Monday, July 14, 2008

bragging time

My daughters hate when I brag about their accomplishments and I can understand their reticence to have worldly or academic achievements given more credence than is their due. But what about what is their due?

This year was their first year in a public school environment, only their second year of formal schooling in their lives and it was a very successful year overall. They both maintained a 4.0 average in all their subjects for the entire year. They also took First Place awards in a combined total of eight out of their eighteen subjects; Meg earned five firsts and Michelle three.

Meg took one Advanced Placement course and received her results today. She got 5 out of 5 for her score which is the highest rating you can get and means she earned six full college credits of "A" in that class, European History. Most colleges will accept a score of 3; the better colleges require a 4. No one will contest a 5, or rather, everyone will accept a 5, even Ivy League schools. Before school even started Meg had to take extremely difficult tests to get credit for the hard work she had already done in 9th grade. Many kids would have complained about the tests. According to the testing staff, few kids pass the tests. Meg earned credit for English 1, Algebra 1, Physical Science and American History.

Besides school, the girls also did extremely well in their recital this year, something much more difficult for them to accomplish given their limited practice time. They even performed in several duets both with other students and each other.

But overall, I don't think it was the academics nor the extra curricular activities, nor even all the wonderful people we've met that made this such a good year. It was just the right decision for us at the right time. Thank you Lord for leading us and giving us the Grace to follow. They have been very happy at Carl Albert High School this past year and we hope and pray for another good year.

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