Friday, November 26, 2010

America Matches Russian Record

    One year ago, I posted about the U.S. in Afghanistan and a dubious record we were on our way to breaking. Now we're there. And just as the Obama Administration sets a course for departing by 2014.

   The U.S. has been in Afghanistan as long as the Soviets were.

   This weekend, we break that record.

   And we're apparently not leaving anytime soon.

   In fact according to a FOX News report, we're sending in tanks.

   My original posting is here,.

    On November 14th, Bob Davis wrote in an editorial in the Anniston Star that the U.S. is spending $6-Billion a month in Afghanistan. Even in terms of government spending, that's a chunk of money. Are we getting anything of substance in return? If this were just a dubious U.S. Government research program---like a giant Halogen Collider of our own beneath Nevada---it would be one thing. But every day we stay, the lives of American military personnel are lost or changed forever.

     And yet how often did you hear the word Afghanistan during debates leading up to the election? When I asked Congresswoman-elect Martha Roby a question about the war(s) during our pre-primary election OTR program, she seemed surprised, as if it were a literally foreign issue she would not have to deal with.

     Now the candiates who professed to be budget cutters are in charge. Will they cut Social Security? Or Mr. Karzai's personal retirement program...the same Karzai whose behavior is causing concern by NATO allies.

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