Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hailey Dunn Investigation Update Tonight

Was child pornography found?  Where are the arrests?  What is happening?  Why do investigators think Adkins strangled Hailey Dunn?  Why did mother and boyfriend fail polygraphs?  How much time is needed to analyze the imagery?  Is time running out for the Persons of Interest?

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Statement Analysis publisher Peter Hyatt makes a return trip to The ECO Show to discuss the Aug. 27 Hailey Dunn post-prayer vigil press conference, plus analyzes several of the latest stories that have come out since that event.

The case involving the discovery of nearly 109,000 pornographic images on devices seized during the search for missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn has not been presented to a grand jury, and law enforcement officials say they're not sure when it will be.

Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs said Tuesday that J. Bruce Flournoy, a deputy with the Garza County Sheriff's Office, is still analyzing the data, including images of child pornography and bestiality, on the seized devices. Toombs said that during the most recent meeting of the investigation task force, Flournoy did not indicate how much longer his analysis would take.

Toombs said officials also are waiting for results from several devices being analyzed by the FBI in Dallas.

"They'll let us know when they're done," Toombs said.

Because of the statute of limitations on child pornography offenses, state prosecutors have up to three years from the date of the alleged incident to file charges. That limit goes up to five years for federal prosecutors.

In February, officials executed search warrants for Billie Dunn's house in Colorado City and for the home of Shawn Adkins' mother in Big Spring. Billie Dunn is Hailey's mother. Adkins, Billie Dunn's live-in boyfriend at the time of Hailey's disappearance, is the only named suspect in the case so far.

A computer was taken from Adkins' mother's home, and a memory stick was taken from Dunn's home. The fact that none of the devices was secured, and many people had access to them, is complicating the investigation, Toombs said. So, too, is the large number of files to be analyzed.

"There was so much of this stuff, on so many different devices, and in order to get an arrest, and eventually a conviction, we have to make sure we know who was responsible for what," Toombs said in May.

Investigators also are trying to determine what was downloaded intentionally and what may have been inadvertently stored on the devices.

Toombs said representatives from the agencies involved in the case — Colorado City Police Department, Mitchell County Sheriff's Office, 32nd District Attorney's Office, Texas Rangers and the FBI — had another meeting planned soon to discuss the status of the case.

"We do stay in touch, and we do meet," Toombs said. "We are continuing to pursue the child pornography case and the disappearance case. In the next couple of weeks, we'll find a time we can all get together and meet."

Toombs also responded to accusations leveled at the efforts of law enforcement during an impromptu news conference held after a balloon-release and vigil Saturday in Colorado City.

He said Billie Dunn, along with representatives of various search organizations, criticized the way the investigation was proceeding — specifically with regard to looking at local sex offenders — and the lack of communication between law enforcement and Billie Dunn.

"Well, for one, we have looked at every sex offender in the entire county. Multiple times even. We've looked at them and the FBI has looked at them, multiple times," Toombs said.

"And as far as communication, that was the decision of Billie and her attorney not to speak with us," he said.

Hailey has been missing from her home in Colorado City since December.

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