Friday, August 26, 2011

Temple for cream beauty Hansika?

Cream is the goddess of beauty Hansika for diehard fans of Madurai city. It came to light that a group of diehard fans Hansika had approached her to return with proposal to build a temple to her name, went to persuade her, saying it is practiced in the construction of temples known stars in their city, which are many yearsThey did the same thing for actresses Khushboo and Namitha in the past. 

A few days ago after the news, another spread gossip, after which said that Hansika will finance the temple is to get a good account in the cine industry. When  I heard about rumors that the opposition is just as baseless and untrue rumor and people who are not happy with its success in this game. She claimed she did not need to use such cheap tricks to gain fame in the industry, and believes in hard work alone. 

Rejected the opinion of fans and said: "Actresses are only human and should not be elevated to the level of the eternal goddess, which is nothing but a misconception. He has respect for his fans to have the love and affection for her. The money they spend on construction plans 
temple for it can be used for a good cause and spent the poor and needy. " 

Madurai was the last of its new film, Kal Oru Oru Kannadi. It is concluded that she helped one person in Madurai, who met with an accident and got the impression the fans more.

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