Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Report: Hailey Dunn Was Strangled

 The following report from The Ellis County Observer.  Questions are now being asked, which may lead to some answers.  Questions have not been asked since the beginning, so this may be give the case movement.  Please note that we will review the linguistic indications shortly. 

COLORADO CITY, TEXAS — In a live broadcast of The Ellis County Observer Radio Show on Monday, Aug. 29, law enforcement officials reportedly told Hailey Dunn search team organizers that the missing now-14-year-old was strangled to death by Shawn Adkins. Authorities told the search team this during a private meeting Friday, Aug. 26 so that they could “get a reaction out of him,” referring to Clint Dunn, the biological father of Hailey.

from January:

One of Hailey Dunn's grandmothers revealed fears that Shawn Adkins may have raped and then killed the missing 13-year-old Colorado City girl. Connie Jones, mother of Hailey's father Clint Dunn, discussed this nightmare scenario during Thursday's "Nance Grace" show on HLN.
Jones claims that Hailey told her Adkins used to stand by her bedroom door at night. She also says that Hailey told her she was afraid of her mother's live-in boyfriend.
"That appalls me," said Hailey's mother Billie Dunn in response. "Why would nobody tell me this? If she was concerned of that, why not tell me or Clint a long time ago."
Jones went on to say she tried to get custody of Hailey last January.
Grace grilled Billie Dunn concerning information about purchasing illegal narcotics the evening of Hailey's disappearance. According to search warrant affidavits, Dunn admitted to buying drugs in Scurry County.
"I read that too," said Dunn. "The only narcotics I had were prescribed to me and I even showed them to Priscilla to get them on tape."

Deception noted.  Billie Dunn did not deny purchasing drugs; only that she purchased a drug that had been, at one time in her life, prescribed to her.  

Later in the broadcast, a caller asked why it appears Billie Dunn isn't showing any emotion.
"I have every horrible emotion imaginable," Dunn responded. "I break down in my room by myself. I try my hardest not to do it on TV."
Dunn also revealed during the show that investigators have asked to search under her home. She said she would accommodate them.
A theory also emerged that Hailey had been spotted in Odessa with a male.
"It's a good thought and a good hope," said Dunn. "The best thing that we can hope for is that she's hiding out, but she's 13. She took nothing. I didn't worry about her being a bad kid."

Note the good thought.  It is but a thought, perhaps to be used later, but not a reality.  
Note the inclusion of emotion as well as the inconsistent pronoun usage. 

Please note the past tense reference to Hailey.   When the mother of a missing child speaks of the child in the past tense, it is indicative that she knows she is dead.   See:  Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Misty Croslin.   Please note that this was only weeks since reporting her missing and that she said she had run off.  

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