Friday, August 12, 2011

London Muslims Ready To Strike Back At Violent Black Mobsters

The terrible inter-ethnic strife gripping the Free World is worsening.

Yeah, nothing to see here.  Suuuuure.

“As riots in the UK become increasingly volatile, bands of vigilantes, in this case, Muslim vigilantes, are now roaming the street, looking to take on any and all comers, mainly because three young men in their community were run down and killed while trying to defend their family’s business,” Glen read.

“Now, since many of the rioters are reportedly black, racial tensions between the two groups have flared, with one Muslim man vowing to, quote, hunt down these back men, cut their heads off and feed them to our dogs,” he continued.

“I guess this is one way to make a point that maybe it should stop, with the police nowhere to be seen, town’s Muslims are allegedly gearing up with bricks, stones, clubs, and cricket bats to ward off the marauding gangs,” he said.

Scary.  Oh, yeah, all made up, suuuuure.  Nothing to see here.  It's all equal and relative.  This stuff happens all the time anyway, so no need to worry.

And, no, folks, it won't come to America.  Right?  Oh, don't be silly.

Or has it already begun?


Or is it?

Perhaps the MELTING POT and a return to traditional values for ALL, and an emphasis on personal responsibility, rather than socialism-progressivism-multiculturalism, is in order?

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