Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aliayah: Homicide, False Abduction, Concealment

Here, law enforcement gives out more information than they have in 9 days. Statement analysis is in bold type, as police indicate that this was a homicide. 

Disappearance of Lewis Co. Girl Now Being Called a 'Crime'

Investigators had been looking at the possibility that 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford may have wandered away from her home last Saturday but that's no longer the case. After 10 days of searching, investigators don't believe she walked away from her Dennison Street home alone, and they say someone has to know where she is.
The disappearance of Aliayah is now being looked at as a a crime.
"We believe that there are three potential crimes here that may be committed. One's a homicide, the second is an abduction and a third may be a concealment," says FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen

Note the order:  1.  homicide      2.   abduction     3   concealment 

Why would he list homicide before abduction?  A child would be abducted before death, but the order tells us what he is thinking:
1.  Homicide.  Aliayah died at the hands of a human being.  
 2.  Abduction:  the mother attempted to make it look like an abduction including the fake searching.   
 3.  concealment says that the family knows where her body is. 
Abduction would indicate a federal charge.
They are close enough to give these three indicators.  Note that homicide is thought to follow an abduction, but "homicide" is first on his mind.
This suggests that  this a homicide that was made to look like an abduction, hence, concealment.  
This will cause some to consider that Aliayah was kidnapped and killed as part of a drug deal gone bad, and that the mother is covering it up; or something along these lines. Others may feel that the child may have become ill and was accidentally overdosed; still others consider shaken baby, or battered child syndrome.  But in any case, it appears that she was murdered, the abduction was a ruse to conceal.  It may be that they are preparing the public for her death, though the public has already heard the aunt speak of her as if dead; and the mother has lawyered up.   We have not heard from step father which gives even more suspicion. 

What is the mother's involvement?  It appears that her searching was a ruse to throw off investigators.
A small group of persons of interest are being looked at by about 50 local, state and federal officers.
"We are looking at them very, very closely and as we move through this, right now, we cannot tell you exactly any evidence that we've collected this far but we're moving in that direction," Killeen adds.
This indicates that there is evidence pointing to the family regarding death and concealment. 
The command post has been disbanded but departments are still working together to come to a conclusion.
"The resources that we have access to right now are immense and we're just trying to bring a quick resolve to this situation," says Lewis County Sheriff Michael Gissy
Expect an arrest soon?.
There's no determination yet if a person of interest could one day face local or federal charges.
"They could be federal charges, they could be state charges, but we're not there yet," says Killeen.
Federal charges of kidnapping include any form of restraint used.  This indicates that they may believe that Aliayah was restrained in some way.  Restraint can be physical or it can be chemical (drugs), but something immobilized her in order to conceal criminal behavior. 

While volunteers are no longer being asked to search, some want to start a reward fund for information.
Investigators say it's still an active investigation and they will continue to follow all leads until Aliayah is found.
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