Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Michele Bachmann-Alabama link

In the latest Rolling Stone, author Matt Taibbi makes an Alabama connection to Republican/Tea Party Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann. He writes about a small law school where she studied...

Regent was unabashed in its desire that its graduates enter government and become "change agents" who would help bring the law more in line with "eternal principles of justice," i.e., biblical morality. To that end, Bachmann was mentored by a crackpot Christian extremist professor named John Eidsmoe, a frequent contributor to John Birch Society publications who once opined that he could imagine Jesus carrying an M16 and who spent considerable space in one of his books musing about the feasibility of criminalizing blasphemy.

                       Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone on Michele Bachmann's legal education.

John Eidsmoe live in Pike Road, just outside Montgomery and has been involved in any number of Alabama institutions, like being employed at one point by The Alabama Supreme Court during the days of Roy Moore.

He attended Maxwell Air War College, and was a guest at least twice that I recall on "For The Record" back in the day. He used to teach at the law school at Faulkner University (where George W. Bush will speak for a fundraiser later in the year. Tickets are $200). He currently on the staff of a primarily online unaccredited law school called Oak Brook College.

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