Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where NOT to work.

     Certain industries are headed for the job creation morgue, claims a story in the Wall Street Journal today.

     They quote IBIS, a research group as determining the top (or bottom) ten:

Wired Telecommunications Carriers

Newspaper Publishing

Apparel Manufacturing

DVD, Game & Video Rental

Manufactured Home Dealers

Video Postproduction Services

Record Stores


Formal Wear & Costume Rental



     NO shock about newspaper publishing, textile mills and record stores (Daddy, what are records?).....in fact all of them are fairly predictable in a world of cell phones and digital everything.

     The Mills and apparel companies that provided generations of  Alabamians with careers are long gone. And developing film? Bye Bye.


     But one industry that employes a lot of Alabamians is also on the list, and it may be a surprise: "Manufactured Homes"..i.e. Mobile Homes. According to the Alabama Manufactured Home Association, 24% of new home sales in Alabama are actually mobile homes.

         There are thirteen manufactured home building companies in the state churning out almost 7,500 homes last year. Another dozen or so import homes into Alabama. You might think they would coordinate all of this and keep the homegrown homes here. But The Alabama Manufactured Homes Association says about three-quarters of the homes made in Alabama are exported out of the state...perhaps answering Andy Rooney's long-ago question: if they're mobile, why don't they GO somewhere?"

     There actually is a regulatory agency for mobile homes in the state. The Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission here in Montgomery. Note from their website picture that their headquarters building is not a mobile home.

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