Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Indonesia Muslims Threaten War against Christians

Indonesia Muslims Threaten War against Christians

Yup, the Muslim Nazis are back- now in Indonesia.

Not good at all.

Who's going to care, though? Who's even going to hear about this? I mean, we're talking about Christians being targeted for murder on a widespread scale in a large geopolitical region. It's not as if it was Muslims, y'know... bad to go after Muslims, but JudeoChristians, well, hunting season is all year round and there's no bag limit.

So they claim "Christianization" as happening and as justification for their hate and mass murder campaign.

Well, you know, those who oppose the Islamization of the Free World, they don't refer their peaceful, non-violent opposition and criticism to all Muslims at all, just to those who want to impose Islam against peoples' will and in violation of their rights and freedoms in the Free World.  But Muslims?  They'll "kill 'em all".  And the international "progressive" community will be just fine and dandy with that, because most "progressives", it would seem from their shocking and appalling silence and ignorance, hate JudeoChristians and could care less if there were to be millions fewer.  Ditto the International Old Media.

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