Monday, January 31, 2011

For the Wu Bambinos namsayin!

Ayo this Ironman Starks again aka the Emerald Wizard aka Marcus Garvey Reincarnated. Word. Im humbled that yall little internet niggas is findin some humor in a nigga trials n tribulations n shit. The god need yall niggas to heed these scriptures but a nigga want yall to see the bright sky behind them storm clouds too yo. Cos as yall know the shit that dont kill a nigga only gon make a nigga stronger. Well unless the shit that tried to kill a nigga was a muthafuckin truck nahmeans. If a muthafuckin truck hit a nigga n a nigga go flyin in the air like a fuckin paper ball for half a block that shit gon fuck a nigga up. If a nigga land wit his shoulders all popped out n knees folded forwards that shit aint gonna just snap back together nahmeans. That shit gon fuck a nigga up. Niggas paralyzed from the neck down cant do shit. Thats my word. So as ya know there be holes in theories like that in actual fact. Word. Matter fact if a nigga get shot in the stomach n has to shit in a bag for the rest of that nigga fucked up life thats actually some tragic shit too yo! Im sayin how you gon roll up on a broad n try n pull that bitch when you got a bag of shit tied to ya waist nahmeans? That shit gotta fuck wit a nigga confidence namasayin. Like you got a bag of shit on ya waist n how you supposed to pounce on a bitch n be like word yo you look good n shit how bout you let a nigga buy you a drink n shit? Bitch gon look at you like nigga is that a bag of shit on ya belt yo? Meanwhile there 200 niggas in that fuckin club that aint got no bag of shit on they belt nahmean! Thats some real fucked up odds for the nigga wit that colostomy bag yo. Ayo I aint even know how a nigga got on this topic but rest assured the god thankful for makin it thru some hard times nahmeans. A nigga done slept eight to a bed when we was kids namsayin. A nigga had hand me down draws n shit. Niggas was rockin 3rd n 4th generation draws that cousins done worn n shit. Elastics all stretched out wit the permanent skid marks inside n shit. Once again that kinds of shit fuck wit a nigga ego nahmeans. But a nigga emerged from the ashes like an iron phoenix n shit. Nigga done took bullets. The god done got shot the fuck up n alla that. But I aint like to brags about none a that namsayin. Cos that shit aint nuthin ta glorify to the tadpoles nahmeans. Ayo the cubs look up to the lions in the jungle namsayin. Word. N the god be tryna set a positive example n be a good role models for these young muthafuckas. The little bambino gambinos nahmeans. They the future. Word yo.
Aight peace.

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