Sunday, October 31, 2010

CBS Journos Caught Conspiring Hit Piece On GOP Candidate

Story here.

Disgusting piece of crap reporters.

Completely unprofessional.

They need to be fired.  They shouldn't ever be allowed to be reporters again.

They have absolutely zero ethics, morals, scruples.

They're scumbaggers.

Well, what does one expect from the CBS?  They're the network of Dan Rather.

Obama Meltdown!

Obama loses his cool and yells back at hecklers in Connecticut

Gun Registry Didn't Impact Murder Rate

Grab your long guns, it’s hunting season

The firearms registry has done nothing to Canada’s murder rate. It has merely caused some murderers to switch weapons.

And it means the Conservative federal government was right to try to kill the outrageously expensive long-gun registry since it has little or nothing to do with how many people are murdered.

This report goes hand in hand with another one StatsCan released in September which pointed out another chilling truth about our crime rate: That more and more crimes are going unreported, just as the government suggested earlier this year in the acrimonious debates over the long-gun registry’s future and on tougher anti-crime legislation.

In a survey of more than 19,000 Canadians, StatsCan found only 31% of all crime in eight major categories was reported in 2009 — down significantly from 34% in 2004. In other words, 69% of all crime went unreported.

So... the Left is wrong.

The Liberal Coalition is wrong.

The Harper Conservatives are right.

The Long-Gun Registry is a worthless waste of money. It doesn't help prevent any crimes at all.  It's just another example of left-wing stupidity.

CSIS director Fadden cites North Korea, Iran as threats to Canada

CSIS director Fadden cites North Korea, Iran as threats to Canada

Serious stuff...

Fadden said Canada seems to have “more than our fair share” of foreign interference.

“People who have an ethnic or cultural connection with another country, they are recruited by representatives of their governments and are sort of injected into our political system. It’s a growing problem,” he said.

“They start even at the municipal and the state or provincial level in the hopes that they will eventually make their way up to positions of importance.”

Final OTR before Election Day

Democratic Nominee for Governor Ron Sparks is the guest this afternon at 5:30 on CBS 8 in Montgomery, just before 60-Minutes....

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A review of the Alabama built Honda Odyssey

This one is in the NY Times...steering criticism (too light to the touch), but overall a good review of the 2011 model, still built in the Honda plant in Lincoln Alabama.

Iggy Stinkyfingers


"Wanna smell?"

Shades of Nancy Worley?

     A McDonalds in Ohio is apologizing for including "Vote Republican" materials in the pay envelopes of employees....stressing how there is a direct connection between their pay and their vote.

     That sounds like what former Alabama Secretary of State Nancy Worley did...without the threat part. She sent her five state employees campaign material with an envelope for donations for her re-election campaign. She has yet to go on trial and won a victory before the Alabama Supreme Court in September.

     Since the minimum wage isn't exactly rare in the fast food industry, and since it is primarily GOP candidates who have called for an end to it, wouldn't it be in the best interest of the McDonalds workers to vote Democratic? As you'll read in the Times story linked above, McDonalds corporate officials says it is completely against company policy.

[NOTE; a webmaster named Brandon Twitchell recommends his """ site for added information about the McDonalds story, and I'm glad to pass along the link. As with all infomation---including what you find on read everything with care. (-:  ]

Friday, October 29, 2010

Alabama's 53rd Governor

     I spent a few hours with each of the nominees this week. You can watch the resulting reports online at the CBS-8 website, click on the name links for each report. I traveled to Auburn and Montgomery with Republican Robert Bentley, and to Hayneville in Lowndes County and Camden in Wilcox County with Democrat Ron Sparks.

 The contrast of locations was striking.

     I'm not sure if I should mention Bradley Byrne, though there's a mini-movement to nominate him as a write-in candiate. (The GOP says it's a plot by a \Democratic operative trying to siphon votes away from Bentley.)
     Speaking of Byrne, he'll be our guest live on election night, providing a unique perspective on the results. Join me during the 8:00 -9:00 hour for his commentary. He'll be especially interesting, since as recently as six months ago, the smart money (mine included) expected he and lame duck Rep. Artur Davis to be fighting it out on November 2nd.

[UPDATE: Blogger Wade Kwon up in Birmingham has an interesting take on who will win or lose based on Facebook "likes"... if it's accurate, watch for some Anderson over Strange.]

"Yea? Well my ugly car can beat up your ugly car..."

     Pontiac dies a quiet death this weekend, and a NY Times story about the end of production notes that one Pontiac model is on many "Top 10 Ugliest Cars" lists. The Aztec.

     I only owned one Pontiac, a Fiero, which I've blogged about before.

     Lots of my folks of my generation certainly loved their GTO's, but in recent years the name Pontiac fell into disfavor and was finished off by The Great Recession. RIP.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Natural Born Leftists?

Yeah, right.  Suuuuuure.

Sounds like "scientists" making stuff up again.  Been a lot of that recently, we saw, with the fraud and deception in the "global-warming" scam.

Now they're saying that whether one is a liberal or conservative is determined by genetics?

Yeah, right.  Suuuuuure.

Someone ought to ask the scientists how come there's a very large proportion of folks in the conservative camp who are former liberals.  Perhaps what happens there is that people grow up, become more knowledgeable, understand stuff better, and pretty much just... grew up?

Those who remained liberals, well, they never grew up...

I'd suggest that perhaps these "scientists", maybe they're abusing their professional credentials so as to create a myth that people are born to have the mental disorder orientation known as "liberalism", so there's no need to smarten up, no need to gather evidence about the real world, understand it and accept it as it is, and quit living in a child's fantasyland of what might be, as opposed to what is.

Perhaps the creation of the myth whereby liberalism is supposedly genetic and unchangeable would tend to help the Left win more elections, by fooling people into thinking that they were born to have a distorted perception/understanding of reality, to be guillible, to think what they're told to think by the so-called "enlightened, sophisticated, progressive" elites and the "mainstream" media...  In other words, just shut up, be proud of your liberalism and vote for Obamacare, for legalizing illegal aliens, for a carbon tax, for opening the institution of marriage to any combination and number of life-forms, for dismantling the military to make the Axis of Evil see that we're not a threat to them, submit to Sharia Law, etc., etc...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Are The Catholic Vote

Make yours count for LIFE!

Use The Belt

     Governor Riley expressed surprise that the three-year study on seat belts and school buses showed 60% of the kids not using the seat belts. He used that fact as one of the justifications for rejected a proposal to include the belts in new Alabama school buses at a cost of some $38 Million. The other reason was that it cost to much and would save only one life every eight years.

     That's probably not too much if its your child who dies. The study began after four Alabama school kids in Huntsville died when a bus crashed head-first off an Interstate ramp to the ground below..

     Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that he's not calling on the schools and parents and transportation departments to do their job. If the kids are required to use the belts, then enforce that requirement. I'm not suggesting that the other kind of belt be used, but come on! If we can't enforce a relatively simple rule like you will wear a seat belt the entire time you are riding on the bus, than how can we make the kids do more complex tasks like you will not beat up the bus driver. Oh yea, that.

     Does all this start at home?




Link on the National Weather Service page:

Storm Spotter Class in Dadeville Postponed Due to Weather

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama: GOP Must Sit In The Back

Story here.

Obama just told Republicans to "sit in the back".

Nice, eh? Anyone who's not a Democrat has to sit in the back of the bus... or be thrown under it.

The Klan is back, apparently, and this time it's "multicultural", communist and hellbent on destroying America to "level the field for the rest of the world".
  The following couple is tickled purple to hear it...

Nothing like open expression of extremely hateful bigotry when one figures, what have we got to lose in the election?  Let's divide America on partisan, racial and idelogical lines to consolidate certain groups to vote for us. To hell with everyone else.
What does one expect from the guy representing the party responsible for slavery, the KKK, segregation and other horrible things? 

Clearly, Obama is a divisive, hateful man.
I say Obama's dangerously insane and needs to be impeached ASAP.    

Monday, October 25, 2010

Daughters of Abraham

'Jesus was teaching in a synagogue on the sabbath. And a woman was there who for eighteen years had been crippled by a spirit; she was bent over, completely incapable of standing erect. When Jesus saw her, he called to her and said, “Woman, you are set free of your infirmity.” He laid his hands on her, and she at once stood up straight and glorified God. But the leader of the synagogue, indignant that Jesus had cured on the sabbath, said to the crowd in reply, “There are six days when work should be done. Come on those days to be cured, not on the sabbath day.” The Lord said to him in reply, “Hypocrites! Does not each one of you on the sabbath untie his ox or his ass from the manger and lead it out for watering? This daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound for eighteen years now, ought she not to have been set free on the sabbath day from this bondage?” When he said this, all his adversaries were humiliated; and the whole crowd rejoiced at all the splendid deeds done by him.' ~Lk 13:10-17

Today at Mass I heard this Gospel proclaimed. In my mind's eye I saw a group of "daughters of Abraham" who are and have been living for '... years ... crippled ... bent over, completely incapable of standing erect" ... or worse. Their faces are invisible as are their lives. They have no identity, no voice, not even enough vision with which to see the world. The clothing they are forced to wear is so heavy it all but weighs them down.

What would Jesus say to them? “Women, you are set free!”? Would He lay His sacred hands on one of them? Each of them? How would that be received?

What would He say to those who enshroud and enslave them? “Does not each one of you on the sabbath untie his ox or his ass from the manger and lead it out for watering?” In other words, your dumb beasts have it better than your mothers, daughters, and wives!

These daughters of Abraham came from Ishmael. Are they less than the daughters of Isaac? If not, why are they kept in these canvas prisons? I wonder what Jesus would say ... and do ...

How Liberals Argue: A Demonstration

Ok now, I'd like to know... with whom in this interaction do you most closely identify?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

MMM #116 - MSM, Still in The Wilderness

     As far as I can tell, the media is still in the wilderness that exists between the old broken business model and the yet to be developed (or even semi-articulated) way of making the news business work.

     It's been eight months since an experiment by three of the biggest names in news and online content shut down an experiment called "Living Stories"

     The idea was you could tell your "page" on the program to keep track of whatever stories you selected, and they would automatically be updated.     

     The experiment was conducted by The New York Times, The Washington Post and Google...a Triumvirate powerful enough to have made it a likely answer to the online journalism question. But it wasn't. The program was handed free to web developers to use it as they please, and Living Stories was no more.

     Just weeks from now, The New York Times is supposed to start charging some heavy users of their web site for access...The Wall Street Journal has already done so.

      I have yet to hear of any broadcast journalism outlets considering the same thing.

     It's not the first time the Times has ventured into the pay to play territory. Their experiment with charging for their premier columnists angered the writers and the readers, and never attracted enough subscribers to make it worthwhile. They abandoned "Times Select" in 2007, eons ago in Internet time.

     In January, we'll find out if their plan---casual users will be allowed free access, heavy users will be charged either per-story or a monthly all-access fee---will be more acceptable. Still no word on how much the paper will charge. They're apparently attracting 20-million unique hits, a number that is sure to drop--or plummet---once there's a fee charged.

[PLUS: a mea culpa from the NPR head for the handling of the Juan Williams affair.]

[The Monday Morning Media Memo is a regular feature of this blog]

Left Flipflops on Private Property Rights For Ground Zero Victory Mosque

Leftists wear these funny things to symbolize their religion, which dictates flipflopping according to convenience.

A little fish?  Forget private property rights, 'cause a little fish is more important than human rights!

A victory mosque at Ground Zero?  Then private property rights are ironclad!

Story here.

"The simple fact is this building is private property, and the owners have a right to use the building as a house of worship." Thus did New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg dismiss mainstream America's objection to the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. The refrain echoed throughout the halls of liberalism: Like it or not, the proposed mosque is on private property, and private property rights trump all else.

Really? Liberals will grind private construction to a halt on behalf of a threatened snail darter, but now they suddenly stand as misty-eyed defenders of private property? A rain puddle on private property is all the justification they need to declare that property a "wetland" and seize control of it.

The left's disdain for private property became official policy with the Kelo decision of 2005. In Kelo, five liberals on the Supreme Court changed the meaning of the Constitution's "takings" clause so that government could seize private property, not just for public use, but for the benefit of other private parties whose agenda aligned with that of the government. The idea was that those for whom the property was seized might pay more in taxes than the rightful owners. The simple fact that the property was privately owned presented no barrier at all to the government's agenda.

But when Imam Rauf wants to build a mosque at Ground Zero nine years after the murder of 3,000 Americans, liberals tell us that we'd better just get used to the idea because he has private-property rights. 

See, the Left will change their mind on their principles just like that, as per convenience.

Sacred, not sacred.  Not sacred, sacred.  Depends on the issue and what's convenient for the Left.

Just like with the Constitution.  One day they'll say it MUST be obeyed.  The next day they don't want to talk about the document because it's "irrelevant".  Then the day after that, suddenly it's sarcosanct and written in stone all over again.


Can't trust the Left on ANYTHING!

So... never, never, never again vote for leftists!

Well, What About Obama's Documents, Too?

So a Senatorial candidate has been ordered to release his background documentation because "the public has a right to know" about the background of candidates.

So... how about making the same ruling about Obama?  The public has a right to know about the background of the guy who's dictating all sorts of crap to them!  Why not?  There's stuff the People want to know, and many, many documents being held in secret, including the (real, long-form) Birth Certificate, which would constitute proof one way or another as to whether Obama meets the Constitution's Eligibility Clause that states that the President MUST have been born on American soil.

Should there be disclosure for a lesser politician but not for the President?  I mean, the President is far more powerful than a Senator, so the public's right to know is far greater in Obama's case.  Of course, socialists will attempt to argue the contrary, against all reason and logic, because they want there to be a socialist dictating the advancement of socialism-communism no matter what The People want or don't want!

Two Months Before... Wal-Mart, at least..the shelves are being stocked!

None of The Above

     So The Montgomery Advertiser has backed out of the endorsement game, refusing to endorse either of the two major party candidates for Governor.

     Just wondering: what does that say to potential first-time voters who are conflicted over the choice between Democrat Ron Sparks and Republican Robert Bentley? Don't vote?

     Let's hope the paper doesn't feature an editorial next Sunday encouraging people to get out and vote. It might just ring a touch hollow.


     A wake up call for the unemployed from Paul Krugman:

"We’re in the age of 'extra', and everyone has to figure out what extra they can add to their work to justify being paid more than a computer, a Chinese worker or a day laborer."
                                                         Paul Krugman, in a New York Times column

     Ouch. But likely true for many professionals.So what do you bring to the table?

     Alabama's unemployment rate is improving, The Montgomery Advertiser suggests it's because Alabamians who had given up looking for work are back searching because of the upward turn in the economy. But those returning workers may find the demands of the jobs they apply for will require more.

     Productivity has improved during the Great Recession as companies found they could maintain almost the same output even with the layoffs that lowered costs..

Mosque Busted

With all the evidence torrentially pouring in all the time that there's a LOT of bad Muslims out there, why does the Left continue to pretend otherwise and call us "Islamophobes" and "racists" when we talk about the need to stop bad Muslims from doing bad stuff?  Why does the Left want to enable the bad Muslims... just like a lot of Germans enabled Hitler's Nazis, many of whom, by the way, were actually Jew-hating Muslims, too?

Why does the Left prefer, instead, to attack and fearmonger about Christians, Jews/Israelis and conservatives?

And if George Galloway isn't a bad guy, then what's he doing aiding and abetting these bad Muslims as they preach hatred and deadly violence?

On Bright and 'Em

 “Having a big, open-tent Democratic Party is great, but not at the cost of getting nothing done."

     So writes the author of "Herding Donkeys: The Fight to Rebuild the Democratic Party and Reshape American Politics" in a column in today's NY Times.

     Ari Berman never mentions Alabama's Bobby Bright, but the former Montgomery Mayor certainly fits the mold of Democrats who vote so Republican that they have a wing of the party all to themselves: Blue Dogs.
     Berman argues that the Democratic Party would  have been better off if candidates like Bright had lost, and actual card-carrying GOP members had won the seats.
     I can almost hear Marth Roby's plea: from your mouth to God's ears!"
     An interesting column, one way or the other.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Declare: Tea Party Rising In Quebec

Francois Legault.
Future Premier of Quebec?

Francois Legault. Who is he, what's he doing, and why is he suddenly the most popular political figure in Quebec, ahead of both Premier Charest and Opposition Leader Marois?

He doesn't even have a political party, but the very idea of a party led by him, a "right-wing" party about smaller government, less debt and lower taxes, already places first in recent polls.

And the whole separation thing? Fuggeddaboutit.

Ie. no separation question. Just small government, etc. That's what people want to hear.

And M. Legault already has the Liberals and PQ showing their nervousness, with the Liberals already pulling out toxic slurs like "Quebec bashing".

Interesting. You know something's going to explode already...

Is it time for a Quebec Revolution? A Loud Revolution?

A Tea Party in Quebec?

A hard right turn for what so far has been dismissed as a terminally communist province?

No doubt the Left and the "mainstream" media is, as we speak, huddling and formulating their intifada strategy...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Where Obama Is Taking America: Fast Forward To Beijing, 2030


What we owe

     I was at Auburn High School the other day listening to Alabama Republican Nominee for Governor Robert Bentley when he asked the kids if they realized how much money they personally owed based on the national debt.

     $45,000 each, he told them...a figure that I have heard before and one that I presume to be correct.

     It got me thinking. If it's fair to use that as a kind of shock to convince people we're in deep deep trouble, then how about the other side of the coin?

     How much do each of us own based of the value of everything owed by the Federal and State and City Governments. Wow. Is there such a figure available? I went searching online. Without luck.

     But just consider for a moment the value of just the Federal Park System. Or of Interstate 10, Or of all the Federal buildings (like the White House or your local Federal Courthouse). Or all of the trucks and beds and nuclear weapons in the military. And the Golden Gate Bridge. And the original copies of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. And all of the books and possessions in the various Federal Libraries. And the footprints and flag left on the Moon by U.S. Astronauts.

     Certainly the value is in the many trillions, or maybe in the septillions (24 zeros at the end)  And perhaps that eases the alarmist $45,000 figure a little?

    If you are going to saddle people with a big debt to make a point, then reward them with the worth on the other side of the coin.

     I don't care even a little that I owe one million dollars... if I am a billionaire.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

..and speaking of The Subway...Thank you J.C. for the reference.

Juan's Words

     I think NPR blew it with the firing of Juan Williams for voicing his opinion that he is afraid when he gets on a plane and there are people dressed in traditional Muslim garb.

     You can see the video of Williams comments and read one account of the results in The Washington Post story. Listen to, or at least read, all of his comments before you reach an opinion.

     I always thought Willilams was a commentator and analyist..someone hired to express his opinion. Was that only if management agrees with the opinion?

     On the other hand, let me ask Mr. Willliams: do your comments justify white people who cross the street if there is a black man coming toward them on the sidewalk?

     We are all individuals, regardless of color or religion or nationality...a little more judgement by individual behavior and conduct would go a long way toward making this a less knee-jerk reactionary planet on which to live.

The subWAY

     Anyone who has lived in New York City for any length of time...especially in Manhattan...knows the joys and terror of the subway system. The N.Y. Times has posted a lengthy photo tribute to the underground/elevated trains that carry so many people where they need to go in the Big Apple. The pictures go back to some of the earliest days to recent times.

     I took the F and the E train from Queens into Manhattan more times than I care to count, and when I lived in Manhattan, the trip uptown was just minutes long from my apartment near Washington Square. Depending on the time of day, that was either a fast and uneventful journey, or a threatening edgy experience.

     I never got mugged or anything on the subway, but there were times when I thought it was a distinct possibility.

Bad Guys' 'New World Order'

 Nope, that's not a gay wedding.
It's just two evil guys holding hands, cackling and plotting evil.
Whether they do anything naked together later on is none of our business.

So Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are talking up their plotted "New World Order", eh...


Thoughtcrime in Our Time: US Government Fires Juan Williams for Expressing His Honest Opinion.

Thoughtcrime in Our Time: US Government Fires Juan Williams for Expressing His Honest Opinion.

I See Dumb People

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NEW Freedom Riders Coming To Montgomery

     As a promotion for next Spring's airing on PBS of a documentary about the freedom riders who came from North to South to support the Civil Rights movement, a bus of college students and veterans of the original journeys will travel to Montgomery and cities in other Southern States.

     The "American Experience" program will air the program, and is soliciting college students to apply for the a seat on the bus.

     The documentary is being screened in New York City tomorrow.

See The Trailer in the post below.

The NEW Freedom Riders are Coming to Montgomery

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photographic Fraud At Obama State Department

This video demonstrates how the same image of Obama was recycled for numerous photographs, each with a different bunch of folks.  It's as if those folks all had their pic taken with a wax figure of Obama.  He doesn't move for any of them, is frozen, though positioned a bit differently via 'shopping.

See the actual photographs for yourself here.


More of the usual fraud being committed by the Obamacracy?

If they'd do this, then is it so hard to believe that they'd lie about Obama being born on American soil?

Musician Defects From Left In Disgust At Their Intolerance, Socialism

Story here.

Maureen Tucker of "The Velvet Underground":

I’m stunned that so many people who call themselves liberal yet are completely intolerant. I thought liberals loved everyone: the poor, the immigrant, the gays, the handicapped, the minorities, dogs, cats, all eye colors, all hair colors! Peace, love, bull! Curious they have no tolerance whatsoever for anyone who doesn’t think exactly as they do. You disagree and you’re immediately called a fool, a Nazi, a racist. That’s pretty f’d up!! I would never judge someone based on their political views. Their honesty, integrity, kindness to others, generosity? Yes. Politics? No!

On socialism...

No country can provide all things for all citizens. There comes a point where it just isn’t possible, and it’s proven to be a failure everywhere it’s been tried. I am not oblivious to the plight of the poor, but I don’t see any reason/sense to the idea that everyone has to have everything, especially when the economy is so bad. I see that philosophy as merely a ploy to control. ….


I disagree with spending / borrowing / printing — damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!  I disagree with the “we won” attitude, which is the cowardly way of saying fuck you! I disagree with an administration that for twenty months blames Bush. If the President and his minions are so damn smart, why didn’t they know the severity of the situation? The president has actually said (and I saw it on video) that they didn’t know!

 Welcome to the Club of the Sane and Real-Worldly, Maureen!

Birmingham-born scandal figure dead at 68

     Melvin Lane Powers, a Birmingham native who went on to become, shall we say, romantically involved, with his Aunt, and then was charged with her of murdering her husband, has died. The Times has the story this morning, in much of its lurid detail, declaring them "the most notorious couple" in America.

     No cause of death immediately determined

     They were acquitted of the killing in 1966, defended by an attorney who convinced the jury the husband had been involved in "transvestitism, homosexuality, voyeurism and every conceivable type of perversion, masochism, sadism..." and had been killed by a sex partner.

    We just though we cornered the market on celebrity trash trials.

Looking through the rear view mirror at WMD

     TIME magazine has posted a redacted memo from three months after 9/11, just prior to the Iraq War, showing how the U.S. Government knew it was trying to sell the public by (mis)using false WMD intelligence. "Focus on WMD" advises the talking points list.

     I found the last words...a heading "Next Steps", with nothing below it, of note.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Victim: Alfred C. Kinsey Paid Her Dad To Rape Her For 'Research'

Crazy guy goes to jail for "researching" kiddie porn.

Dean had told investigators he was using the images to gain insight into friends of his who had been abused, and why they couldn't get over it.

Ratushny said Dean's claim to be doing research was an aggravating factor.

"Mr. Dean has not admitted any culpability because he does not understand he has any," she said. "He has no insight or understanding that by his 'research' or 'discovery'...he has been an enabler for those who sexually abuse children.

"He is to be condemned for the moral blindness he has exhibited."

That reminds me...

Alfred C. Kinsey, "Father of the Sexual Revolution", paid man to rape his daughter for "research" purposes.
Nearly 70 years after being molested repeatedly by her own father, "Esther White" (a pseudonym) is speaking out in hope of prompting Congress to investigate the controversial research. White said she would be willing to testify in person on Capitol Hill if an investigation results in opening the Kinsey Institute files to public scrutiny.

"He was giving me orgasms and timing it with a stopwatch," White told WND. "I didn't like it, I went into convulsions, but he didn't care. He said all little girls do this with their daddies, they just don't talk about it."

White was 7 when her father began abusing her.

"There's no question that Kinsey broke a number of laws and conspired to break a number of laws to conduct his faux research," said Matt Barber, a law professor and associate dean at the Liberty University School of Law.

Kinsey also collaborated with a Nazi war criminal in doing his "research":

One Kinsey pedophile collaborator was a former WWII Nazi officer, Dr. Fritz von Balluseck. His young Polish victims had to choose between rape or "the gas chamber." Post WWII he was arrested for a child rape-murder. Kinsey had encouraged the child rape reports and warned his collaborator to "watch out" for the authorities.
The Presiding Judge, Dr.Berger, read the letters between von Balluseck and Kinsey and exclaimed:
Judge Berger: "This is no longer human! What was this all for? To tell Kinsey about? I had the impression that you got to the children in order to impress Kinsey and to deliver him material."
Von Balluseck: "Kinsey himself asked me for that."
Judge Berger: "That would be typical for Kinsey and his work. It must be a strange scientist who would rely on experience reports with such disgusting content."
"Kinsey had asked the paedophile specifically for material of his perverse actions.He made statistics.and he sent the American sex researcher, Kinsey.[to whom he] repeatedly and explicitly reported his perverse crimes.  [They] corresponded.for some time."
Der Morgenpost, 5/19/57, P1; Der Tagespiegel, 10/1/57, P1

Know what?  All of the "findings" of Kinsey that led to all those transformations about beliefs about sex and sexuality... must, therefore, be scrapped.  They might, in fact, sometimes be harmful.

The following books therefore must necessarily be deemed to be garbage.  They are based on sex crimes and scientific fraud, which has already been comprehensively exposed, though the "mainstream" media is covering up the exposure, and schools continue to push the lies...

Alfred C. Kinsey was sort of the Mengele of self-professed "sex experts".



Drug-smuggling gangs in Mexico have sent well-armed assassins, or "sicarios," into Arizona to locate and kill bandits who are ambushing and stealing loads of cocaine, marijuana and heroin headed to buyers in the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security has warned Arizona law enforcement authorities.

"This is going on here in Arizona … 30 miles from the fifth-largest city in the United States," he said.

The sheriff said he asked the Obama administration for 3,000 National Guard soldiers to patrol the border, but got 15 signs along Interstate 8 instead.

Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee and a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, has called the signs "an insult to the citizens of border states." He said American citizens should not have to be fearful for their lives on U.S. soil.

But... Obama, DHS head Janet Napolitano and the Democrats... they want Americans to be fearful for their lives.

What, therefore, does that make them?


Obama is moonbat-crazy, a madman, a lunatic!
He's totally feckin' an entire sack of nuts!

Obama is a danger to America and Americans!


Dites qu'il n'est pas aussi

     As if the French aren't having enough trouble with residents rioting over the threat of reduced government services (as opposed to the U.S., where the prospect of increased government services riles the tea-party masses) some Universities in America are dropping French Language courses!

     J'edtudie' Francais por dous annee en ecole. (that's written just as I think it should be from those many years ago courses. The heading of this post was written based on a translation from Are either of them correct??? French scholars out there??) And why should anyone speak French today anyway...hasn't English in one form or another proved itself as the world language?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

MMMM #115 -- Anger at The Media

     There's no shortage of anger at what what "new media" folks call the MSM..the Mainstream Media.

     In fact even before there was a "new" media, taking shots at the print and broadcast Media was something of a national sport in America.

      But in Saudi Arabia, a crowd of folks got so angry at a TV station they took literal shots....attacking it and the people who worked there because it was believed the station had insulted members of the Royal Family.

     Pretty neat deal for the royals. According to the Reuters story...the Saudi "...ruler is protected from criticism by the constitution, and defamation cases against newspapers, writers and bloggers are common."

     Here in the U.S., there haven't been any attacks on stations or papers---though the verbal bombs are routinely thrown at the MSM online, including in the swamp known as the post-story comment section*.

     In a twist on the Saudi violence, I suppose if the MSM started attacking The Obama Administration more directly these days, would it actually lessen any chance of physical violence against themselves?


*Check out Montgomery Advertiser columnist Terry Manning's column from Sunday on the topic of post-story comments.]

[The Monday Morning Media Memo is a regular feature of this blog.]