Sunday, December 9, 2007

Advent Blessings

As I looked out my window this morning at the iron-gray sky and our trees bent over with frozen branches, I thanked God that we went to Mass last night. Then I remembered a friend who used to list all her blessings as a way to create or increase happiness through awareness of all that God had given her. Today I honor my friend's idea, but even more, I give thanks to God for all that He has given me--He has been most generous with our family. Below are listed just some of the many things for which we are grateful today.

'This is the day which the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice!' (Psalm 118:24)

  • Being iced in our warm home with my favorite people

  • Eating homemade cookies for breakfast

  • Day dreaming . . . about the day

  • No where we have to go; nothing we have to do!

  • Debating fun things like the propulsion methods of fleas and cockroaches

  • Watching the snow/sleet/rain from my front window

  • Appreciating how much better the holidays are when you truly simplify

  • Envisioning tentacled aqua humanoids

  • Watching the cat's reaction to the cold when I open the door for him

  • Remembering other recent winter ice and snow storms

  • Lighting up dark places with candles

  • My dear husband breaking up the frozen bird seed for the little junkos

  • Practicing the Latin names – real and made up – for animals and other ‘creatures’

  • Listening to Christmas music played by my daughters

  • Letting the cold cat back in and having him warm himself on me in gratitude

  • Deciding which delicious book will 'get' me today

  • Feeling cozy, warm, loved and safe in a comfortable messy room

  • Mentally rewriting a famous speech in modern terms

  • Watching the snow/sleet/rain from my front window

  • The rich scent of French Vanilla coffee with cream

  • My 15 year-old daughter's squeals of delight at the dry sound of the falling frozen . . . stuff

  • Thinking about everything and nothing

  • Having the cat come back, nudge me and want to crawl in my lap

  • Rubbing him as he curls up; listening to his deep, gentle purr

  • Being happy, truly and supremely happy and knowing it is a choice

  • Reading my daughters' school writing assignments

  • Enjoying the annual tradition of unpacking the family Nativity set

  • Laughing at my teens bundled up against the cold, 'playing' outside

  • Writing friends and practicing new computer skills

  • All of us in the front room together, each doing his/her own thing, just because it's cozy

  • Having my daughter read funny T-shirt sayings (from a catalog) to me

  • Imagining a whole day of this, and maybe even another

  • Checking out our names @

  • Putting up our tree while we listen to Christmas music

  • Hoping school will be cancelled tomorrow

  • Planning to watch It's a Wonderful Life tonight and drink German Gluvine

  • Taking pictures of our winter wonderland outside

  • Finding out our Grinch names @

  • Humbly realizing and being grateful for all I have learned this year

  • Listening to thunder in the middle of an ice-storm

  • Smelling the delicious dinner (paella) my husband is cooking for us

  • Thinking of more and more and MORE things to be grateful for as the day unfolds!!!

  • Praying for all those I love . . . that they are also safe, warm, and happy

    Blessings on this winter day in Advent!

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