Friday, September 14, 2007

The Mysteries of Divine Humility

A Prayer: Though You are God, You know more about Humility than we can ever begin to assimilate, Sweet Jesus. While it is not strange for God to know everything; it is amazing to have such an incredible example of Humility in God's human existence. It would have been so much easier, not too mention expected, for You to have come in Power and Glory. Instead you have manifested yourself to us in Humility because it is a virtue which You so cherish in your children. Throughout Your life on earth, Jesus, You gave us countless examples of humble submission to the Father's Holy Will.

When I wrote these mysteries (below) almost four years ago, I did so because it was my earnest desire to begin to grow in Humility, the first of all virtues. Recently You have answered those prayers in an unanticipated, although probably not a unique, way. You have humbled me through my own human failings. Although this is not the way I hoped nor envisioned my prayers would be answered, I thank You, Jesus!

Ever since my computer crashed two years ago, I thought these mysteries were lost. I vaguely remembered them, but had ceased praying them on a regular basis because I had developed a new set of mysteries. Today when I was cleaning my front room, I happened to pull out the book, "Stories of the Rose" by Anne Winston-Allen and what did I find but my own copy of these mysteries! I am sure your dear Mother, Jesus, was telling me it was time to resume praying these mysteries daily. Thank you both! Amen.

Here are these mysteries for any who would join me in praying them. I would also encourage you to read Stories of the Rose!

The First Mystery of Divine Humility: Jesus calls His Disciples.

Just as You called the twelve Apostles all those years ago, Jesus, You are still calling new disciples today. Your calls to me, LORD, come in many forms and ways and not always when I want to hear them--in fact usually when I do not want to hear them, sinner that I am. You call me to constant prayer, to help the poor, to put others ahead of myself, to follow Your teachings and those of the Church. But most of all You call me to pick up my cross each day and bear it lovingly.

Today, I hear Your call, LORD, and humbly I obey.

The Second Mystery of Divine Humility: Jesus restores sight to the Blind.

Just as You restored sight to the physically blind during Your lifetime on earth Jesus, You are still enabling the blind to see, especially the spiritually blind. In this highly visual world in which we live, it is so easy to be blind to spiritual realities. We see a way of dress, but not a person. We see a hairstyle, but not a soul. We see an enemy, but not a child of God. We see those who have wronged us, but not what we have done wrong. We see our pain, but not our sin. We see a culture of Death, but not the great gift that is Life. Help us, oh LORD, begin to see as You do!

Today, I see through the new eyes of Humility and Love which You have given me--washed free from illusion, LORD.

The Third Mystery of Divine Humility: Jesus gives only Good Gifts.

Just as You gave good wine at the Wedding Feast and multiplied the loaves and the fishes, Jesus, You always want to give us what is best for us at the time. Everything that comes from You is for our sanctification or for Your Glory. We must learn -- again and again -- how to trust as little children, knowing Your Wisdom and Love will turn all to Grace. If You are for us, who can be against us? I want to be like the Good Thief on the cross, dear Jesus, turning to You and saying, "Jesus, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom!" Please LORD, that is the Gift I desire above all else--to be with You for eternity!

Today, I humbly and gratefully accept all that You give me, LORD--the bitter and the sweet.

The Fourth Mystery of Divine Humility: Jesus teaches and transforms us through God's Great Mercy.

Just as you taught the Parable of the Forgiving Father, Jesus, You are still transforming lives by instructing and leading us to Divine Mercy. Whether we are the Prodigal child or the Self-Righteous one, You bring us to the seat of Our Heavenly and Forgiving Father. He is happy to forgive us as we forgive each other. Let God's Great Mercy be an inspiration and example to each of us in all of our human relationships.

Today, I stand humbly before God and my brothers and sisters, sinful and sorrowful, but also grateful for forgiveness and rich in Your generous mercy.

The Fifth Mystery of Divine Humility: Jesus raises us from the Dead.

Just as You brought Lazarus back from the dead, Jesus, You will also raise us up one day. Your offer of Eternal Life is open to all who willingly give up the passing attractions of this life. We must die to self, as you told Nicodemus to do, Jesus, in order to be born again. Life in the Kingdom of Heaven is there for all who would have it. We need only pick up our cross and follow You.

Today, may I humbly surrender my will to Your Will, offering You this mortal life in hopes of Resurrection to Eternal Life.

May I always be inspired by the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints, guided by my Divine Savior, and strengthened by the Holy Spirit to come to God, the Father, in simple, trusting and holy humility. Amen.

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