Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shades of Nancy Worley?

     A McDonalds in Ohio is apologizing for including "Vote Republican" materials in the pay envelopes of employees....stressing how there is a direct connection between their pay and their vote.

     That sounds like what former Alabama Secretary of State Nancy Worley did...without the threat part. She sent her five state employees campaign material with an envelope for donations for her re-election campaign. She has yet to go on trial and won a victory before the Alabama Supreme Court in September.

     Since the minimum wage isn't exactly rare in the fast food industry, and since it is primarily GOP candidates who have called for an end to it, wouldn't it be in the best interest of the McDonalds workers to vote Democratic? As you'll read in the Times story linked above, McDonalds corporate officials says it is completely against company policy.

[NOTE; a webmaster named Brandon Twitchell recommends his """ site for added information about the McDonalds story, and I'm glad to pass along the link. As with all infomation---including what you find on read everything with care. (-:  ]

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