Sunday, December 26, 2010

Even More Ignoring of The Civil the North!

     When I blogged earlier this month about the 2011 150th Anniversary of the war, I wrote that there seemed to be more notice given to the war in the North than here in the South...but New York State, which had as big a stake in the war as about any other, has no official recognition planned, according to the NY Times.

     There was a significant Alabama wartime connection with New York too...Raphael Semmes went there shopping for war supplies before the war, and once the fighting started, he sailed towards New York City to attack the Manhattan!
   In an earlier posting, I wrote about his journey on the CSS Alabama.

   You have to wonder how much the War anniversary would be ignored there if Semmes had not been blocked by ship damage from a hurricane and a shortage of coal for his boilers!

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