Monday, July 11, 2011

Exhilaration, horror, and then death.

     This weekend's West Alabama plane crash was the second such incident in the state in weeks to destroy a family and leave behind a single survivor.

     In this case, an 18 year old daughter was the only sibling to stay home in Florida and not join her parents and five siblings on a family reunion trip to Missouri.

     Last month, another small plane crashed, in Guntersville, killing the two adults and one of the two children on board. The 7 year old boy is "expected to make a full recovery" according to doctors. And while I hope that is true, both survivors will no doubt live with doubt, and grief, and guilt.

    It is yet another reminder of Tim's oft stated belief that there's a Mack Truck waiting for all of us, literally or not.

    I've flown in small planes and spent thousands of hours in a small helicopter, fully knowing that I was just seconds away from a disaster not of my making; a loose bolt, a weakened hose; a neglected gas tank. And my only involvement was my decision to get in the thing in the first place.

     My hopes and prayers go to that young boy and young woman, that they will find a way to truly survive, to somehow use the pain for something good.

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