Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bunny bibs, vintage art and paperdolls

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. Are you prepared?

Here is a little joke to play on co-workers. This idea is from my mom-in-law, who can have the greatest sense of humor!

Faux Chocolate Candy:

Take clean cotton balls.
Dip in melted chocolate chips with a 2-tine fork, or with a skewer.
(you can easily melt chips in microwave, stirring well, but don't over heat!) 
Place on wire rack over wax paper to set.
Place on plate and chill well.
Offer to friends and co-workers. Keep a straight face.
caution: make sure the person receiving has a good sense of humor!
original one of a kind bottlecap by inkspired
you can find more of my art at:

Indoors or out, no one relaxes in March,
that month of wind and taxes,
the wind will presently disappear,
the taxes last us all the year.
~Ogden Nash

Here is a little Joan Walsh Anglund paper doll to get your mind off taxes!

She is all ready for those darling Easter Baskets!
Print this out on both sturdy cardstock (for the doll) and glossy paper (for the outfits). Spend some time with your daughter. Help her cut out the dresses. Show her how to make outfits for the new paperdoll using tracing paper and plain typing paper, magazine clippings and colored pencils.  Decorate a big envelope with her to store the doll and all her outfits and accessories.  Make a simple little cardstock stand so she can stand.

Why not make a little Easter scene with the doll, accessories, some colored eggs in stands placed all amongst paper grass?

Here is another Joan Walsh Anglund paper doll for you to have fun with:
Wouldn't these hats look cute with little silk flowers glued to them?
You can print this out and include it in a Spring card!
Simply mail in a larger envelope, so nothing gets bent.
Or, roll up gently and place in a mailing cylinder.

“Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds are the morning yawn.”

- Lewis Grizzard


c. early 1900's


“Spring has returned. 
The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” 
~Rainer Maria Rilke

This is a photo of a vintage, handsewn bunny bib.
Let's make our own!

Simple bunny bib:
~ Blow up this photo as large as you want, or just free-hand draw a bib shape on butcher paper.
~ With a pencil and butcher paper, practice drawing on the bunny face and ear details.
~ You can also use tracing paper over the image to get it as close as you wish to the original. I encourage you to personalize it however with your own drawings!
~ Still unsure of your talents? There are tons of iron-on designs out there. I find books regularly on sale at Michael's or other craft stores. Look at your favorite fabric store and you should find iron-on books there too!
~ Transfer design onto bib fabric. A transfer pencil (found at craft/hobby stores)  works great for this.

...choose fabric that is soft, washable and absorbs well. Flannel is a great backing choice.

tip: Why not use a dollar store white towel? Or a colored towel?!?

Okay, now you decide if you want to machine embroider on the details, hand embroider the details, or use fabric paint to do the face.

For Single Layer Bib:
if embroidering:
...don't cut out bib yet. Play with the stitches on your sewing machine for satin stitch binding and other decorative stitches available on your machine. This is a great time to play with some designs that you have never used! When ready to finish, stitch a tight satin stitch all around the outside. Then cut out, being careful to not cut into satin stitches.
..........alternate: use seam binding to finish edges.

if hand stitching:
...don't cut bib out yet. Leave enough fabric around bunny bib to fit inside an embroidery hoop. When finished embroidering the face details, you can remove from hoop. Cut out bib and use a simple binding stitch (sometimes called a buttonhole stitch) to finish all raw edges.

if hand painting face:
...using a hoop or desired painting surface, follow lines with paint. Remember this is a bib, so don't use too much dimensional paint. Baby's face will need wiping, and this is not so pleasant with paint sticking up or a stiff fabric!
...finish with any of the suggestions used above.

tip: Did you know you can purchase a paint add-in that will allow any acrylic paint to be turned into a washable paint? Check out your paint or fabric painting section. It's great stuff! Comes in bottles that look just like a paint bottle.

For double layer bib:
Simply add a layer to all the types of finishing mentioned above. Face details go only onto the front fabric of the bib. When stitching the edges for a final time, be sure your second layer is being caught up in the stitch. If you pin the layers together this will stop them from shifting too much. After stitching all around the edges, check to make sure your layers are sewn together smoothly.

...advanced: right sides together, sew along edge, leaving small openings for ties at neck. Turn inside out. Hand stitch in ties, closing all raw edges. Press.

How to fasten:
1.  I like the seam binding or sturdy ribbon method used for the ties. You can add these while you are finishing up the edges. Make sure they are washable.
I understand there is some concern that these ties could be a hazard to baby.

Hellloooo!!! ...Common sense - don't leave a bib tied around baby's neck if you are not actively feeding him/her!  Baby doesn't need to sleep in a bib. Baby doesn't need to play in a playpen with a bib. Baby doesn't need a bib in the car seat either!

2.  You can use sewn on velcro dots. Be sure however that these are not going to touch and irritate a baby's sensitive skin by rubbing on it.

3.  Make a button hole and sewn on button. Caution: could be a choking hazard if baby likes to remove things and chew things off (button).

I hope you enjoy your bunny bib. These would be great in a baby's first Easter Basket. You can fold one up and pop into a padded envelope to easily mail it. And of course - perfect baby shower gift anytime!

additional fun:
Wouldn't these look cute embroidered onto washcloths? Make a set of 2,3 or 4 and give with the bib, or just by themselves!

“The day the Lord created hope
was probably the same day he created Spring.” 
 ~Bern Williams

Have a bunny-rrific, paperdoll playing, smiley kind of day!

for sale by ellie58, etsy


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