Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

How many days does it take to celebrate a sixteenth birthday? Well around this hearth, four. A favorite trick of our girls is to schedule a mandatory good time (misnomer for one of those social things you have to go to) on your sister’s birthday. Michelle’s big Fall Choir Concert was on Meg’s birthday and –because sisters have to keep things fair –Meg’s Cross Country Banquet was on Michelle’s birthday. What to do, what to do?!

Oh I know! Just celebrate Michelle’s birthday all week-end! So we did! ☺

We started the week-end off with a sleep over with four of Michelle’s closest friends pictured above around her cake. The girls had a wonderful time and were the nicest young ladies we have ever had the pleasure to invite over! Jamie, Mickey, Felicia and Sam(antha) we love you and hope you will come back again soon! Thank you for helping us give Michelle a wonderful birthday! The fabulous five hung out together here on Saturday, doing whatever it is that teenage girls can do for hours on end and never get bored with . . . what else? Talk!

On Sunday afternoon after Mass for booklady (the rest of the family went to Saturday Vigil but I had to work then) we took Michelle in to have her hair done. As usual, Jamila worked her magic and Michelle was thrilled with her latest new look also pictured above.

Then we went shopping for Christmas clothes, out to dinner at Abuelos and to Barnes & Noble, a favorite book-family hangout.

On Michelle’s actual birthday, she woke up to find her sister had decorated the kitchen! The table was covered with little cars, there were balloons, streamers, cards, and even a collection can for her latest fund, 'Buy Michelle an IPOD'. Wanna contribute? I think I put in $1.87. ☺

At school, Michelle managed to get sung to in every one of her classes. Her sister surprised her again by decorating her locker and she received presents from more friends.

In the evening, Bear and booklady took Meg to her banquet but Michelle didn’t have to sit alone and feel sorry for herself. Both sets of grandparents called, plus her Aunt Patti, Debra and a friend of mine. Michelle was so busy answering the phone she hardly had time to watch the movie she’d gotten, 50 First Dates.

When we got home, Birthday Girl opened her cards and gifts. She is grateful to one and all! Thank you dear family and friends for your prayers, kind words, cards, e-mails, original poetry*, gifts, and most of all for your love! Michelle is a very blessed young lady and she knows it!

We are also blessed by and with the gift of her. Happy 16th birthday dearest Michelle! May this year be full of God’s Love, rich in His Grace and full of all the wonders and beauty this life has to offer.

All my love,

your book-mom
* My own mother has written each of the girls a personal poem for their recent birthdays. I was waiting for Michelle's birthday to feature these incredibly sweet and unique tributes both to the girls and their special relationship with their grandmother! God bless you Mom!

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