Monday, January 31, 2011

Ayo whattup this Big Ghost WhoDeini the Don namsayin! Namsayin ignore the counterfeit niggas usin a nigga name. Niggas is fugazi nahmeans. Word. Ayo peace to that nigga Young Stereotype nahmeans. Ayo the god feel blessed n alla that yo. Ayo the god been havin a marvelous week n alla that nahmeans. A nigga honored n shit that first off the nigga Preem gave a nigga the nod for best album of the last 100 years n shit. Then second of all the gods publicist n managers n shit been blowin up a nigga phone talkin bout ayo Toney since you done came down from the mountaintops where a nigga throne reside to be one wit ya peoples there been a major spike in a nigga album sales nahmeans. Word yo. Yalls already know that the god been mingling n mixin wit yalls little internet niggas via this blog shit. But yo a nigga sales for the Apollo Kids joint seen a recent 17% increase! Word bond! Meaning 17% more niggas bought my shit this week than there was niggas buyin my shit the week previous nahmeans. Ayo approximately 34 niggas bought a nigga album this week nahmeans! Now bein that a nigga gettin roughly half a point on each joint. And bein that the retail price on the god album is somewheres around 10 and 14 dollars?that mean the god makin close to 78 cents per album nahmean. But yo ya gotta minus what a nigga gotta break off for the accountants n lawyers n managers n shit. But yalls multiply that net amount by the total number of sales n yo the nigga lookin at about I dunno 20 Gs n shit nahmeans! Word. Ayo n third of all now the little internet nigga Lil Cliche done built a temple of worship for a nigga namsayin. Word. Ayo a nigga jus feel blessed n shit namsayin. Ayo a nigga feel like he wanna donate the proceeds from a nigga album to niggas in the world that need that shit more than the god namsayin. Ayo a nigga wanna free Tibet nahmeans. Word yo. The nigga Bill O'Reilly be thinkin niggas is stupid n jus wanna cop gear n jewels n fuck broads n pop gats off namsayin. Word yo a nigga jus tryna show White America that niggas got intelligent agendas namsayin. A nigga wanna change the world son. Nahmeans. Ayo a nigga wanna bring down the Berlin wall namhmean. The god wanna help endangered species animals nahmean. A nigga wanna save the unicorns! Ayo a nigga wanna put a end to poverty in the hood n build temples of worship for the god namhmeans. Ayo the god jus wanna give back to the people. Word yo a nigga just seen a golden butterfly emerge from his Raspberry Peach Snapple nahmeans. Ayo the butterfly shed a tear when the god wrote that nahmeans. Thats my word! A nigga gettin emotional n shit. Ayo but listen the god need go flip his omelet. Imma holla at yalls later.
Aight peace.

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