course for departing by 2014.

   The U.S. has been in Afghanistan as long as the Soviets were.

   This weekend, we break that record.

   And we're apparently not leaving anytime soon.

   In fact according to a FOX News report, we're sending in tanks.

   My original posting is here,.

    On November 14th, Bob Davis wrote in an editorial in the Anniston Star that the U.S. is spending $6-Billion a month in Afghanistan. Even in terms of government spending, that's a chunk of money. Are we getting anything of substance in return? If this were just a dubious U.S. Government research program---like a giant Halogen Collider of our own beneath Nevada---it would be one thing. But every day we stay, the lives of American military personnel are lost or changed forever.

     And yet how often did you hear the word Afghanistan during debates leading up to the election? When I asked Congresswoman-elect Martha Roby a question about the war(s) during our pre-primary election OTR program, she seemed surprised, as if it were a literally foreign issue she would not have to deal with.

     Now the candiates who professed to be budget cutters are in charge. Will they cut Social Security? Or Mr. Karzai's personal retirement program...the same Karzai whose behavior is causing concern by NATO allies.

Sunday's On The Record: The New Legislative Majority

     Republican Senator Jabo Waggoner of Jefferson County and Representative Mike Hubbard of Lee County are the guests in a conversation about the new Republican Alabama State Legislature.


Here's a sample:

Will the GOP pay back the Democrats for mistreatment during the past decades?

Hubbard:  No...their bills will be given a fair hearing, and if a majority of  the legislature approves, they'll be passed.

Will they get any committee chairmanships?

Hubbard: No...there were no Republican chairmen when they were in the majority...

Those aren't exact quotes, but close.

     Watch On The Record at 5:30 on Sunday, just before 60 Minutes on CBS 8 in Montgomery.

But Santa! She's just a sick little girl!

The Washington Post's Hank Stuever  probably doesn't need to worry about his mailbox filling with holiday cards (Hallmark or otherwise) this year, not after his column in today's paper.

     He eviscerates the series of Hallmark Hall of Fame holiday movies (including the newest "Mrs. Miracles") as too sacrine for words.

     What do you think?

Alabama's Anti-Smoking (lack of) effort.

     As a former smoker, I try not to be too judgemental about those who continue the habit. Quitting is hard!

     But I can be plenty critical of the state of Alabama for it's dismal performance when it comes to advocating quitting.

     A new survey  from the campaign for tobacco-free kids shows the state ranked 44th in using available funds for that purpose. And that's actually an improvement over the previous year!

     According to that report, there are 10,700 Alabama kids who become smokers every year. But the state spends only a tiny fraction of the amount recommended by the CDC based on tobacco income to the state ($242-Million!). Why get kids to stop! Their new habit is bankrolling other state expenses.

     Interestingly, when the state imposed a new monthly fee on state employees who smoke, it had no impact on the per-centage of those who do smoke...thought that was certainly a factor in my own quitting!

Semmes Wins Poll

     The Captain of the CSS Alabama has been named best Confederate Navy Officer in a blog poll.
     Lots of folks didn't know there even was a COnfederate Navy, much less enough officers to deserve a vote!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bad enough on the ground, but in the AIR??

As a confirmed snakeophobe, I was sure the story I noticed last week about the military studying "flying snakes" was a farce, a satire from some creative web site.
But Noooooooooooo! Here's a National Geographic video about them.
The video dialogue is not in English, but who cares. All I needed to see is that in Southeast Asia there are snakes that fly. And what you want to bet some of them are stowing away right this minute in the cargo hold of a plane, one that will make a stop at Maxwell AFB here in Montgomery.
Happy dreams!

Literally Watch!

     I'm proud to say it is none other than Steve Flowers, columnist and CBS-8 political commentator, who presents an excellent correct example of using the word literally.

      In his latest column, he writes about the re-establishment of the Iron Bowl in 1948 after a decades long break:

      The contract was drawn up, papers were signed, and the rivals literally buried the hatchet. On the morning of December 4, 1948, the president of each school’s student body dug a hole at Birmingham’s Woodrow Wilson Park, tossed a hatchet in and buried it.

     "Literally" is one of the most misused words in the language, and this blog is on a mission to point out the correct and incorrect use when it appears in public.

[Thanks to our eagle eyed senior editor J.C. for spotting this example!]

Pervy Iggy Claims Daylong Genital Contact From Others

I wonder if that's why Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff goes to the gay parades.
Did that happy-looking fellow touch Iggy's junk, too?

Story here.

I have people touching my private parts all day long,” Michael Ignatieff said Wednesday in the foyer of the House of Commons. 

Enjoying the touching

More of the same

Below:  This lady obviously likes his junk...

Below:  Ok, this is getting sick already...

But who are we to judge?

Below:  Getting in touch with another special voting bloc...

Getting in touch with Da Gawdfaddah

Hey, a question:

What did Michael Ignatieff say after he interacted with a Japanese man?

"Hitachi!"  (Pronounced "he-touch-ee")

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Very Happy Thanksgiving...

...and may your table be full of great food and even better people.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Now 'abused' TSA staff vent their anger at security patdown searches

Now 'abused' TSA staff vent their anger at security patdown searches

They hate fat people and stinky people and they hate fondling peoples' junk.

Well, don't get mad at The People.

Get mad at OBAMA.

OBAMA is the asshole making everybody go through this dehumanizing indignity.

Speak out against OBAMA!

THIS won't stop terrorism, either!


Historic Echoes?

     A quirk of fate has the new Republican majority Alabama Legislature meeting to organize itself on the 150th anniversary of another historic meeting of the same body...the session when the lawmakers voted to secede from the Union.

     January 11, 1861 - Alabama votes to leave the Union.
           January 11, 2011 - Alabama Republicans take control of the Legislature.
     I'm just saying.....

     Though you won't find many Republicans advocating Alabama leave The Union again, there was just such a proposal from Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry last year regarding his state, and there was an anti- Federal government theme among tea party members too, who at least infuenced some of the Repubicans elected to the new Alabama Legislature.

     By the way, The new Speaker of The House, Rep.Mike Hubbard, and the new Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Jabo Waggoner, are the guests on Sunday's On The Record on CBS 8 in Montgomery. 5:30pm, just before 60-Minutes!
Happy 3rd Birthday to this blog!

Three years ago today I started blogging. And I sincerely thank those who have come by this address once, or many times. Think of it as your anniversary too!

More than 80 on-reserve politicians paid more than PM

More than 80 on-reserve politicians paid more than PM

...and their constituents live in abject poverty, never seeing improvement.

Yet if we say anything about greedy Aboriginal politicians, we're smeared by their propaganda attack dogs as "racist".

Hey... it's our money... if they won't use it to help regular, grassroots Aboriginals, then perhaps we should just give ALL the money directly to the ordinary Aboriginal people, regardless of whether they live on or off-reservation. Hell, offer a lot more if they move off-reservation. What better way than that to ultimately end the cycle of poverty and dependence? Give them an incentive to get out and be equal to everyone else, participate fully as equals in all of Canada, to stop being held back and down just because of race/ancestral heritage.

No doubt my recommendation will unhinge the ideologues who think they know what's best for Aboriginals:  Keeping them poor, hopeless, dependent and unequal.  With our money.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Us & the known universe.

Well, what can I say? A video that's already been seen by over 6.5 million people. I am truly late to this dance (-: But it certainly puts your daily problems (and everything else) in perspective!

Is Obama Crazy?


Here's a bit of it...

"There are some Democrats that cue me into things," said Hannity on his show Thursday. "The feeling among some people in the White House is that this president is unhinged, that he's detached, that he's losing it, he's obsessed with critics, very specifically obsessed with Fox News, he can't stand [Vice President Joe] Biden, he hates the Clintons, the Clintons hate him. Infighting, apparently, and finger pointing is at an all-time high; if the president is brought bad news on the economy, he has a meltdown every time he hears it. And this is what people – and I'm telling you, my sources are reliable – are telling me."

Question:  Would Crazy Joe Biden be any better as Acting Prez if Barry were to have to check into the happy house?

Oh, and Hillary's not much better...

God.  Help.  America.

Stephen Harper A "Modern-Day Abraham": Begin-Sadat Center

...for his relentlessly standing up for Israel.

“Our biblical patriarch Abraham pleaded with God to rescind the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, arguing that the virtues of just a few righteous people could suffice to save that world,” say the authors of an article appearing Sunday in Perspectives, a publication of the Israel-based Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies.

“In our modern world, that righteous person – whose voice of conscience, critique and courage may be the saving grace – is surely Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.”

 The analysis was written by Efraim Inbar, a professor of political science at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, and David Weinberg, the public affairs director at the Begin-Sadat Centre. 
 I agree.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

MMMM #119 - Freedom of The Press

Check out this quote:

...said a... source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, for fear of reprisal.

     A North Korean source? An operative inside China? A Pentagon whistleblower? Nah, it's an employee of The Washington Times speaking to The Washington Post about the firing of the church-owned paper's top editor. Sun Myung Moon is back as the owner of the paper after his son failed to run it at a profit, and fired the Editor on Friday.
     I can see why newspapers and broadcasters would want to control the flow of information about themselves, but I'm always amused to see the same people who depend on people talking being so selective about who can say what.

It's Gone Too Far Now In Obama's America

Horrific, cruel, inhuman...

The latest tale of a passenger degraded by airport security emerged this weekend when a bladder cancer survivor told how he was recently left humiliated, weeping and drenched in his own urine when officials in Detroit inadvertently broke the seal of his urostomy bag during a pat-down.
 The humiliated victim said:

But if this country is going to sacrifice treating people like human beings in the name of safety, then we have already lost the war.”
 Parents have complained about having to choose between exposing their children to body-scanning radiation or to subject them to being frisked; rape victims have reported feeling traumatized by both the scans and the pat-downs; and a North Carolina flight attendant called it “horrific” when a TSA official ordered her to remove her prosthetic breast during a pat-down.

Civil libertarians argue that both body-scanning and pat-downs violate the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures.
But... since when does Obama give a flying feck about the Constitution?  He's, over and over and over again, ad infinitum, clearly indicated that he does NOT.

Dirty, rotten...

Ex-NORAD Commander: Mystery Missile Not Plane, Likely From Chinese Sub

Story here.

Two governmental military experts with extensive experience working with missiles and computer security systems have examined the television video and conclude the mysterious contrail originating some 30 miles off the coast near Los Angeles did not come from a jet – but rather, they say the exhaust and the billowing plume emanated from a single source nozzle of a missile, probably made in China.

They further suggest the missile was fired from a submerged Chinese nuclear submarine off America's coast, and point out that the timing of the alleged Chinese missile shot coincided with an increasing confrontation between the U.S. and China, and was likely meant to send a message to Washington.

Indeed, the Federal Aviation Administration documents that there were no aircraft flying in the area at that time, the night of Nov. 8. 
AND they're NOT "anonymous sources", either.  They're named, and they're fully credible because they know what they're talking about.

Introducing the OMNIMOBILE. Planned Production: 2011

It's a plane!  It's a boat!  It's a car!  It's an off-roader!

Don't you want one of these?

"This machine was designed to go places no other single vehicle has ever gone," Steve Saint writes in an article detailing the Maverick's first flight, "drive highway speeds on highways, transform automatically into an ATV when the roads are primitive and rough, float when the bridge is out or the river has flooded its banks and inundated the roads – and fly when it is impractical to drive or float. … One small leap for man, a giant step for mankind living beyond roads."

Steve Saint says the Maverick – which can do 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds on the ground, is certified by the Federal Aviation Association for flights up to 10,000 feet in altitude and can even be equipped with pontoons to traverse water – can be used for border patrol, search-and-rescue operations or even flying to dodge the traffic on your way "to Wal-Mart." 

Is this perhaps the Ford Model T of the OMNIMOBILE?

Will this new kind of vehicle change the world?  Change our way of life?

Can we now look forward to getting where we want, to hell with roads and airports?

Margaret Atwood: The Michael Moore Of Canada

"CAUTION" is right.  Be careful to take, with a grain of salt, what this woman says.

Just as we must take Michael Moore's bullshit with a grain of salt.

Author Margaret Atwood turns into a partisan pitbull propagandist, attacking the government just because it's not a left-wing clown government like she wants it to be.

Why is it that when Glenn Beck warns about the oppressive, extreme, revolutionary Obama regime, he's called "crazy", but when Margaret Atwood accuses the Canadian government of being a dictatorship, she's praised by the Liberal Media as possessing "razor-sharp wit"?

CAUTION!  Take Margaret Atwood's opinion with a grain of salt.  Do NOT treat her as if she's some omniscient guru to be believed at all times.

At lest Glenn Beck gives us EVIDENCE to back up what he tells us!

Margaret Atwood?  Just a whole pile of biased opinion.  Just like Michael Moore.