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Hailey Dunn Case Questions

Hailey Dunn, 13, was last seen by a non Person of Interest on December 26th, 2010, at 9PM when her brother left the home, while Hailey was seen playing video games.  Since that time, there have been no arrests and she remains unrecovered.

Recently, her father, Clint Dunn has spoken out with two specific things to note:

1.  He claimed that law enforcement has told him that no child pornography was found on anyone's computers.
2.  That Shawn Adkins is not involved.

Before we analyze these two elements, let's take a review of what we learned since Hailey first went missing:

1.  Initial Deception.    Hailey's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, and referenced Hailey in the past tense.  This is an indicator that she knew or believed Hailey to be dead.  This is rare for a mother of a missing child to do, and is, close to the date of the disappearance, a strong indicator of guilty knowledge.  Mother's are the last to give up hope.   Later, at the 3 month anniversary, she spoke of plans to meet at the 6 month mark as well.

Statement Analysis revealed much.  It showed that the mother, who did most of the speaking, was deceptive about the account of Hailey going missing and appeared to fabricate a story about sleeping over a friend's house, and was covering for her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins.

Adkins first said he got into a fight at work, but when police checked, they learned that he simply walked out.  In spite of being seen as deceptive, Billie Dunn kept up her media appearances, up to the point of getting an attorney who advised her to stop talking to media.  By this time, she had given enough statements for analysis to conclude that Hailey was dead, and that drugs, sexuality, and violence had brought Hailey's life to an end, and that Billie Dunn appeared to have enough involvement to lie for Adkins.  Adkins had arrogantly told police that they should focus their investigation on himself and Billie.  He appeared, externally, to be without fear of arrest.

2. Behavioral Concerns:

 Although Hailey had just been reported missing, the family held a New Year's Eve party, which included relatives, food and alcohol.  It was also reported by Clint, that when he began his own searching (retracing Hailey's footsteps as reported by Shawn Adkins) that Hailey's older brother was playing video games, as if nothing had happened, and Hailey's mother, with the same affect, was on the couch watching television.  Neither expressed interest in searching, and neither appeared upset.  This would later escalate into a war of words with searchers and would continue to cause her support to erode.  Eventually, she was caught lying to police and hiding Shawn Adkins in her home.  Under pressure from a community demanding justice, she and Adkins moved away.

Clint Dunn's mother (Hailey's paternal grandmother) told a national audience on the Nancy Grace Show, that she believed, but did not have proof, that Shawn Adkins raped and then killed Hailey.

3.  Release of Information Concerns:

The information that began to surface in early 2011 shocked many initial supporters of the family.

a.  We learned that the mother's boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, had previously threatened the lives of Billie Jean Dunn, Hailey Dunn and Clint Dunn.  The mother threw him out, and called the police to report this threat, only to have him move back in, anyway, failing to protect Hailey.

b.  Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins both failed polygraphs.

This story was bad enough, but to make matters worse, they both showed up under the influence in an attempt to deceive the polygraph.  They were sent home, came back the next day, and failed anyway.  This was among arguing with police who demanded that Billie tell them where Hailey could be located.

Shawn Adkins had to deal with his family, who by now was both disgusted and in fear for him, and had him take a private polygraph in order to quell doubts within the family.

He failed.

Police knew they were lying, and knew they needed drugs to attempt to pass the polygraph.  They knew that they had two partners in crime before them, yet needed proof.

c.  Drugs.  We learned that drugs were a part of Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins' life, including arrests as well as the report of cocaine purchasing.   The lifestyle of drug abuse is always hell for children, but for Hailey, it was a hell that also included sexual deviancy and love of violence, as "blood lust" video material was also found, along with the sexual abuse of animals.

d.  Pornography     Police released information that more than 109,000 "deviant" images were found on the computers and memory belonging to Shawn Adkins which included video of Billie Dunn, as well as bestiality, but the worst news remained:  among the images found were child pornography.

Clint Dunn and his 'spokesman' spoke publicly about the finding of child pornography:

They refused to condemn it.

This led to obvious suspicion as to why anyone would not condemn child pornography and soon, the 'spokesman' was posting continually on the social network site, Facebook, getting into personal arguments and slamming commentators, left and right.  People wanted to know, "Where is Hailey?" but were met with a new rip tide of nonsense, including peddling "Hope for Hailey" items and fund raising, since once it went national, money was to be made.

Clint couldn't seem to keep himself out of jail, as drugs has a vice grip hold over the family.

Since all of these things have happened, the public demanded answers, even as the media appeared to be resistant to asking anyone tough questions.  Finally, the town manager asked people to do the 'math' and see the common sense:

She was raised in a home of drugs, perversion and deception.  She isn't likely alive.

Hope, however, was strong that this crime would be solved; after all, the police knew the two people, Hailey's mother, and Hailey's mother's boyfriend, were deceptive, had reason to be deceptive, and all that was left was either proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, or a confession.

A confession, it seemed, would not be difficult to obtain, yet, after 8 months have passed, we still have no arrests, no admissions, no evidence, and worst of Hailey.

Most now admit that there is little hope that she is alive, and understand why Statement Analysis concluded in early January that the lying that was done about Hailey, coupled with the statements of the mother and her boyfriend, showed that Hailey would not be coming home.  There was a push, on the part of some, to insist that she was alive, but those who made this claim stood to profit by having "hope" for the child being alive, as they sought to benefit from the crime, as is so often the case in our day.

Television cameras disappeared once the police let us know that child pornography was involved.  Now, Clint Dunn has claimed that he has been told that no child pornography was ever found, and that he is of the opinion that Shawn Adkins was not involved.

Why would he say these things?

When I spoke to him in February, he acknowledged that Hailey was likely dead and how he had suspected that Billie was covering for Shawn.  His own mother had told the Nancy Grace audience the plain fact of what she believed:  Adkins raped and killed Hailey.  But after the article went up, Clint was angry that it was posted, and feared repercussions from Billie.  He did not elaborate what he feared, but it may be this fear behind his two statements made this past week.

He claimed that law enforcement told him that no child pornography was ever found.

This is the second time we have heard him speak about child pornography; with the first time, he refused to condemn it.

Police not only identified 109,000 deviant images, but let this knowledge go public, adding that in this large volume was child pornography.

He also reported that Shawn Adkins is not involved.

This has raised more than a few questions since police had logically concluded that Adkins was, in deed, responsible for Hailey's disappearance, and that Billie Dunn was lying and covering for him, just as she did the night she was arrested.   Now, people are, again, questioning what it is that is causing Clint Dunn to fear his ex wife and her boyfriend.  His mother did not have this fear when she spoke on Nancy Grace.

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