Monday, December 15, 2008

More on F.O.C.A.

I've spent the day researching information about bulletin inserts on F. O. C. A., you know, the so-called, Freedom of Choice Act.

I hate calling it that but it's the name we're stuck with. The so-called Pro-Choice side in the abortion debate have been assigning the labels and we on the Pro-Life side get to use them . . . like it or not. Usually not. As often as I can I try not to use their terms; I try to call things what they really are. For example, an unborn baby is a 'baby'. It's also called a 'fetus' but since such terms distance us from the humanity of that unborn child, I try to avoid that and other such distancing terms whenever possible. But I'm not perfect. Far, far from it. So when you notice me slipping into sloppy jargon, feel free to call me on it. I like to have my mistakes pointed out to me. I like to learn and grow; I believe that's one of the main reasons I'm here in the physical realm.

But back to the day's events. When I asked my pastor to let me collect names for the National Right to Life petition against FOCA after week-end Masses outside the sanctuary in our Narthex (vestibule) I didn't expect I was going to be the one to educate him on what FOCA was. But he was over in Iraq for the past four months serving his active reserve time, dealing with a different sort of death and destruction. However, since our correspondence he's been incredibly supportive of my feeble efforts to drum up support for this petition. He did suggest we begin with educating the parish via bulletin inserts. Thus my homework assignment for the day.

So I just want to share with you what I've found. In case you might want -- or need -- to educate your parish too. Heritage House has some great material for all your group's Pro-Life needs, including bulletin inserts like these. Thanks to Sharon and Ellen for all your help and support!

God bless you and all the unborn children wanting only what you have: Life!

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