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Shawn Adkins Attends Vigil

In shocking defiance, and in what will anger many, Shawn Adkins attended the vigil for Hailey Dunn.  Adkins and Billie Dunn appear to be unafraid of law enforcement even though they both failed polygraphs and were named as Persons of Interest in the stalled criminal investigation into Hailey's disappearance.  Emboldened by the lack of movement on the part of law enforcement, Dunn and Adkins not only attended the vigil, but Dunn insulted local law enforcement.  Adkins' boldness in telling law enforcement to "look at both of us" is highlighted, again, in his appearance here.  Law enforcement and the DA's office need to take a long hard look at the arrogance of these two, thumbing their noses at them.

Killers must not walk free, nor those who cover for them.

Pedophiles must not walk free, nor those who cover for them.  

It has become far too much "CSI" in the view of prosecutors.  Before DNA, circumstantial evidence was commonly brought before juries, including Grand Juries.  An indictment of any type would have brought Hailey home, as Shawn Adkins would have been so fearful that he would have made a deal.

Instead, they are now taunted by Adkins and Dunn, publicly insulted.

DA:   Bring what you have to a Grand Jury.

In our post Orlando jury world, where the only qualification to be a juror in America is to have a pulse, we still owe a debt of justice to victims.  Hailey is crying out for justice.

Police, investigators, and the DA all know what fate Hailey met.  They are not the silly "hope for Hailey" messages where people say "Hailey, come home!"    Even her own mother did not address her until coached.  Law Enforcement know.  They saw the perv walking with his memory sticks, his smirk, and his drugged girlfriend lying for him.

They need to present what they have, even if there exists confusion as to who may have had access to various computers:  the Grand Jury will see the consistency of a pattern:  Shawn Adkins.

They can show the transcripts from Billie Jean Dunn's cameos on Nancy Grace, and her statements can stand for themselves.

They can hear Clint Dunn's own mother tell of her fears and suspicions.  They can hear from police records the very threats Adkins made, and then made good on.

They must not fear the Orlando Jury factor.

Scott Peterson held the world in contempt and did not fear to go to a vigil, step to the side, and call his girlfriend.

Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn openly hold you, Colorado City, in contempt.  They mocked you to the public.

Billie Jean mocked you when she said, "we will take polygraphs!" showed up stoned, and then failed the next day, anyway!  

Were there consequences for failing the polygraphs?  It made no difference.  She boldly lied to police, while her child was "missing" and was found in possession of drugs.  What consequence did she face?  Probation?

Media has not asked questions.

Like a slighted child, they refused to call Billie Dunn a "suspect" or "Person of Interest" unless they heard it in their own organization, for themselves, even though others had been told they were suspects.  It has been the 800 lb gorilla in the living room:  Billie Dunn lies for Shawn Adkins, and media asks questions like, "How are you coping, Billie?"

It is a joke.

Colorado City officials are now being mocked.

What can they do?

They can bring everything they have, 100% circumstantial, and put together the pieces of the puzzle:

violent video,
pornography, bestiality,
child pornography,
behavioral analysis...

and let the Grand Jury decide.

Should it fail, at least officials may lay their heads on their pillows at night, knowing that they tried their best to get justice for Hailey.

If there is an indictment, they know enough about these two to know which one will cut the deal first, and which one will give up Hailey's remains.

This case has run its course.  We have seen the lies, the fame seekers, the ugly side of the sub-culture of drugs, and now it is time to see daylight, and to see venom dragged out to the sunlight, with a stake run through its heart.

It is time for action.

It is time to convene the Grand Jury, and give it your best. 

HAILEY DUNN: Not giving up hope

Balloon release held in honor of missing teenager

Joy Lewis/Scripps Newspapers<br />Billie Jean Dunn joins family and friends to pray for her daughter, Hailey Dunn, who went missing from her home in Colorado City on Dec. 27. Saturday's prayer vigil and balloon release marked Hailey's 14th birthday today.<br />
Joy Lewis/Scripps Newspapers Billie Jean Dunn joins family and friends to pray for her daughter, Hailey Dunn, who went missing from her home in Colorado City on Dec. 27. Saturday's prayer vigil and balloon release marked Hailey's 14th birthday today.
Joy Lewis/Scripps Newspapers<br />Billie Jean Dunn (second from left) joins family and friends to pray for her daughter, Hailey Dunn, who went missing from her home in Colorado City on Dec. 27.<br />
Joy Lewis/Scripps Newspapers Billie Jean Dunn (second from left) joins family and friends to pray for her daughter, Hailey Dunn, who went missing from her home in Colorado City on Dec. 27.
 — An hour before Colorado City's football team took the field in Abilene, a handful of people met to remember the town's most recognized cheerleader.
Across the street from her house, hundreds of stuffed animals on display showed just how long Hailey Dunn has been gone.
A faded plush Christmas tree, bears clutching red Valentine's Day hearts and a doll with "Happy Easter" on its shirt chronicle the months since her disappearance.
Courtney Gutierrez, a member of Hope for Hailey, was one of the organizers at Saturday's balloon release.
"It's a nice idea," Gutierrez said about the stuffed animals, "but it's depressing to see them weathered and matted."
The most recent addition — pink balloons wishing her a happy birthday.
Today, eight months after her Dec. 27 disappearance, Hailey turns 14.
On Saturday, a 13-year-old Hailey smiled from posters, T-shirts and cards that ultimately were tied to balloons to drift over the city's water towers
They read "God bless Hailey," "Come home you're dearly missed" and "We will never give up!"
Standing near the pastor who led the group in prayer were Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins.
Dunn said she drove in last week for her son's 17th birthday. She stayed to attend the vigil for her daughter.
"It's still really, really tough," Dunn said. "I still wonder if I'll ever get to see her again."
She moved to the Austin area to distance herself from small-town rumors and what she considers a lack of policing from local law enforcement, she said. She had always intended to move back to South Texas when her son David graduated high school.
"I don't like it here at all," Dunn said. "I don't trust law enforcement. It's upsetting these are the people I have to rely on to find my daughter."
Especially since she did not search herself, instead failed her polygraph and set in motion a phony story of sleepover, text, and disappearance. 

Dunn faced various charges since Hailey's disappearance, two of which were later dropped. In March she was sentenced to a year of probation for giving a false report a police officer — a charge that arose when officers tried serving a search warrant for Shawn Adkins, whom Dunn said wasn't at her house.
Adkins remains the only person of interest in Hailey's disappearance.

Law enforcement said both Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins were "Persons of Interest"
Gutierrez, who has known Dunn for years, said people should put aside their personal feelings in this case and focus on the missing child.
"It doesn't matter what you think about Billie or Shawn," Gutierrez said. "Everyone should stay interested for Hailey."
Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs said there are no pending cases against Adkins or Dunn. He said a representative from the sheriff's office, police department, district attorney, Texas Rangers and FBI keep in touch at least once a week for updates on Hailey's case. Three weeks ago, a law enforcement search was conducted in south east Scurry County.
Although Dunn doesn't search for Hailey, she said she keeps updated on volunteers' progress. She said she doesn't know whether Hailey is alive, but she doesn't want to see her dead.
"I don't want to find her in a field," she said.

This could be a verbal indicator where her remains were left; open prey to wild life. 
Vigils and prayer services have been held almost monthly since Hailey's disappearance. What began as weekend searches with hundreds of volunteers has slowed to a monthly search with about 10 men and women.
Gutierrez said she understands the bleak outlook most take on Hailey's case. She doesn't search either, but organizes events such as Saturday's balloon release to keep the case alive in the public's eye.
"I still have hope she's still alive," Gutierrez said. "There's no evidence that she's not alive. There's no need to point to the worst."

There is powerful circumstantial evidence and the point of logic is to seek justice. 
Members of Hailey Search, a separate group that conducts physical searches, attended the balloon release.
Shea Campbell, along with her mother and a friend, also attended the release. Campbell, a 16-year-old cheerleader at Coahoma High School, said she and her family have been searching, handing out ribbons and making signs for Hailey since last December.
This year one of Coahoma's football games will be dedicated to the Colorado City cheerleader.
"I'm not used to having to deal with something like this happening to a girl near my age," Campbell said. "It took me back. So I just wanted to help."

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