Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bunnies Hop Hop Hop

Here's a Bunny-rrific kind of day!
Peter Rabbit Barbie celebrating Peter's 100th birthday.

illustration by Beatrix Potter

"Winston Churchill is always expecting rabbits to come out of an empty hat."
- Evelyn Waugh, writer

Here is a wonderful little paper doll bunny I found at OrigamiBears:

see more at OrigamiBears. See side bar.

Bunny slippers remind me of who I am.
You can’t get a swelled head if you wear bunny slippers.
You can’t lose your sense of perspective and start acting like a star or a rich lady
if you keep on wearing bunny slippers.
Besides, bunny slippers give me confidence because they’re so jaunty.
They make a statement; they say
‘Nothing the world does to me can ever get me so far down that I can’t be silly and frivolous.’
If I died and found myself in Hell, I could endure the place
If I had bunny slippers.”

Dean Koontz, horror writer

for sale by cul8rg8er on etsy

Here is another fabulous design from Sandra Lounsbury Foose. It is designed to be made from felt, with a little embroidery on the front.

This joke is so old, I have no idea who originated it!

What do you call ten rabbits marching backwards?

vintage Nestle Quik mug for sale by Vintage4U, etsy

A receding hareline!
(har har har!)


Here is a sweet Spring coloring page for you, thanks to Dover:

Dover Publications

Here are 2 goofy bunnies, made from recycled bottlecaps and rubber stamps:
(I'm sorry, but I have misplaced the rubberstamp company that designed these).

Well, time to wrap up.
I think we should all go out and purchase some bunny slippers now,
especially for our loved ones!

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