Saturday, September 22, 2007

What is D.E.A.R.?

In my daughter's first school they had a concept called, Drop Everything And Read, or D.E.A.R. At various times during the week there were scheduled and even unscheduled, spontaneous DEAR times. In the classroom this meant, 'close your textbooks, pull out your library, or whatever book you were reading for the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program, and begin reading'. No homework or other schoolwork was allowed during DEAR time. Strangely enough -- for my children (and me) -- many students positively hated DEAR time.

But the idea caught and tickled my fancy. In actuality, I had been practicing 'DEAR' all my life, but just hadn't had a name for it. Most of the happiest times of my life were DEAR times--pun intended!

In fact when I went to school, I'd frequently gotten in trouble for doing something very similar to what schools today are trying to encourage students to!! The irony of it was not wasted on me.

When family or friends offer me a book, I usually try to practice DEAR. (In fact, several of the books on my To Be Read list are recommendations from Loved Ones.)* I don't recommend, buy or share books offhandedly; I do it with love, much thought, care and attention. So I really hope those I share my selections with will read what I give them.

Therefore, when someone gives or recommends a book to me, Booklady, how can I do any less?

So when a friend asked if I wanted to borrow her copy of The Glass Castle and I said, "Yes," I knew DEAR was required. However, with my parents visiting us from out-of-town for the first time in 6 years, it wasn't possible to drop everything--but I could certainly drop all the other books I was currently reading--and I did.

Next entry...The Glass Castle!

*While my father was visiting he reminded me of another book he wants me to read, The Resurrection of the Shroud.

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