Monday, October 3, 2011

What the FBI Is Saying about Missing 3 Year Old Aliayah

In Statement Analysis, we look for the expected answer, and then deal with, via analysis, the unexpected.

Analysis Question:  How long will searchers look for Aliayah?

Answer comes from the FBI agent:

Sunday marked day eight of the search for three year-old Aliayah Lunsford, and police say the search is still being considered a rescue mission.

Investigators say the cold weather and rain caused them to scale back their search efforts over the weekend, using mostly law enforcement based search teams. They say the search will resume on Monday in the same place that they left off at on Friday.

The Appalachian Search and Rescue Team is set to be back out as well.

Police say they are concentrating now on a five square mile radius around the home, based on how far they believe Aliayah could have possibly wandered, but say they aren't ruling out any possibilities and will continue to stay hopeful.

"For a child to survive especially with the weather turning cold and rainy over the past couple of days,

Please note that he said "a" child and not "Aliayah" or even a pronoun referencing Aliayah.  If you wish to decode language to get to the truth, do not interpret for the subject; listen to him.

Articles (a, an, the) are instinctive, just as pronouns are; and are not part of one's own internal subjective dictionary of words.  Once "a" child (or noun) is identified, the article, "the" is appropriate.

Many report that the FBI are not saying anything in their news conferences, with regards to giving out information.  Let us listen to what he said:

"a child" to survive, is not Aliayah.  We expected "Aliayah" but we received the unexpected.

we're very concerned if this is a walk-off that this child is in great danger.

Since we have not had Aliyah identified, and he is speaking for himself, we note that he says "we're" concenred but the concern is conditional concern:

"if this is a walk off..."

This sets the condition upon the concern.  If it is not a walk off, then he is not concerned about the weather conditions.  If we take the "we" to be weak, rather than the strong personal, "I", and we then take "a" child rather than "Aliayah", we may know that the FBI is not concerned about the weather impacted Aliayah Lansford. 

There is every possibility that we're looking at today

"every" excludes none; hyperbole added now, to the ongoing analysis further weakening any notion that Aliayah is a walk off, subject to the weather.  It is likely he does not plan to look at this tomorrow.  Expect news to come forth.

and we are not ruling out anything

That which is reported in the negative is sensitive material

and we're ruling everything in till there comes such a time that we can rule out certain things that have happened to this child, but right now it's an open book," says FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen

We have a strong indication that the FBI know what they are doing, and know what they are looking at.  This statement should give us confidence.  Note that "this" child rather than "a" child.  Note the change must reflect a change in reality.

"a" child; that is, any child, might be subject to weather, but
"this child", that is, close relationship, is having things "ruled out" as they progress. 

The "open book" tells us that it is not "closed"; that is, finished.  This indicates that they have a book already compiled, but have one eye upon sucessful prosecution. 

Killeen says at this point the investigation is a joint effort between federal, state and local authorities, and they will leave no stone unturned. They will continue to search until they find answers surrounding Aliayah's disappearance.

Although this is not a quote, if you expected to hear that they would search until they find her, you now deal with the unexpected:  they will search until they find answers.  This presupposes questions and tells us, that as a person chooses his words in less than a microsecond, these came into his mind; not so much finding Aliayah, but finding answers to the questions, which will eventually lead to Aliayah.

This strongly suggests that they are not worried about weather, and are not looking for a live child, but are looking for answers regarding the mother, the step father, the father, the aunt, family members, and so on, that will bring this case to resolution.

That the mother has lawyered up may impede the search...not for Aliayah, but for answers.  Perhaps, if this attorney follows the public plan of the other, the attorney may hasten Aliayah's remains being found.

But is this in the best interest of his client?

Lena Lunsford has an attorney now, because her interests, and the interests of her daughter, Aliayah, are different.

If you have any information call the Lewis County 911 Center (304) 269- 8241.

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