Monday, January 31, 2011

Ayo my brotha Rae droppin his joint soon namsayin!

Shaolin Vs Wu Tang Nahmeans!

Ayo whattup this that marvelous shit me n Rae be providin niggas nahmeans. This that Iron Chef shit niggas be slayin dragons to nahmeans! Ayo this that kinda shit that be makin niggas wanna slap box wit they moms n shit. Niggas be kickin pitbulls n pullin trees out the ground when they hear shit like this. Word yo this the kinds a shit that be makin niggas turn police cars over nahmeans. Niggas be breakin into the Bronx Zoo to punch llamas to shit like this namsayin. Ayo this the type a shit that be makin niggas eat broken glass n shit. Niggas be squeezin wine outta fuckin stones to shit like this nahmeans. Niggas be lettin off shots on the train to this shit! Ayo niggas be swimmin in the Hudson n catchin fish wit they muthafuckin teeth to shit like this. This the type of shit that got niggas jumpin out they car window while they drivin nahmeans. Niggas be losin they minds to shit like this nahmeans! Word this that official Icewater executive tarantula shit! I aint even gotsta tell yall! Niggas be jumpin into they Xboxes on some Tron shit to this kindsa shit. Niggas be punchin the humps off camels n shit. This the type of shit that be reversin the earth rotation n shit. Niggas be scalin buildings to shit like this. Imma go throw a poodle off the roof namsayin so Imma holla at yalls later!
Aight peace.

Ayo the joint courtesies of them 2dopeboyz muthafuckas namsayin!

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