Friday, July 8, 2011

A REAL Pre-Review of Watch The Throne

This is a REAL pre-review! A closed listening session and all we got from Ms. JayTinez was alot of nothing. This person definitely had a more indepth and revealing take of what he was allowed to hear in the private session. Definitely give it a read if you're interested in Watch The Throne. Damn, a song about "unborn sons", iCurious.

There's a devastating song rapped to Kanye and Jay's unborn sons and another called "Black on Black" about intra-racial violence. There's a thwacking dubstep sample and another appearance by the tapped-for-greatness Frank Ocean. When the cycle concluded, Jay opened the floor to a conversation, as he has during recent events of this kind, asking only that reporters put down their notepads and close their iPhones (Some of us didn't). What ensued was a kind of half-professional, half-freewheeling chat....

The recording of this album also inspired a new Jay-Z solo album, for which he has already completed two songs and is honing four more concepts—one of the contest winners actually nabbed the night's biggest scoop, which is that Ocean will also appear on the first single


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