Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Not CRAZY, but i might be a carrier

Charles Marshall’s book, I’m not CRAZY, but I might be a carrier, is my first ever 'free book' to read and review; as such I had high hopes. Sadly, the book did not live up to my great expectations. It’s obvious Marshall is writing as a man's man. His humor is never off-color but is most definitely targeted to the guys, in particular married men with families. It is collection of very short chapters on a variety of subjects, most with humorous titles. Several of these chapters are grouped together in 'parts' or major categories, similiarly bedecked with titilating names. All of this effort to amuse me and yet, story after story I was only mildly amused. Not to mention I was also mildly irritated although I couldn't say why. However, given that I'm not "the funny one" in our marriage and in the effort of fairness for a review, I asked my husband for his take on it.

He did a fast read and provided the following: “OK, there is some light humor in here. It appears to me Charles is a Dave Barry fan, as he writes in much the same vein. Here, however, is the pitfall. He’s trying to include religion as a tag ending to each story. I would find these better off if he would incorporate the Lord’s message instead of making each anecdote a lead-in to a mini-sermon. I tend to stop when I see a “This is how we can tie in to God’s word” preamble to a sentence. God, I believe, has a serious sense of humor, and probably likes to be included in the party, not thrown in as an afterthought. After all, God created us humans and the Duckbill Platypus… and you don’t see the former trying to tart itself up with clothes and bling like humans do; only we are embarrassed over our appearance, which could either be offensive or funny to God depending on your point of view. (“What’s the matter? Your thighs looked good to me when I gave them to you… it was only when you overindulge in fried chicken and eat the entire bag of chocolates at one sitting day after day that you start to have a problem…”). I found the chapter on the dentist and the “fear journal” rather amusing; I also related to the Vicks Vap-0-rub ® stories, because all we 1960’s kids were subject to the poison of the medical hobby shop owners of that age. As a book, it’s a read, but not one I personally would have spent cash on. Humor is a good thing, best delivered, in my opinion, by someone who is good at it in an audio forum. I DO enjoy Dave Barry, but my comments apply to him as well... I save most of my reading time for substance, “meat” if you will, not potato crisps. This book was what I would consider a time passer, good for the waiting room, paid for by someone else…”

And so you can see what my husband thought. Personally I think Bear's review is better than Marshall's book, but then I might be a bit biased! ☺


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