Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Subtle Domination Of Sharia Law, and How Freedom Can Win

The Subtle Domination Of Sharia Law, and How Freedom Can Win

Sharia Law is being integrated into some parts of U.S. communities much like it has in the UK, but is being fought back to some degree in countries like Australia.

A survey conducted by Mapping Sharia discovered that of 100 randomly selected mosques in the U.S., 51% had texts on site rated as severely advocating violence; 30% had texts rated as moderately advocating violence; and 19% had no violent texts at all.

Also discovered was that 84.5% of those mosques had imams recommending the reading of pro-violence texts. 58% of those mosques also invited guest imams to speak who promote violent jihad. Sharia-adherent mosques were more likely to recommend that a worshiper study violence-positive texts.

Nothing to see here, folks. Let's worry about the Tea Party terrorist grannies instead. Now, THEY're scary. Obummer et al said so, so it must be true!

Repeat after me, class... Islam is peaceful. We must not think ill of ANY Muslims, EVER! When we see inconvenient negative evidence connected to Islam and/or any Muslim or Muslims, we must look the other way and pretend it's not real. And always remember to hail Obama!

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