Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Peter Hyatt Show: Arrogance in Deception

Shawn Adkins fearlessly showed up at a vigil for 13 year old, missing Hailey Dunn.

today we resume the blog talk radio show that highlights Statement Analysis in cases.

Shawn Adkins had the nerve to show up at a vigil for Hailey Dunn.  We read of no questions posed to him by media covering the event.

How can this be?

On Today's show, we will take your questions.   Please note that our starting time is 5PM EST.  Thus far, the storm has had little impact in Maine, and we anticipate no interruptions in power.

Please have your questions ready to call in and join us in our chat room which will be open all day.

Feel free to join us today, as well as to leave questions and comments here.

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