Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taxpayer-Funded Smithsonian Exhibits Offensive, Hateful 'Art'

No doubt it's all Kevin Jennings-approved.

Definitely Obama's handpicked, so-called "Safe Schools" Czar will think this is fabulous stuff...

Story here.

Christianophobic blasphemy, hardcore pornography, and a hard-left "entertainer"/talk-show host giving herself an ultra-enhanced "patdown"... and even a child's drawing suggesting homosexual pedophiliac criminality (the child who drew that should be asked by police what the hell is the meaning of that).

(Again, never, never do these ultra-hard-left-wing decadent "artists" ever dare offend Muslims, let alone engage in any forbidden, hateful imagery re. Mohammed.  Jesus, as usual, is the target of these cowards' deranged hatred, contempt and incitement).

This is what Obama considers "art"?

Just a quick glance at more of what's happening to Americans' money, thanks to the ultra-extreme, decadent regime known as the United Socialist States of Obamerica.

This isn't a "public good".

This is proof that Obama is an asshole wasting the Peoples' money on stupid, worthless "progressive" shit.

 Obamacrats cackling

Comgratulations, Obama.  You've brought Hopeychangey corruption to the Smithsonian, rendering that once-respectable institution unworthy of visiting by normal folks, turning it, instead, into a popular destination for perverts.  Paid for, of course, with other peoples' money.


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