Monday, July 11, 2011

Very Smart Brothas Speak on "Conscious? Rappers."

A lot of folks were up in arms at this non-voting armchair politician but some people came to Lupe’s defense with his statement about Obama and US foreign policy being at fault for terrorist acts. Except much like Lupe, 90 percent of people sounded like conspiracy theorists with completely unsubstantiated claims. Most people were basically pissing in the wind. But some good points were brought up, namely, we’re only mad because it’s Obama he’s talking about.
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I was doing my usual morning net working out, just surfing the highway of information (yea I know, you can't surf a highway, f*ck off) and I came across this article from a popular site called  I've argued many times on twitter with friends and irrelevant TROLLowers about the ignorance of Lupe Fiasco basically this whole cotdayum year.  People constantly try to defend the naivety of this fool.  Yes, he makes great music.  Yes, he has very deep material and conceptual material that displays a positively intellectual take on some of the social issues blacks still face today.  That's all good and dandy.  But, when you put that fool in front of a microphone, with out a beat or a studio or a pen and a pad, it's like he's wearing a Ph.D. badge in Moronics on his chest.  I say all that to say this (and that was a lot I said) this article is 100% on point.  I applaud everything Panama Jackson said and I hope people can read this and at least take some time to digest it.

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