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Statement Analysis: Clay Waller Posts on Facebook,0,4667424.story   Article to follow analysis.  

Statement Analysis is in bold type.  Please note that we cannot verify that Clay Walker himself wrote this.  The writer is called the "subject" for the purpose of analysis. 

"I miss u so much. This is a nightmare. 

wish for your safe return. So many people are wanting to get me. This is not about me.

Note what is first reported as Very weak:  "I wish"  He does not hope, nor expect her return; it is but a wish.  

We need for you to come home. 

Please note the change in pronoun, from "I", which is strong, to "we" which is weak.  The wish he has is for himself, because people are trying to get him.  Now, it is no longer a wish, it is a "need"; weakened by the plural.  This suggests that her not coming home is going to directly impact not only the subject, but the "we" he has in mind.  

Our babies need us so bad. 

Please note that most people say "my" when it comes to their children, except when speaking for the other parent in the room with them.  When someone uses the plural, there is likely step parenting involved (or step children, foster children, adopted children, new partners, etc).  It sometimes shows up in married (biological) parents' language when a divorce or break up is looming. 

The fact that he needs to emphasize joint ownership of the children is significant.  It may have been expected:   "the babies need us" or "the children need us..." and so on

I haven't seen them since all of this happened.

Note the change to singular and the focus is not upon the missing, but upon the subject himself.  Every return from plural to singular is an increase in importance; personally, to the subject.  
The writer speaks of "all of this" as if it is more than one singular event.  This would be followed up on in an interview.  

All of this "happened."  Her disappearance is a past tense event.  It is not something that started, or is ongoing, but rather is something that happened.  What does the writer know about the finality of the event?

When someone is missing, it is an active, ongoing issue.  This is why we close in our past tense language from a loved one.  A loved one who believes the missing is alive will speak in present tense language.  Here, he retreats to a past tense event; something that has already taken place.  This strongly suggests he knows that she is not actively missing, but that something happened to her, in specific, the he references. 

 I know they miss u so bad. 

Note that he reports to "know" what they are feeling but has not seen them since "all of this" happened.  He doesn't say "they miss u so bad", but adds the "I know" which shows weakness. 

Sometimes the writer spells out the word "you", while other times he uses the text speak "u."  It should be noted when he uses each in context.  Note that "you" spelled out, would require additional typing, that is, emphasis.  Texting and internet posting is a new avenue for Statement Analysis, but in a sense, it is not knew, as we have always looked at spelling and capitalization.   

Let's look at the two:

I look for u every day. I went to church today 

When he "look" for her, it is "u"
When the kids miss her, of whom he does not know, it is "u"

Regarding the people after him, he needs her to come home, she is "you"
When forced to believe she is coming home, it is "you"
When it is him missing, loving, or needing, it is "you"

Note the emphasis upon himself.  He does not say he looked at church, only that he looks every day and he went to church. Why the need to mention "church"?  This is sometimes employed when a subject wishes to arouse pity in his audience.  Facebook is published so the public can read. 

and have to believe you are still coming home. 

Note that he does not say "he believes" but that he "has to" believe.  Why does he "have to" believe it?

Our babies must be so confused, 

Note that here he does not know what they are feeling and he again stresses joint ownership.  It is more common for a parent, when speaking to another parent to say "the kids" rather than "our kids".  This statement was not written for her to read.

not having their mom or dad. Honey, I will keep moving forward. Our kids are worth fighting for. I know you would want me to fight every day for our babies. Honey, I miss and love you so much. Please come home soon, Clay.

There's been a new development in the case of a missing mother from Farmington, Jacque Waller, 39.

Her parents heard from her estranged husband, Clay Waller, for the first time since shortly after her disappearance, via a message he appeared to have posted on Jacque's Facebook page.

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Jacque's family members did not believe what was in that message.

Her mother, Ruby Rawson said if Clay Waller posted that message and meant things like, "Honey, I miss and love you so much," then her family, police, and the news media would have heard from him long before now.

" 'I miss u so much.  This is a nightmare.  I wish for your safe return'," Ruby Rawson said, reading from the Facebook post, reprinted here as it was typed in the message.

It was posted Sunday, with a photo of Clay Waller and the couple's 5 year old  triplets next to the message.

" 'I know they miss u so bad.  I look for u every day.  I went to church today and have to believe you are still coming home'," Raswon read. 

She believed Clay Waller actually posted the note.  She said the two had previously corresponded on Facebook;  the photo was the one he used for Facebook;  the message came to Rawson via Jacque's page, as a Facebook 'friend'.

"I'm sure he did [post it],"
Rawson said. "Do I doubt his sincerity? Yes."

Jackson police consider Clay Waller a "person of interest" in
Jacque's disappearance, June 1st:  the day the couple met to sign divorce papers.

Police say he was the last person known to have seen her; Jacque reportedly going to his house in Jackson,Missouri,  to pick up their son; the boy was not there; Jacque's never returned home to Farmington.

Police found her abandonded SUV on Insterstate 55 near the Fruitland exit, not far from Clay Waller's house.  Investigators also seizing his truck and a boat he was believed to have been towing Police divers searched two area ponds.

Clay Waller is not cooperating with police.

"I would think he would be going to the police department saying 'what can i do to help ?' " Rawson said. "I would do anything I can to find her...I was so angry [reading the message], after all the threats he made to her, that he would even say something like this, angry is what I was."

When asked if she believed what was written in  the message, she responded, "not a word."

Here's the message at it appeared on Jacque Waller's Facebook page:

"I miss u so much.  This is a nightmare.  I wish for your safe return.  So many people are wanting to get me.  This is not about me.  We need for you to come home.  Our babies need us so bad.  I haven't seen them since all of this happened.  I know they miss u so bad.  I look for u every day.  I went to church today and have to believe you are still coming home.  Our babies must be so confused, not having their mom or dad.  Honey, I will keep moving forward.  Our kids are worth fighting for.  I know you would want me to fight every day for our babies.  Honey, I miss and love you so much.  Please come home soon, Clay."

Fox 2 has attempted to contact Clay Waller.

He did not answer his phone.  His voice mail was not accepting message.

Relatives on his side of the family believe he had nothing to do with Jacque's disappearance.

You contribute to a reward fund and a fund for the couple's triplets at  any US Bank branch. 

A bake sale at the Farmington Wal-Mart, Tuesday, raised $1415.35 for the funds.

If you have any information regarding her disappearance, call the Jackson, MO, Police Department at

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