Thursday, December 23, 2010


     You may have watched the story we aired on CBS 8 in November about the claim by former Montgomery Mayor Emory Folmar that he shot a criminal suspect.
     It was not a story we expected to find when we scheduled the interview.
     This Sunday, the majority of that interview will air as the last On The Record of 2010.
     The Mayor talks about today's Republican politics, The Todd Road incident, his management style, racism, running for Governor and being trounced by George Wallace, and more.


     Folmar is 80, and runs the $300 Million ABC Board as a Bob Riley appointee. So far, Governor-Elect Robert Bentley has not said if he'll reappoint the former Mayor to that position.

The On The Record episode airs on CBS 8 in Montgomery at 5:30 this Sunday afternoon 12/26/10

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