Monday, January 31, 2011

Ayo yalls go n cop that Game Purp n Patron mixtape namsayin!

Ayo this ya nigga Big Ghostface aka Wise King Solomon Starks namsayin. Ayo a nigga was supposed to be featured on this mixtape wit that nigga Game namsayin. Word Bond the god was on that Ocean joint that the nigga Dre did nahmeans. Word n the joint was originally called Titanium Wardrobes namsayin. We even had another joint done called Crystal Elephants where the god was spittin darts wit that god body wisdom nahmean. Word ya nigga Tone be providin that knowledge to hood niggas. When the god be in the hood niggas be askin the god shit like ayo Tony why is water wet namsayin? N yo word bond a nigga be respondin wit that divine algebra nahmeans. Niggas say ayo Wise Solomon Starks why the sky blue n shit? I tells my niggas ayo the god gon investigate yalls niggas inquests n shit n boom…the god go to that tree of knowledge n I climb that particular branch n a nigga gather that fruit….that fruit of wisdom nahmeans. A nigga be asleep under the tree when the apple fall on the god head like he muthafuckin Einstein n shit. N the god collects that harvest namsayin. A nigga put those apples in his basket for his pupils nahmeans. I tells the pupil niggas ayo Wise Solomon Starks done sought that wisdom n boom…ayo the sun is yellow namsayin…word n the oceans of the earth is blue…meanwhile the lawns n forests n shit is green. So when yalls take the yellow sun n mix that wit the color green of the earth from the plants n forests n that shit reflects off of the oceans n shit ya get a blue color in the sky. Yellow n green make blue nahmeans. N when the sky be red or pink or orange n shit thats like when volcanoes n shit be reflecting light into the sky. Ayo when niggas was evolving n shit from when we was cavemen n shit…like before horses was invented n shit…we was ridin dinosaurs son namsayin. Lot of hood niggas aint know that. They aint absorb that history. We was livin at peace with the dinosaurs n shit. Nowadays dinosaurs is endangered species n shit n they be like fuck yall niggas yall aint do right by us nahmeans. So we aint got that same connection to them no more. Word bond. But yo I be shinin that knowledge towards niggas bout current events n shit like the oil crisis in Egypt n the recession n shit namsayin. A nigga be like Plato in the hood n shit. Word but the nigga Game aint follow the gods wavelengths like that nahmean. The nigga wanna appeal to young niggas n shit so he follow the skinny jean small jackets niggas n do they kinds of music n shit nahmeans. Word but the nigga gotta get back on his own pony n stop tryna ride another nigga pony namsayin. Word yo the nigga Game be caressin other niggas stallions n shit n be tryna gallop on they fields n shit. Nigga need to get back to what he know best nahmean. Cos right now the nigga usin hotdog buns for hamburgers namsayin. The nigga aint got the right pieces clickin together. Word.
Aight peace

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