Monday, January 31, 2011

Whattup J Coles!

Ayo whattup this the god universal culture divine Big Tone aka Ghostface the Wally Champ! Yo a nigga just seen a purple shark rockin a cable knit coogi playin a saxaphone nahmean. Thats my word. The god had crazy visions. Ayo the moon crumbled into the oceans n shit when the god arose from his throne nahmean. Ayo Coles a nigga just peeped ya videos n what have you. I wasnt in attendance at ya actual show cos a nigga workin promotin his album n shit nahmean. A nigga stayin touch wit his fans via 2dopeboyz an what have you. Nahmean. Ayo dont forget to pick up that Apollo Kids joint nahmean. Yalls already know my joint was chosen by the god legend Preemo himself for album of the decade yo. And a nigga humbled by that shit yo. That was a honor nahmean. Nigga said ayo the god Ghost Deini had the best album since Thriller nahmean. Yalls aint never had no praises like that nahmean. But yo ever since the god was found on the shores of the river Nile in Egypt or Cairo to be exact he felt blessed. Word I already done told yalls that when the god was found the clouds parted to a bloody sky n locusts done tried to destroy the god while he was a baby n all a that. But bein that I was a made nigga they aint hurt the god nahmean. Yalls aint never been through no shit like that. Word up. Nigga I done walked through monsoons in the desert with gargoyles nahmean. Ayo the soil beneath the god feet turned to rose pedals n shit. Thats my word. A nigga open his jacket n lavender doves fly out a nigga coat when he on stage nahmean. Yalls little niggas gotta work on yalls satge presence. The god be on stage havin his little lemonade snapples n word I turn niggas phones in the audience into chalices of wine nahmean. N I tell my niggas drink from yalls chalices now n become a niggas disciple. Nahmean. Thats some shit yalls dont be doin at yalls shows. Yall next generation niggas be walkin around on stage in ya little t shirts n tight ass jeans tryna rock a crowd. Niggas got on they little applebottom jeans tryna emcee n shit. Yalls aint movin the crowd with that. I dont mean no disrespect but yalls need to step yalls stage presence up. Word. Nigga the god be throwin dynamite frisbees into the crowd n all that. Yalls niggas aint do no shit like that cos yall lack the imagination and constitution to that shit nahmean. The god be bringin sabretooths on stage with him. Word.
Aight peace.

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