Sunday, August 28, 2011

Late Summer Picnics


(American slang, South Western USA)

'Dorothy' from the Wizard of Oz, Barbie, 2007

The kids are probably back in school,
but the days are still wonderfully hot,
beckoning all to come outside and enjoy the last days of summer.
Let's plan a weekend picnic, while we can!

Yogi Bear and friends on a picnic, Hanna-Barbera

First, we need -



(all the bottlecap magnets are recycled or upcycled,
and have an Art Nouveau Alphabet that has been sized,
tweaked and generally messed with,
and then hand colored by inkspired.
These are not decals, or rub-ons.)


The second most important thing about a picnic is

This can include some serious planning,
some make-ahead food items,
you can grab McDonald's on the way!

Either way, you MUST have a picnic blanket.
That's just part of the deal.
Picnic = Blanket and Food

Some things in life we just don't have a choice on, do we?

Now this picnic is a little short on the food.
Here's another idea: 

ah....this one's nice...

That's not food....that's felt!


ahhhhh... that's better!

Now, what do we carry all that food and plates and spoons and forks and napkins and bug spray, and don't forget the blanket!?

Silly, a picnic basket!

they come in all shapes and sizes -

by Sutherland Baskets

Your picnic can be casual -


a little more elegant, using a table
(must be portable for a true picnic however)

Personally, I think all picnics should have chandeliers....
at least fancy ones I'm sure!

I'm sure Mrs. Bucket (That's pronounced 'bouquet' of course)
would approve the above accouterments.

By the way, if you have never seen the BBC comedy
'Keeping up Appearances'
you have to go find some episodes and watch them immediately!!!
Incredibly funny.

You can have a casual picnic with family and friends -

Betsy McCall with a friend

The Bear Family

you can have a more intimate picnic -



Okay, let's see:
*picnic blanket
*picnic food
*picnic basket
*picnic go-ers
*sunshine what have I forgotten?

Oh yes!!!
picnic fun!!!

Sometimes good food and a nap are perfect,
but sometimes the picnic go-ers want a little entertainment.

Kate Greenaway
skipping ropes....

a little picnic dancing...

flying a kite...

catch up with a little beading...

You could gather a few wildflowers
being respectful of the environment of course,

a recycled lightbulb flower 'terrarium'
or fairy house?

Don't forget to bring your flower press,
or a large heavy book with paper towels
to press leaves and flowers:

Soaps, homemade or purchased, with pressed/dried flora and fauna.

This is a simple craft; all you need is a bit of clear melted wax.
Using a light glue, tap down your dried flora onto the soap surface.
Using an old brush, brush on a thin coat of clear melted wax to seal.
You can brush on a couple more coats if you desire, making sure wax is dry before adding another coat.  Tie a pretty ribbon and fix to soap with a small straight pin, and you have a lovely, personal gift
and a remembrance of a special picnic!

Bring some mazes, puzzles and paper dolls for the kids to play with in the car, on the way to the picnic, and on the way home
(if you haven't tired them out and they are all sleeping!)

Bring some old magazines that the kids can cut up and make more outfits for the paper dolls. Throw in a glue stick, pair of scissors and you are ready for them!

Career paper dolls. I am sorry, I don't know where I found these, so please just use them for personal use.  :0)

Use those same magazines to cut strips from colorful pages,
and you can easily do some iris folding
with a tape dispenser and scissors:

Iris Folding Pattern - kite

Well, that should give you a ton of picnic party plans,
and ideas of grandeur!

And just think, you have all week to gather supplies
and be ready to go the first thing Saturday morning!


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