Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jose Baez Lies...Again

Unable to land a job, Casey Anthony awaits her big payday, as Jose Baez works the phone lines, and continues to make the rounds, trying to rehabilitate the killer's image.

Recently, we have heard that Casey is in intense therapy, coming to grips with the tragedy, and learning to grieve.  At least, that is what brothers Jose Baez and Gerry Rivers came up with recently, but, alas for Casey Anthony, she still has to answer to a probation officer and if she lies to probation...

Well, let's just say her TV gig with Foxy Knoxy may have to be put on hold a bit longer.

The two killers have much in common:

Both are habitual liars.
Both are set to gain millions.
Both will not tell the truth, but recently, Casey was forced to.

Casey had to fill in a little box for probation...that pesky little box that confirms to her officer, (who can, and will, verify anything she claims), that she was indeed, in counseling.

(  )  Yes
(x) No

Casey could not lie.

As the spin continues and we have how Casey is working in counseling to come to grips with....

with what?

With sitting in jail for a few years over a drowning?

That Jose Baez has lied again isn't likely to shock many of us.

We continue to hope that the public will boycott any book or movie that benefits the Anthonys.

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