Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trains = Death Too

     Thanks to Chief-Editing-Person-In-Charge Jay for pointing out another story to reawaken my snakophobia. This time it's on a train in a place where I spent some time: Vietnam. A lot of the headline writers have been having fun with it. "Snakes On A Train", you know.

     Anyway, here's the CBS TV Report about the discovery of living samples of the world's largest venomous snakes in a bag under a seat on a passenger train.
     I couldn't find any pictures of the snakes in the story, but this is me in Vietnam in 1970, and I kinda look like I'm wondering what's causing the ripples near my feet. I was young then, and had not yet developed my mature snakophobia...explaining why I am willingly standing in water that is surely infested.

(The photo also explains why I was never drafted into my unit's basketball team, and why the team has such a short season.)

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