Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama: GOP Must Sit In The Back

Story here.

Obama just told Republicans to "sit in the back".

Nice, eh? Anyone who's not a Democrat has to sit in the back of the bus... or be thrown under it.

The Klan is back, apparently, and this time it's "multicultural", communist and hellbent on destroying America to "level the field for the rest of the world".
  The following couple is tickled purple to hear it...

Nothing like open expression of extremely hateful bigotry when one figures, what have we got to lose in the election?  Let's divide America on partisan, racial and idelogical lines to consolidate certain groups to vote for us. To hell with everyone else.
What does one expect from the guy representing the party responsible for slavery, the KKK, segregation and other horrible things? 

Clearly, Obama is a divisive, hateful man.
I say Obama's dangerously insane and needs to be impeached ASAP.    

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