Monday, January 31, 2011

Ayo it's Pac Div nahmean!

Your Fucking Song Namsayin!

Ayo whattup niggas its that nigga Lovebug Starksy aka Ghostface. Word yo to be perfectly honest wit yalls niggas I aint really know who these niggas is. But they doin they thing n the god respect that. I dont mean no disrespect but yalls little rap niggas need to educate yallselves tho nahmean. Take yall little advance money n enroll in a university like Harvard or Hillman. Word yo them little niggas on the Cosby show went to Hillman and they was smart yo. Yalls need to do that n let us streetwise niggas do our thing nahmean. Cos I aint had them opportunities nahmean. Word yo the god was born on the shores of the river Nile n all that son. I aint had them opportunities cos a nigga was placed in a basket a sent down the Nile river to evade harms way nahmean. A nigga was a baby n shit. But yo the god was wrapped in divine fabrics so the niggas that found the god knew that they was in the presence of a majestic nigga. Even tho the god was only the size of a small watermelon nahmean. But yo the niggas that found the god said that the clouds parted n the sky turned to blood n locusts swarmed down n tried to destroy the god yo. This was some holy war shit with angels casting thunder upon the wicked nahmean. The god survived all that. Word yo. So being that the god went thru that shit I aint really sought no education past 10th grade nahmean. I aint had them opportunities like that cos of the mighty force of the locusts n the clouds opening to a bloody sky n all a that. The shit affected a nigga. It was like some post traumatic fetal syndrome or some shit. So yalls niggas take that into account when you decidin what to do wit yalls lives. Get wise n go to college n evade that shit.
Aight peace.

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